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Subject:     Re: 475th Fighter Group
Date:              Thu, 08 Apr 1999 19:46:27 -0400
From:             Curt Tinker <>


Sorry to be so late getting back to you but I have been off line at this address for a couple of months. I am sending you message on to our 475web@eplusservices that covers about a dozen of our members and hope that one of them can answer your question.

Curt Tinker


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Subject:     475th F. G.
Date:             Fri, 09 Apr 1999 09:43:32 -0400
From:             Curt Tinker <>

Recently I had another inquiry from down under and you might find it of some interest. This chap is writing the history of Amberley Field and I will show my ignorance of Australian geography by not knowing if it is in or near Townsville. But his address is:

Chaplain(Sqn. Ldr.) Peter W. Playsted
P. O. Box 485
Lismore, NSW 2480
Office : (02) 6621 3017
Residence: (02) 6624 7050

Hope this is of some help

Curt Tinker


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Subject:     Re: 5th AF??
Date:              Sun, 09 May 1999 11:11:33 -0400
From:             Curt Tinker <>

> Was the 475th FG part of the 5th Air Force?


Just got in from 2 weeks away and had 38 messages waiting so this will be brief.

Yes the 475th was a part of the 5th AF. Toward the end of the war they combined the 5th and the 13th into the Far Eastern/AF



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