5 Squadron RAAF was formed at Richmond in New South Wales on 20 April 1936. The Commanding Officer was Flight Lieutenant L.V. Lachal. The Squadron was equipped with Supermarine Seagull V amphibious aircraft. Personnel from 101 Flight (Fleet Co-operation) were used to form 5 Squadron RAAF.

5 Squadron initially operated from some Royal Australian Navy cruisers and briefly from the seaplane carrier HMAS Albatross. They provided reconnaissance and artillery spotting roles for the RAN. 5 Squadron assisted HMAS Moresby with some Survey operations.

5 Squadron was then renumbered as 9 Squadron RAAF on 1 January 1939. 5 Squadron was reformed at Laverton airfield in Victoria on 9 January 1941. The Squadron was equipped with CAC Wirraways. Their initial role was Army Co-operation. 

5 Squadron was then trained in tactical and photo reconnaissance, artillery spotting, message dropping and other Army support roles.

5 Squadron RAAF relocated to Toowoomba airfield on 12 May 1942. They then moved to Toogoolawah airfield in November 1942, then to Kingaroy airfield in February 1943, and then Mareeba airfield in June 1943.


Crash of a Wirraway, A20-289
at Mareeba on 12 June 1943


Collision of two Wirraways, A20-537 and A20-549
over Mareeba o
n 22 August 1943


5 Squadron RAAF received its CAC Boomerangs in October 1943.

On 11 November 1944, 5 Squadron's Boomerangs and Wirraways relocated to Piva North on Bougainville.

5 Squadron eventually relocated to Pearce in February 1946 where it was disbanded on 18 October 1946.

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