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Subject:     Re: 89th Attack Squadron:
Date:              Fri, 21 May 1999 07:38:33 -0500
From:            Mike Bodnar <mbodnar27@juno.com>


Thanks for your reply. My father was in the 89th Attack Squadron from when they were in Savannah, Georgia, then Australia, New Guinea, and then he left from the Philippines. I live in Texas and he lives in Arizona so I could not show your Web site to him. He is not a computer user. I will have to wait until I see him again.

I did mention it to him the other day on the telephone and I thought maybe you were one of his associates in the 3rd. The 89th has a strong association but he does not do much with the 3rd. He justs stays in touch with the 89th Association and he goes to their reunions.

He said that you may be an American who married an Aussie. I told him that you even had the 3rd Attack Group Grim Reaper patch on your site and he said, "Well, an Aussie would not have that." Apparently he is wrong, unless he is right.

I just wanted to find out what your connection to the 3rd Attack Group is so that I can tell him. He is big on Australia. He and my mother made a pilgrimage there a few years ago and they may go again.

I threw together that Web site for him when I went to visit him at the end of last year. I could still put more up on it as I have one of his 89th books so I could scan much more. He also has a 3rd Attack Group "yearbook," but only one, so I cannot get anything out of it where I am.

I got some html experience from doing my own Web sites:



My father was a crew chief, or engineer as they referred to them, and he is in the photo at:


He is in the last row right in the middle with the boonie hat and a big smile. There is one guy behind him and another to that guy's right, but those are the only two in a straggler "last row."

It is around 7 AM here and about 10 PM there so you may get this the same day. Please let me know how you came to know the 3rd Attack Group so that I can tell my father. Thanks for your time Peter.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Bodnar



Subject:     Re: 89th Attack Squadron:
Date:              Mon, 24 May 1999 06:56:58 -0500
From:            Michael Bodnar <mbodnar27@juno.com>


Thanks for the info. You sure did a good job researching the 3rd Attack Group for someone who is not a veteran of it. As I said to my father previously, you got the "whole ball of wax!"

Sincerely yours,
Mike Bodnar




Subject:     Re: 89th Attack Squadron:
Date:              Tue, 25 May 1999 07:31:20 -0500
From:             Michael Bodnar <mbodnar27@juno.com>


It seemed to me like you got the whole ball of wax with your Web site about the 3rd Attack Group, at least more than anyone else! If my father was to see it he would definitely have some comments. I did notice one thing that you may want to correct.

You mention the 89th went from A-24 Dauntless dive bombers to A-24 Boston bombers. I think that should be the A-20 Havoc.

I had bought a Squadron/Signal Publication book on the A-20 for my father.

It mentions all of the variations of that airplane, although now I think that edition is out of print.

The British got an early version of the A-20 called the Boston. France and the Soviet Union used them also. By the time the 3rd Attack Group got them, i.e. the 89th Attack Squadron, they were greatly modified, ultimately by Pappy Gunn, and came to be know as the A-20 Havoc. You may want to look at the links that I have at the end of the 89th site that I made:


The link to Pappy Gunn is extensive. The experiences of S/Sgt. (SSG) Floyd Stallard tells a lot also.

The bottom one of those links was done by an officer in the 3rd Group in the Korean War who wrote the-close to accurate-history of the 3rd Group from WWI. That site is not connecting lately so that is why I ran an engine search and found your site.

I will probably not see my father until the end of the year. If I do and I have my notebook computer with me then I will show your site to him and see how he reacts. I will talk to him about this though, sooner.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Bodnar


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