Subject:     33rd Troop Carrier
Date:              Fri, 7 May 1999 21:05:01 EDT
From:            GOMACjdm@aol.com

I was surprised to find your home page while searching for the 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron of WWII. My Uncle Edmund Woodrow Whatley served at Townsville in the 33rd. I believe that he arrived there in November 1942.

Uncle Woody was a C-47 crew chief and one of his aircraft was named the "Sleepy Saloon". I have been searching for photographs that he made during that time and have attached two that were made at Townsville. I hope to have a large number of photos in the near future as other family members have agreed to give them to me.

Jim McCune


33rd01.jpg (56912 bytes) 33rd02.jpg (56929 bytes)

The above photos have been copied from a Word Document and are currently of poor quality.



Subject:   See Attachment
Date:           Sat, 8 May 1999 09:24:21 EDT
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The only identifying mark is that of the official censor. The rear of the photographs contain a stamp for Base 2435. Sorry that I can't be more helpful. You should contact Bob Monson - 33rd Historian - at bobnanmon@aol.com. He knows the names of the gentlemen in the pictures and has a story to go with the pictures. The man riding the horse in the barracks is Bill Tarver and the man next to him is Marcellus Lampe. I hope to have the details at a later date. If I find any additional pictures that can be attributed to Townsville, I will send them to you. Attached is a page from Look Magazine dated October 5, 1943 that contains nose art of the 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron - then operating in New Guinea.




Subject:   Ed Whatley
Date:           Sun, 28 Nov 1999 20:06:59 EST
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As a radio operator in 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron, 374th Transport Group, I flew many missions with Ed Whatley out of Port Moresby.

I understand that he stayed in the AF & died during the Berlin airlift.

I have a copy of our travel orders (round trip Moresby-Sydney) when we went for 7 days of R&R in July '43. If U R interested, I'll TRY to scan it & Em U a copy.

Bob Borchert.

NOTE:-  It is with regret that I have to advise that Bob Borchert passed away in 2000.



Subject:    Townsville Photos
Date:             Wed, 26 Apr 2000 12:46:07 EDT
From:           GOMACjdm@aol.com


I found some additional photos from Townsville that are from the same lot I sent to you last year. They came from a long lost photo album that has shots from New Guinea, Sydney, and Brisbane. From your posting on the web site I have received several contacts from men who served with my Uncle Woody. By chance do you have any information on a Joseph William Poynton from West Australia who was cited in the Argus, April 10, 1943, for action against the Japanese at Timor (Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal). I believe that he was a friend of Uncle Woody as I have a number of photographs of him and his family. See attached file.

Jim McCune

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Subject:    Crashes for 374th during WWII
Date:             Sun, 30 Apr 2000 15:54:20 EDT
From:           GOMACjdm@aol.com

I noticed that you are interested in crashes by military aircraft and have attached a recent list that I obtained.

Jim McCune


33rd Troop Carrier Squadron,
374th Transport Group


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