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Aitkenvale Weir
near Weir State School

Antil Plains

Bohle River


Charters Towers





Mount St. John

Naval Air Station Palm Island, US Navy

Reid River

Ross River

Stock Route

Townsville Harbour Flying Boat Anchorage




Bomb Shelter, "The Rocks" Guesthouse, 20 Cleveland Terrace Castle Hill

Combined Operational Intelligence Centre
(Inside Castle Hill at West End)

Command Post on top of Castle Hill, Townsville Fort Kissing Point

Green Street Bunker

Magnetic Island Forts Mount Louisa

Mount Stuart Bunker

Mount Elliott?
Was there one?

Mount St. John 16 Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery

Pitt's Ridge
Anti-aircraft Battery

Queens Park Bunker
Ramsay Street Bunker

Roseneath Orderly Room Bunker

US Anti-aircraft Battery & Radar Station
McLelland's Lookout
Paluma area

3 Fighter Sector Headquarters, Stuart

208th Anti Aircraft Battalion battery (US Army)
The Strand, Stanton Hill, South Townsville and Cape Cleveland



1 Australian Engineer Store
(Cluden, Townsville)

1 Wireless Unit buildings
at French & Sycamore Streets in Pimlico and at Stuart

104 Radar Station (RDF)
Castle Hill

US 2nd Field Hospital
Mt. Elliott

2/14 Australian General Hospital
old Quarantine Station,

No. 2 US Air Command
5th Air Force HQ
McIntyre's Building
Ramsay Street, Garbutt

3rd US Medical Supply Unit
229 Flinders Street

No. 3 Fighter Sector Headquarters
Townsville Grammar School

 No. 3 Medical Receiving Station (3MRS)
("Currajong", Townsville)

3 Shipping and Stores Unit Store
Garbutt, Townsville

4th Air Depot Group
Mount Louisa

5th Fighter Command Replacement Centre (5FCRC), Headquarters V Fighter Command, 5th AAF, Townsville

8 Stores Depot, Detachment "A"
Garbutt, Townsville

  12th Station Hospital, Base Section Two
(Chapman St., Mysterton Estate, Townsville)

13 Australian Army Personnel Staging Camp, Oonoonba (13 APSC)

13th Station Hospital (US)
Hatchett Street, Aitkenvale

13 Stores Unit RAAF
Garbutt, Townsville

19 Australian Army Personnel Staging Camp, Julago (19 APSC)

No. 20 Medical Clearing Station
("Currajong", Townsville)

24 Lines of Communication Area Signals, Townsville
(near 52 AWAS Barracks, Townsville)

24 Squadron RAAF HQ
Green Street, West End

29 Air Stores Park, Garbutt, and Balls Lane   42 Radio Direction Finding Wing (42 RDF Wing)
Garbutt, Townsville
44th General Hospital, US Army, Black River
52 AWAS Barracks, Townsville
(near  3 Company, 24 Lines of Communication Area Signals)
66 AWAS Barracks, Townsville 85th Station Hospital, Base Section Two
Majors Creek near Townsville
116 Australian General Hospital
Townsville, Charters Towers, and Gungarra 16 miles from Cairns
Aeradio station VZTV, Garbutt airfield, Townsville Aitkenvale Cold Stores
(US Army, Townsville)
Aitkenvale Ordnance Depot
(corner Anne St & Charles St., Townsville)
  Allied Works Council Workshop Oonoonba, Townsville Allied Works Council Depot, Belgian Gardens

American Officer's Club
The Queens Hotel


American Officer's Hotel
Buchanan's Hotel

American Chemical Warfare Unit
Balls Lane

Ammunition Dump (US Army)
in paddock of Experimental Station, Oonoonmba, Townsville

Area Combined Headquarters Townsville Operations Room

Army Post Office APO9ZZ
E.S.&A Bank, Flinders St.
now Best & Less

Armstrong Staging Area
at Armstrong's Paddock
Pimlico High School & Townsville College of TAFE

Army Staging Camp at Julago

Athols Inn

Australian Officer's Club
Seaview Hotel

Manned by AWAS

Australian Army Camp
Townsville Show Grounds

Base Headquarters USAAF
120 Walker St (or is it 120 Denham St.)

Base Headquarters Townsville, US Navy

Base Supply Depot, US Navy, Townsville

Bitumen Emulsion Plant Oonoonba, Townsville

Botanical Gardens Camp
US Army

Brookhill Ammunition Magazine
(near Townsville)

Brothel established by Americans in a house at Stuart, Townsville

Bulk Issue Petrol and Oil Depot (B.I.P.O.D.) Belgian Gardens, Townsville

Camp Bluewater

Camp Cluden, Townsville

Camp Cutheringa Park
also known as Camp Catheringa

Camp McClung

Camp Victoria Park
Victoria Park, South Townsville

Central Sick Quarters (RAAF)
("Currajong", Townsville)

Cluden 1 Australia Engineer Store, Cluden Townsville
(Where was it?)

Cluden Motor Park
(Cluden, Townsville)

Coconut Grove Dance Hall
The Strand, Townsville

Combined Defence Headquarters
Sturt St., Townsville
Where was this in Sturt St?
Sturt St Quarry maybe?

Corcoran Park, Queens Road, Townsville
US Army Camp
formerly called Carlton Park
(Can anyone help me with info?)

Customs House
The Strand

Dance Hall and American
Red Cross Canteen &
Recreation Centre
AWU Building, Denham St.
opposite Walker St.

 Everyman's Hut
Stanley Street, Townsville

Fleet Post Office, US Navy, Townsville

Flinders No. 1 Depot
Eagers Building
Flinders Street

Fuel Dump
Woodlands Shopping Centre,

Garbutt Stockade
near Blakey's Lagoon

Heatley's Hall (Dance Hall)
where Coles Cafeteria
is located in Sturt St.

Heathfield Station Live Firing Range
about 80kms SSW of Townsville

Helton Hall
US Entertainment Hall
Mount Louisa area

Hotson Street Fuel Tanks (4 off),
Railway Estate, Townsville

HF/DF station - Number 7 Transmitter, Belgian Gardens, Townsville

Igloo at 142 Bundock St., Belgian Gardens

Jezzine Barracks

Koala Ordnance Service Center, Stuart
Major US Stores depot
Stuart cement Works were built on this site.

Local Defence Headquarters Townsville

Landsborough Street,
North Ward
Camp for Officers, Sergeants and Airmen

Main Roads Commission Mt Louisa Camp, Townsville

Main Roads Commission Church Street Camp, Townsville

Military Hospital
"The Rocks" Guesthouse, 20 Cleveland Tearrace

 Mundingburra State School
"A" Company, 31st Battalion

Naval Base Townsville, US Navy

 Naval Depot and Workshop

 Naval Headquarters
HMAS Magnetic

Naval Magazine, Brookhill, Townsville, US Navy

 Navy Victualling Store
Part occupation of International Harvester Company, Townsville

Naval Hospital Townsville, US Navy, Rose Bay
(now Rowes Bay)

Navy Victualling Store Depot Townsville
Townsville Base

 Navy Victualling Store Townsville
Part occupation of International Harvester Company, Townsville
and requisitioning of Buffalo Hall

North East Area
The Commonwealth Building, Sturt St, Townsville

No. 3 Wireless Unit Camp, Balls Lane, Townsville

Number 1 Transmitting Station, Belgian Gardens, Townsville

Ordnance Shop and Depot, Townsville
operated by 25th Ordnance Medium Maintenance (AA) Company

An entertainment Stage, near Charlotte St., Townsville, near Aplin's Weir

Queens Gardens Camp
US Army, Townsville

Queens Park US Stockade

 Queens Park Camp for 6 Transportation and Movements Office RAAF

 RAAF Base Pool Camp, Burt St., Mundingburra

RAAF Building/s, Ralston Street West End, Townsville

RAAF High Frequency Direction Finding Station

RAAF Hospital
"Currajong", part of old

Mater Hospital
now relocated to

Castling St., West End

RAAF Operations and Signals Group
Green Street, West End

RAAF Post Office
Townsville School of Arts Building

RAAF Radar Station No. 136
Alligator Creek

RAAF Recreation Centre, Townsville


RAN Station 21, Port War Signal Station, Magnetic Island

RAN Station 22
Port War Signal Station Townsville

RAN Wireless Station
Stanton Hill, Townsville

RAN Station 24, Harbour Signal Station, Townsville

Recreation Camp, Alma Beach, Arcadia
29 Air Stores Park RAAF

Remount Depot
Rocky Springs

Roseneath Army Camp

Signals Camp Area, Stuart
(more Roseneath?)

Stuart Prison, Stuart, Townsville

The Strand, Townsville

Townsville Anti-aircraft Ordnance Training Center
operated by 25th Ordnance Medium Maintenance (AA) Company

Townsville Show Grounds Staging Camp

Townsville Boom Defence Depot
HMAS Magnetic

 Townsville War Cemetery

Underground Signals Exchange (Australian Army), Antil Plains, near Townsville 

US Army 9th Portable Hospital
Mt. Elliott

US Army 12th Station Hospital
Chapman Street,
Mysterton Estate

US Army 13th Station Hospital
Hatchett St. & Mt. Elliott

US Army 44th General Hospital
Black River

US Army 85th Station Hospital
Mt. Elliott

US Army Base 2
Intelligence Section

AMP Building, corner of
Flinders & Stokes Sts.

US Army Detention Centre
Bundock Street Quarry, Townsville

US Army Kangaroo Ordnance Depot for USASOS
at Kurukan, north of Townsville - stored Chemical Weapons

US Army Section Base Two
Signal Section
Beak House, 336 Flinders Street

US Anti-aircraft gun workshop
Dalgety & Co. Building
now Sun Skill House

US Base Two Engineers Supply Section
380 & 381 Flinders St. West

US Camp, Hugh Street, Townsville

US Military Cemetery - Townsville

US Navy Base Headquarters Townsville

US Radio Base
Mount Low

US Army Ordnance Depot

US Navy Base Section Townsville

US Radio Transmitter
Witt's Lookout

WAAAF Accommodation
St. Patrick's Convent

WAAAF Barracks
St. Anne's Church of England Girl's School, Townsville

WAAAF Barracks, "Currajong", Townsville

WAAAF Base Camp, Belgian Gardens

Wet Canteen, Blackwood Street, Townsville




Castle Hill

Jimmy's Lookout
Anti-aircraft Gun & Search Light Battery

Mount Louisa

Australian Army Staging Camp

 Rock Pool area
Landing barges used this area

The Strand

Townsville War Cemetery US Cemetery - Townsville  


WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville


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