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Bloody dark in here!


Seriously though folks, if you do have any information
on the existence of such a bomb-proof bunker, send me an e-mail.

There are many stories about a number of secret bunkers
in the Townsville area, many of which are reportedly
connected by long underground tunnels.


The Australian Bunker Project
A company interested in the research, discovery and
preservation of World War II structures on Australian soil


Who built these bunkers and tunnels?

Was it the United States Naval Construction Battalions known as the "Seabees"

or was it the United States Corps of Engineers?

Or some other Unit?


louisa01.jpg (61977 bytes)

Here's a composite colour photo of the Motor Pool at the base of Mount Louisa during World War Two. The Bunker entrance is believed to be located just above the person standing towards bottom right of the photo.


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The 4th Air Depot Group, 12th Air Depot Group and the 15th Air Depot Group of the 5th Air Force USAAF were all located at the foot of Mount Louisa during WW2.

This photo is a composite of 4 frame grabs from an 8mm video (Hi-8) given to me by Daniel Hultgren. The video is dubbed from another video (Hi-8) which was copied from some old colour film. This explains the poor quality of the pictures.

It is believed that the original film was shot by Eugene M. Halaas from Los Angeles, California, who was in the photographic section of the 43rd Service Squadron, previously known as the Material Squadron.


lou04.jpg (65302 bytes)

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lo05.jpg (96214 bytes)

This photo shows Mount Louisa in the distance behind Garbutt airfield. Those tracks leading from the general direction of Garbutt airfield to the scarred sections on Mt Louisa are certainly interesting!! Could they be a sign of regular traffic to bunker or tunnel openings in the side of Mount Louisa??? Or are they just bunded storage areas for detonators or small ordnance contained in a small dark container or building.

lo02.jpg (109449 bytes)

A view of Mount Louisa from a totally different direction. Is that another possible bunker entry at the end of the Bohle River airfield? Note that there is even yet more scarring on the southern side of Mount Louisa furthest from Garbutt airfield.

lo06.jpg (60449 bytes)

Yet another view of some possible bunker entries?

lo07.jpg (50120 bytes)

Fifth Air Service Command camp at the base of Mount Louisa. More tracks leading up to a possible bunker entry behind the camp??

The scarred section on the Garbutt side of Mount Louisa was as a result of this section being used as fill for the newly upgraded Garbutt airfield.




Kevin Parkes from Townsville has also carried out a lot of research on Mount Louisa and has plotted as many as 43 tunnels entrances that existed into the side of Mount Louisa during WW2. There were at least two more entrances that appeared from 1952 to 1971 but all were demolished by 1986.

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louisa08.jpg (1365705 bytes)

A very interesting April 1944 photo of the north east corner of Mount Louisa.



Mount Louisa - Then and Now
A series of photos taken in 1959 and 1992
You can compare the differences


Helton Hall
Located at the base of Mt. Louisa
Many famous movie and singing stars appeared there


lou19.jpg (12754 bytes)

This is Eugene M. Halaas who took the film


Can anyone shed any light on how to contact Eugene Halaas?

Or any information on the 43rd Service Squadron?

43rd Service Squadron Home Page



Note:- Gary Asmussen told me on 18 May 2000, that he found a Eugene Halaas in Douglas County USA who was a judge.



WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville


E-mails from Nat Kipner


E-mails from Robert Bolton
of the 911th Signal Company

attached to the 4th Air Depot Group


E-Mails from Terry Gallaway


Please e-mail me if you have any information at all

on the existence of any bunkers or tunnels in the Townsville area

e.g. Mount Louisa, Castle Hill, Mount Stuart, Mount Elliott, Many Peaks Range

and any possible connecting tunnels


WW2 Bunkers & Fortifications in the Townsville area


Can anyone help me with more information?


"Australia @ War" WWII Research Products

I need your help


 Peter Dunn OAM 2020


Please e-mail me
any information or photographs

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