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Camp Cutheringa Park at West End in Townsville during WW2. Percy St runs from top left hand
corner towards the bottom right hand and runs into Bundock St. Harold St runs below the park
and Crauford St is the street to the top left side of the park. Note that there is another US Camp
at the top right of the photo on Hugh Street. It was later possibly used as a WAAAF Barracks.


Cutheringa Park was used extensively for hockey games when I used to live in Townsville. The 101st Anti-tank Battery commanded by Captain Jim Bourke, was one of many units that camped in Cutheringa Park during WW2. They had earlier been camped at the Belgian Gardens State School.

The Americans spelt the name of their officer's camp as Catheringa Park in their May 1944 Telephone Directory for Base Section Two APO 922.


A closer view of Cutheringa Park during Ww2


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A much larger view of the West End and
Garbutt areas of Townsville during WW2

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