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29 Air Stores Park RAAF formed at Aitkenvale in Townsville on 26 May 1944. Flight Lieutenant A.T. Anderson was the Commanding Officer. Their role was to support 81 Wing with their field operations. In the first month of their existence, the unit had no buildings of their own. They also had no transport of their own. The personnel were accommodated at Aitkenvale.

On 30 May 1944 they used part of a building near what the Malanda Milk building at Garbutt to store equipment. This building was being used by the Receipts and Despatch Section of  6 Transport and Movement's Office at that time. The Malanda Milk building is beside the railway line on Ingham road near the turnoff to the Townsville Domestic Air Terminal. 

29 Air Stores Park took over two large sheds at the Garbutt railway siding by the 27 June 1944. 6 Transport and Movement's Office moved into their new buildings on 1 July 1944. 

29 Air Stores Park, soon required more space and on 29 July 1944, they moved into a larger shed at the same location. They had built new medical and kitchen huts by 8 August 1944.

On 14 August 1944, the RAAF Canteen took over the largest of the sheds causing 29 Air Stores Park to have to store their vehicles and more equipment in the open. In desperation they erected a large tent about 10 days later beside the Garbutt railway siding to provide shelter for the Transport Section.

On 25 July 1944, two airmen stole the Commanding Officer's Dodge weapon carrier from beside the Transient Mess. The Service Police spotted the stolen vehicle about an hour later, whereupon the two airmen abandoned the vehicle while it was still moving. The vehicle was slightly damaged. The two airmen received 30 days detention for their "adventure". 14 Repair and Salvage Unit loaned a replacement weapons carrier to the Commanding Officer of 29 Air Stores Park.

They then took over the Mono Fruit Preserving Company building in Bayswater Avenue (where was this building? Is it still there? There is actually no Bayswater Ave in Townsville. There is a Bayswater Road and a Bayswater Terrace though) on 21 August 1944 to alleviate space issues at the Garbutt railway siding. As this building was about 8 kms from Garbutt, special arrangements were made for guarding the building.

29 Air Stores Park established a Recreation Camp on Magnetic Island. The Townsville City Council gave permission for them to erect six tents at Arcadia on Alma Beach.

An advanced party comprising Flight Lieutenant B.A.J. Larkin and four other ranks arrived in Noemfoor on 2 November 1944. 

29 Air Stores Park established its own camp area on 17 November 1944, when it started to take over the camp used by 20 Medical Receiving Station in Fulham Road, Townsville. This was probably at the historic house called "Currajong".

On 10 March 1945, 29 Air Stores Park boarded the ship "Carlos Carrillo". They got caught up in a cyclone in the Coral Sea. A bulldozer and mobile cooker broke free during the cyclone in the hold of the ship. They arrived at Morotai on 25 March 1945 after a stopover in Biak, where they rendezvoused with a convoy and its escorts.

On 14 April 1945, 29 Air Stores Park ceased operations at Morotai, and moved to Tarakan on the "Westralia" arriving on 24 April 1945. 

The unit stopped operating on 5 October 1945 and personnel and equipment were absorbed into 27 Air Stores Park. 29 AIr Stores Park was disbanded on 22 November 1945.

Gordon Howe was in charge of the Orderly Room of 29 Air Stores Park in Townsville. He remembers camping under the Mango trees when they first arrived in Townsville


Photo: Gordon Howe

29 Air Stores Park sign


Photo: Gordon Howe


Photo: Gordon Howe



I'd like to thank Gordon and Vola Howe for their assistance with this home page.



"Units of the Royal Australian Air Force, A Concise History, Volume 6 Logistic Units"
Compiled by the RAAF Historical Section


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