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"The Rocks" was built as a Banker's Residence at 20 Cleveland Terrace in Townsville in 1888 overlooking The Strand and Cleveland Bay. In the early 1900s it became a hospital. Later on in the 1930s it operated as an upmarket guesthouse.

"The Rocks" guest house in April 2003

During World War 2 it was commandeered by the American Army and used again as a hospital.


The guest room inside the bomb shelter

A bomb shelter located at the rear of "The Rocks" is now used as one of the guest rooms.

After the war, "The Rocks" became a budget guesthouse. In 1996 it was extensively renovated to become "The Rocks" Historic Guesthouse.

There were rumours of a tunnel under "The Rocks". Joes Sproats had mentioned to me that there was a removable panel in the timber floor of one of the bedrooms. Under this timber removable panel was a large steel plate recessed in an iron frame set in some concrete. In 2003, Joe decided to explore what was under this steel plate. It was very difficult to remove, but after much determination it revealed a concrete "room" about 9 feet long by 4 feet wide by 5 feet high. 

Joe has now called this bedroom the "Secret Bunker room". The concrete floor of this hole feels spongy and hollow underneath. The TV Show "Getaway" has recently featured "The Rocks" and filmed the "secret bunker".

The steel plate can be seen through the hole in the timber floor.
Joe has inserted a piece of Perspex and installed a light in the "secret bunker".


Inside the "secret bunker". 


Inside the "secret bunker". 


Looking straight down to the floor of the "secret bunker" you
can see two footprints in the concrete floor.


"The Rocks" Historic Guesthouse - Townsville
Homestay Bed and Breakfast
20 Cleveland Terrace
Townsville Q 4810

Tel: 07 4771 5700
Fax: 07 4771 5711
Mob: 0416 044409


Can anyone tell me more about "The Rocks" during WW2?

Which Hospital Unit was based at "The Rocks"?



I'd like to thank Joe Sproats of "The Rocks" guest house for his assistance with this home page.


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