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Remains of the USA Army Aitkenvale Cold Stores in 1952. Ross River
Road is running from bottom left upwards to right centre of the photo.
Anne Street is running from bottom centre towards top left of photo.


There used to be a railway line that went down along Anne St, crossed Wotton St, and then turned left into Ross River Road and went up to the Hubert Wells power station. It is highly likely that the US Army Cold Stores used this railway to move supplies.

The railway line can be seen in this July 1941 photo of the area. The future
site of the US Army Cold Store is show in red. Hubert Wells Power Station
can be seen to centre far right of the photo with the railway line going to it.


Hubert Wells Power Station, Aitkenvale, Townsville


Photo supplied by Graham Roberts

The Cold Stores at Aitkenvale can be seen slightly to the right and above the peak of Castle Hill


Closer view of the Aitkenvale Cold Stores near Fleming Street
Note the Aitkenvale Airfield at the Weir State School to the right of the Cold Stores 


A close-up view of the large American cold store complex at Aitkenvale


Units of the Quartermaster Section of Base Section Two, US Army that were based at Aitkenvale were:-


Ice Plant
Reserve Subsistence Warehouse No. 1     Sgt. G.R. Fields

Chas Van Hulsentop contacted me on 20 December 2005 to tell me about what he believes to be the remains of a US Army Officers shower block and latrine in his backyard at 14 Wotton Street, Aitkenvale. His house is across the road from the US Army Cold Stores at Aitkenvale.

The concrete floor is still there and quite clearly was a shower floor. There is a toilet next door. Chas does not know if the “shed” structure is original, but it was about to be pulled down and Chas wanted to make sure it existence was recorded before it disappeared.

Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

14 Wotton St., Aitkenvale


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

Overview shot of old building in backyard of 14 Wotton Street


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

Close-up overall view of the building


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

The toilet


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

The shower washroom area


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

The shower floor


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

Possibly the washbasin area


Photo:- Chas Van Hulsentop

An old light switch



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