The Command Post at the end of one of the walking tracks


The Queensland Main Roads Commission played a major part in Queensland during World War 2 building roads, aerodromes, fortifications, railway works, buildings, camps, etc. The following is a paragraph from a booklet titled "The History of the Queensland Main Roads Commission during World War II 1939 - 1945":-

"Fortifications, command post, engine room, and searchlight emplacements were also constructed on Signal Hill. The site selected for the command post was on a pinnacle of rock on the crest of Castle Hill. This necessitated a long and heavy haul of material and men to the parking area at the top of Castle Hill. Thence the material had to be man-handled along a goat track to the site of the job. All concrete had to be mixed by hand and formwork and concrete placed in a very restricted area with a vertical drop on three sides."

The Command Post was apparently also in constant communications with RAN Station 21, the Port War Signal Station on Magnetic Island.

At 0830 hours on 14 August 1942, one Section of "C" Company of the 15th Australian Infantry Battalion, of the 29th Infantry Brigade, left the Mount Louisa area where the 15th Battalion was camped to man the Observation Post on Castle Hill. They replaced a Section from "B" Company who had been manning the OP since 3 July 1942. It is not clear if the Concrete Observation Post bunker had been built by that time.

At 2100 hours on 30 August 1942, the 29th Infantry Brigade advised the 15th Battalion that the Observation Post on Castle Hill was handed over to the 47th Battalion at 1800 hours.

At 1230 hours on 1 November 1942, 15th Battalion HQ's received a message from 29th Brigade HQs that Observation Post on Mount Louisa and Muntalunga would be withdrawn immediately and that a skeleton staff was to rain at the Castle Hill Observation Post.

On 22 November 1942, the Castle Hill OP was handed over from the 29th Infantry Brigade to R.A.A. at 1200 hours.


View of Townsville Harbour


A view from inside the Command Post


3 underground cables going from the car park area towards to bunker


Close-up view of the 3 cables


I found a cable coming down from Castle Hill at 273 Walker Street near the old Technical College.
Is it associated with WW2 activities or is it just an old underground power cable to a house on the hill?


WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville


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