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The Naval Hospital G-7 in Townsville, north Queensland was authorised by US Navy Plan #100, Project #108. The land was obtained rent free from the Townsville Town Council. 150 men and 2 officers of Company "C" of the 55th Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) started construction of the 120 bed Naval Hospital on 22 October 1943. It comprised a group of Quonset huts laid our along the shores of Rose Bay (now known as Rowes Bay), about 4 miles west of Townsville. It was adjacent to the Australian Army's 41 DCRE (Wks) Camp. The site was located where the Rowes Bay Caravan Park is now located.

The Naval Hospital G-7 commenced operations on 20 December 1943. The Naval Hospital housed a G-7 Unit with a staff of 65 men and 8 officers.


I believe the US Navy Hospital G-7 was in the Recreation
Reserve area adjacent to the 41 DCRE (Wks) Camp


Photo:- 55th Naval Construction Battalion Cruise Book

US Navy Mobile Hospital built at Rowes Bay by Company "C", 55th Seabees


The Quonset material to construct the hospital had been stored in Townsville. This material had arrived on an Landing Ship Tank (LST) along with the Hospital Unit to occupy the hospital. It is possible that this was unloaded from the LST's that were beached at the site of today's Rock Pool at Kissing Point. Materials were obtained from Brisbane or from the Army in Townsville for water and sewer mains, electrical distribution, water tanks, toilets and showers.


Photo:- 55th Naval Construction Battalion Cruise Book

Tent area near the beach in the background. I believe the square object at
far right of the tents is associated with the Rowes Bay swimming enclosure.


The Naval Hospital G-7 Townsville was part of the US Navy Base in Townsville which comprised:-

The US Navy Base in Townsville remained in operation until July 1944 when a detachment form Company "D" of the 84th Naval Construction Battalion started to dismantle the base and pack it up to be relocated to a forward area.

The War Diary for Commander Service Force, Seventh Fleet for June 1944 showed that the "following medical facilities were closed: G-7, Townsville; G-7 Palm Island." The G-7 Hospital at Rowes Bay transferred to Manus Island in July 1944. There was also a US Navy medical facility at Thursday Island. The last patient was moved from the hospital on 24 June 1944 and the hospital was officially closed. The Construction Battalion arrived shortly later to dismantle the hospital, its buildings and equipment to be moved to Manus Island.



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