By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Page D A        (G) B01,H16                                       32
Page F I J      (B) C27,E04,L08             TF                    36
Page G J        (G) B02                                           11
Page J          (G) A08,S27                                       35
Page R E        (E) G03                                           27
Palfreyman A H  (B) D14,P17            11/4/44+                   13   KIA
Palmer C A      (N) M33                                           29
Palmer L G      (P) P01                                           11
Panos J M       (B) C05,L17,N05,R03,W02                           17    
Parker A K      (W) S01,W14            16/4/43+                   20   KIA
Parker E R      (E) C25                     TF                     0
Parker J P      (B) R03                                           27
Parkinson E     (B) B06,M08,H28         2/3/45+                    6   KIA
Parkinson G E   (P) P02                16/3/44+                    5   KIA
Parkinson R     (B) M03                                           23
Parmenter R     (G) M38,A06             1/4/44+                    4   KIA
Parnell R A     411514 25/9/42-30/10/42                           --
Parry E         (G) M44                                            3
Parry E A       (W) G17               29/11/44+                    8   KIA
Parry M J       (W) H13                17/3/45+                    3   KIA
Parsons F E     (Pnc) S30              28/8/42+                    1   KIA
Parsons K R J   (P) P03                 2/2/45EV                  10
Parton E C      (W) S30,C18,P06        10/9/42+                   11   KIA
Pascoe W A      (G) C22                13/3/42+                    1   KIA
Pascoe G H      (G) C19,G14,H24,M49         TF                     9
Paton E L       (W) F08                                           29
Paton H M       (N) D13,N04,T08                                   31  
Patrick M M     (B) R13                                            5
Patten E C      (W) P09                                           27
Patterson A R   (B) S19,L09            28/4/44+                   13   KIA
Patterson O A   (N) G03,G04,F04                                   43
Patterson W     (B) T01                                           15
Paull D G       (E) M04,P01                                        9
Paull I G       (P) P04,P01,R09                                   15
Payne H G       (P) R13,P05            25/4/45P                    8   POW
Payne J G A     (G) P08                     TF                     0
Payne R J       (G) C07               18/11/44+                   25   KIA
Payten T W      (E) H22                     TF                     0
Peach T J       (G) S03                                            0
Peacock J C     (W) H11                                            9
Pearse L L      (B) E04,S27                                       36
Pearse R A      (W) M27                                            1
Pearse T A      (E) C16,D13                                       21
Pearson A F     (G) L11                                            2
Pearson A V     (W) G16                                           29
Pearson F J     (G) C18                                            2
Pearson J C     (P) C18,P06            11/9/42+                   16   KIA
Pearson L R     (P) P07,L06            23/6/44+                   11   KIA
Pearson T L     (E) P04                                           12
Pelling G S     (E) C21                                            3
Pender H A      (W) D13,E04,F15,G03,H16,M09,M15,N05,S19,W10       20
Pender R B A    411517 25/9/42-30/10/43                           --
Pender W        (N) N06                                           32
Penglase A A    (G) H32,K09,O02                                   11  
Penney J R      (N) M07                                           17
Pepper W H      (P) P08                     TF                     5
Perkins H       (E) S01                                            4
Perris V C      (G) T11                                           29
Perron A E      (G) H16,A10            24/7/43+                   18   KIA
Perroux W W     (B) F10,S08            29/4/42+                    4   KIA  
Perrignon T F   (G) C16                                           20
Perry H M S     421623 3/5/45-18/7/45*                            --
Perry P         (E) C05,C11            29/3/43+                    8   KIA
Perry R J       (B) M41                13/7/42+                    3   KIA
Pester L E      (N) I03                28/6/44+                   14   KIA
Petch J L       (E) L25                                           27
Peters A        (G) W02                                            2
Peters G        (N) C08                                           29
Peters N M      (P) P09                                           27
Petersen J H    (G) B13,C05,D09,F10,J01,K01,M09,P06,S29,W14       30
Peterson B B    (G) W04  Died of Wounds 20/1/45+                   5   KIA
Peterson H H    (N) R02               16/12/43+                    4   KIA
Petherick K B   (G) F08,F14,L16,M44,S33                           29
Petman          (PNC) H01                                          1
Petney L        (P) P10                                           29
Pettiford F J   (N) M25               22/11/44+                    2   KIA
Phelan I R      (B) S02,M34            2/12/43+                   16   KIA
Phelps M V      (G) S05                                           20
Phillips A S    (P) P11                                            6
Phillips D      (N) M08                                           30
Phillips F G    (P) P12,H01            16/6/43+                    9   KIA
Phillips L J    (B) D03,W19,L22                                   29
Phipps H G      (E) H34,M27                                       32
Pickworth C R   (G) C28,N03,K12         2/1/44+                   13   KIA
Piggin G W      (E) J08                     TF                     0
Pilsen L W      (G) H16                                            1
Pilson R S      (G) C28,C33                                        4
Pinfold F C     (W) S30                28/8/42+                    7   KIA
Piper T A       (G) S25                                           29
Pitcher R T     (G) L21,W16                                       25
Pitfield A S    (W) A06                 1/4/44+                    2   KIA
Plant W T       (P) P13,H16            23/9/43+                    8   KIA
Plummer J C     (N) S26                16/6/43+                    5   KIA
Pogson J L      (B) G23,P03                                       31
Pole H          (E) B35                26/3/44+                    3   KIA
Pomfret J       (N) H24                20/4/43+                    4   KIA
Pontin R A      (N) J11,M22,F05        10/8/42+                   10   KIA
Poole J         (B) E06,M20           30/12/43+                    9   KIA
Pope R L        (N) M32                10/2/45+                    0   KIA
Porrill V J     (G) O05,P03,W21                                   31
Port H G        (G) S32                                            4
Porter D        (B) M14                                            3
Porter J F      (W) D07                     TF                     2
Porteous B M    441256 7/8/45-8/10/45*                            --
Potter R L      (G) C05,I02,G21        29/3/43+                   24   KIA
Potter K G      (B) G16                7/10/44+                   20   KIA
Potter W G      (G) H18,M03             2/2/45+                   25   KIA
Pottier V A     (W) R02,(B) W01                                   27
Poulter P J     (E) M29,P03                                       10
Poulter R J     (G) I01,              29/12/43+                   21   KIA
Poultney R S    (G) M44,M23,L09        27/4/44+                   16   KIA
Pounds P R      (W) H04,O02,O06,S01,L11                           10
Power R J       (P) P14,M45            27/1/44+                   18   KIA
Powis G G       (E) B31                29/5/43+                    1   KIA
Powlson D A     (G) J06                                           31
Prance L R      (G) J10,M16                 TF                    26
Prentiss C P    (G) B15,E04,J01,M09,M22,S29                       25
Price H W       (B) T10                                            3
Price L R       (W) M40,O01,C24        2/12/43+                    9   KIA
Pridgeon W F    (P) P15                20/4/43+                    1   KIA
Priest C W      (G) G16,P03                                       30
Prigmore A R    (E) Y02                                           30
Prince G D      (E) P12                16/6/43+                    9   KIA
Print A N       (P) P16,R12                                       11
Pritchard J S   (W) S07                27/4/44+                    1   KIA
Pritchett M O   (N) B10,C26,F06,L05,W29                           10
Probert A H     (P) P17,R12            11/4/44+                   13   KIA
Proud R J       (P) P18                10/4/44+                   13   KIA
Prout B         (B) C33,F15                                       29
Prouse J W      (B) H13                17/3/45+                    3   KIA
Pruss J A       (G) C34,E04,M13                                   31
Pugh D          (B) S21                                            3
Puiu A G        (G) N06,K08            27/5/44+                    5   KIA
Purcell E C     (B) M12                     TF                     6
Purchase R      (E) R12,S28                                       31
Purves J        (G) C35                                            2
Pye R W         434162 28/4/45-18/7/45                            --   
Pyne J          (G) M21                 9/4/44+                    1



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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