By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Ladbury R G     (P) L01,W15                                        4
Ladner S F      (N) P04                                           13
Lake D C        (G) W32,T09           18/10/43+                   18   KIA
Lake G          (B) D15                                           33
Lake J G        (G) K09,M46,G06         6/5/42P                    6   POW
Lakey H         (P) L02,G10                                        6
Lamb J A        423763 27/4/45-18/7/45*                           --
Lamb W C        (B) W12                                           15
Lamberton K H   (B) R12                                           31
Lamberton R B   (G) H05,M42                                       29
Lamble F S      (P) L03                23/6/44+                   14   KIA
Lance R C       (N) S03                                            0
Landrey E O     (B) P16                                           10
Lane E D        (P) L04,H33                                       20
Lane J A        (G) M28                                            2
Lane P D        (N) C25                     TF                     5
Langcake W      (P) L05                                           25
Langdon W C     (N) W16                                           12
Langley W C     (E) B05                 8/4/43+                    7   KIA
Lanham C W      (G) K04,K09                                        3
Lark C R        (B) B18,G13,W18         2/7/42P                    5   POW
Larter J A G    (W) D03,W10                                       30
Latham J H      (N) C26,D15,M04                                   31
Laufer C W      (P) L06                                            5
Law W A         (E) M38,M14            11/5/44P                   11   POW
Lawler L J      (G) L25,L24            21/1/44P                   10   POW
Lawless-Pyne L C(E) R13                                            1
Lawn R H        (G) P09,R14             2/1/44+                   10   KIA
Lawrence F      (P) L07,L08,G21             TF                    38
Lawrence W J    (W) N02,T03                                        6
Lawrie E H      (B) G15                21/2/44+                    6   KIA
Lawson J C      (B) K13                                           30
Lawson R G      (E) C30,P17                                        2
Lawton R W      (B) B15,C18,P06,M22,W02,W03                       50
Lax  D G        (E) A06                30/3/44+                    2   KIA
Leak L C        (N) C06                19/7/44P                    5   POW
Leaney W H      (E) F15,M19            21/5/44P                    5   POW
Leary J         (P) L09                28/4/44+                   10   KIA
Leask A W       (B) L17,A03            2/12/43P                   15   POW
Leaver N A      (G) W25                26/3/43+                    1   KIA
Leavis E D      (G) L15                                            3
Lebozec M P     (G) H12                                            5
Leeston C       (G) B05                                            3
Leeder J E      (W) C09,H27                                       30
Lee J G         (G) B21,H02,K06,K11,S01,M37 4/4/43+               36
Lee P A         (N) C20                                           20
Lee T           (B) W05                 1/6/42+                    2   KIA
Leedham R C     (E) P16                                           10
Leek J N        402909 16/6/42-9/7/42                             --
Leggatt A E     (G) M38,H08            30/3/44+                    4   KIA
Leggatt T G     (P) L10,H31                                        5
Le-Gay-Brereton 412546    28/5/43-31/8/44+ (See Brereton R L)
Leighton J W    (P) L11                26/7/42+                   19   KIA
Leighton R S    (W) P03,U01                                       36
Lemmon R E      (G) L16                 7/7/44+                   24   KIA
Lerigo N H      (G) F15,Y01            24/2/44+                    3   KIA
Lester L P      (P) L12,L23,T08                                   32
Lett R W        (G) G17               29/11/44+                    8   KIA
Levitus S       (P) L13                 2/6/42+                   14   KIA
Lewarne L R     (G) C32,E01,H05,W31         TF                    18
Lewis G         (P) L14,R11                                       30
Lewis G E       (E) B17,K11,M18,M22,S01,G21     29/3/43+          24   KIA
Lewis K S       (E) M38                                            6
Lewis R L       (W) C14                11/6/43+                    8   KIA
Lewis R R       (P) L15,H26                                        4
Liddle P A      (B) F11               23/11/43P                    3   POW
Liddle T        (E) B01                                           20
Liersch C C     (G) H20,A04            21/1/44+                   12   KIA
Light K W       (G) B18,F09,K04,L11                               33
Lightfoot G J   (B) S04                                           29
Lillis F        (G) C21                    TF                      3
Lillis J P      (W) L05                                           24
Lindenberg G E  (P) L16                                           30
Lindroth J C    (G) C26,J08                                       15
Lindsay D J     (W) JO1                                            1 
Lister J M      (N) H26                                           25
Little D A      (N) B33                12/3/45+                    3   KIA
Little L T      (G) P12                16/6/43+                    9   KIA
Livingstone D   (G) K14                                            2
Llewellyn A E   (N) P9                                            27
Lloyd F         (N) Y01                24/2/44+                    2   KIA
Lloyd F L R     (P) L17                2/10/43+                   28   KIA
Lloyd H         (E) S01,W23,M37         4/4/43+                   25   KIA
Lloyd N D L     (P) E04,L18             4/5/44+                    9   KIA
Lloyd N O       (G) P10                                            2
Loader R H      (W) D01                                           19
Lochran L S I   435693 16/4/45-18/7                               --
Lockrey R J     (G) H10                22/6/43+                    8   KIA
Loder G B       (N) S29                                           11
Loder G H       (G) K04,J13            29/5/42P                   11   POW
Lofts F G       (W) B18,F09,K04,L11                               32
Long H J        (B) M14                11/5/44P                   12   POW
Long N J        (B) E01                                           24
Longmate T      (E) H05                                           31
Longmore C      (G) B05                                            3
Longmore R W    (G) R13                                            4
Longshaw J      (G) W28                                           31
Longworth H E   (B) K06,O06            24/1/43P                   13   POW
Lonsdale R T    (W) L11,M11,B21         4/1/43+                   19   KIA
Lord D          (E) A05                22/4/44P                    6   POW
Lording H B     (P) F08,L19                                       33
Louden J C      (E) K05,M06                                       31
Louthean D      (B) C15,B25           23/11/43+                    4   KIA
Lovatt P M      (G) R12                                           31
Low G           (P) L20,U01                                        3
Low P M         (G) H03               20/10/44+                   20   KIA
Low R T         (G) M47                                           31
Lowe P M        (G) H27                                            1
Lowe R J        (G) C21                                            3
Lowis C R O     (G) G13                 4/8/42+                    1   KIA
Lucas V H       (B) H27,H34,M13                                   31
Lucy H K        (G) S13                22/9/43+                   19   KIA
Luhrs L O       (P) L21,B06                                       30
Lukies N J      (B) H31                                           29
Lumley R S      (G) T03                                           28
Lundie D C P    (N) V01                12/6/43+                    3   KIA
Lunn J F        (P) L22,E04                                       30
Lutton C W      (P) L23,S29                                       31
Lynam W         (B) K10                 6/6/44+                    5   KIA
Lynch A J       (P) L24                20/1/44+                   11   KIA
Lynch C B       (P) L25,S02                                       30
Lynch D D       (B) P05                25/4/45P                    7   POW
Lynch J J       (P) L26,B10                                       11
Lynch T J       (G) J05                28/4/44P                   10   POW
Lyons C R C     (G) M30                    TF                      2
Lyttle W V      (N) H18,P03                                       31



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
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