By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Fagg E C        (N) H03               20/10/44+                   20   KIA
Fahey F         (P) F01                                           12
Falconer D M    (W) P10                                           23
Falkenmire F J  (W) C05,M18,C11        29/3/43P                    5   POW
Falkiner J A    (P) D11,F02            22/9/42+                   27   KIA
Fallon D        (G) H35                29/8/44+                    3   KIA
Fang-Yuen L     (W) D13,M33                                       30
Farlam J W      (E) M05                                            3
Farmer J S      (W) G19,W11            2/10/43P                    2   POW
Farr A          (G) H34                                           21
Farrar A J      (N) M14,N01,P10,S19,L09     28/4/44+              22   KIA
Farthing J W    (N) N03,K12             2/1/44+                   11   KIA
Fearon A V      (W) P03                                            1
Fellowes D G    (G) E04,W17                                       30
Fenion W S      (G) G23,H27,M03                                   29
Ferguson K M    (N) D11,O06,K06        26/7/42+                    5   KIA
Ferguson N      (B) Y03                                            8
Ferguson R C    (W) B09                25/2/44P                   10   POW
Ferris V G      (G) V02                                            1
Ferry R F       (N) F06,F14,G10,G23,H06,M42,W21                   18
Ferry R R       (G) G06,K04             7/5/42P                    4   POW
Fettes K E      (B) A01                                            3
Fidler G A      (E) T01,M01            19/2/44+                    2   KIA
Fidock R C      (P) D11,F03             3/8/44+                   13   KIA
Field A         (E) B12                28/1/45P                   14   POW
Field L N       (W) H31                                           28
Finemore G P    (P) F04                                           30
Finlason D S    (G) C23                14/6/43+                   14   KIA
Finlay J A      (P) F05,J11,M22        10/8/42+                    9   KIA
Finlay K W      (P) F06,G16                                       32
Finlay P W      (N) R15                29/5/43+                    5   KIA
Finlay W A      (E) R05                23/8/43+                   10   KIA
Finnane B       (B) J04                20/4/43+                    1   KIA
Firkins P C     (G) B11                                           29
Fisher R A      (N) S33,N04            10/6/44+                   10   KIA
Fitzgerald D    (G) L06,B07                 TF                     5
Fitzgerald G D  (G) M23                24/3/44P                    4   POW
Fitzgerald W M  (N) W05                 1/6/42+                    2   KIA
Fitzgerald W H  (G) H21                 1/9/43+                   22   KIA
Fitzgibbon W J  433721 27/4/45-18/7/45*                           --
Fitzhenry F H   (N) C03                                           10
Fitzpatrick A T (B) L07                                           25
Fitzsimmons K   (N) J03,P08                  TF                    5
Flanagan A F    (B) L26,M12                                       11
Flannagan G P   (W) H15,M8,P03                                     3
Flashman A C    (N) D08                 4/6/43+                    2   KIA
Flatt L E       (E) G02                                           26
Flattery F J    (N) G23,P03             2/2/45+                   20   KIA
Flattery P      (N) F06,G10                                        3
Fleetwood D J   (G) H18,J10                                       26
Fleming A L     (G) L19                                           32
Fleming P S     (W) N01,B34            10/4/44+                   19   KIA
Flemming W      (E) R14                 2/1/44+                   10   KIA
Fletcher E J    (G) B21                 4/1/43+                    3   KIA
Fletcher G W    (G) C31                14/6/43+                    3   KIA
Flett A         (N) G02                                           26
Flett R H       (G) H01,M18,Y03                                   12
Flitcroft K W   (G) P03,U01                                       36
Flitcroft N O   (G) S26                16/6/43+                    5   KIA
Flohm L W       (B) P03,O07           22/11/44+                    5   KIA
Flory M A       (B) R04                1/11/44+                   31   KIA
Fluck M         (G) M43                                           29
Flynn A         (B) H28,H14            22/2/45P                   10   POW
Flynn W J       (B) P07                23/6/44P                   10   POW
Foddering E J   (E) L03                22/6/44+                   14   KIA
Fogg K A        (W) M46,G06             6/5/42+                    3   KIA
Foley J F       (E) R13                                            4
Foley M J       (G) K06                26/7/42+                    1   KIA
Folland H J     (E) A03                2/12/43P                   14   POW
Fontaine P C    (P) C10,F07           20/10/44+                    5   KIA
Forbes A G      (G) L25                                           29
Ford D W        (G) M15                                           32
Ford H V        (W) B11                                           29
Ford T          (G) M12,B02                 TF                     7
Fordham E R     (P) F08,N03                                       31
Forrest J G     (E) W04                14/1/45+                    5   KIA
Forrest J L     (B) M22,M18             9/4/43+                   17   KIA
Forrest J       (W) B16                                            6
Forrest P A     (W) C36                25/3/44P                    8   POW
Forrest W       (G) F10                                            1
Forrester L     (W) H30               19/10/42+                    0   KIA
Forrester S M   (PNC) K03               3/9/43+                    1   KIA
Forshaw B       (B) B23                28/4/44+                    3   KIA
Forsyth F S     (G) A10                25/7/43+                    5   KIA
Foster C W      (G) W15                                           28
Foster J        (E) A07,C36            25/3/44+                    9   KIA
Fox L           (E) B22                                            0
Fox S F         (E) C05,D09,G07,G21,J01,J09 29/7/43               17   KIA
Fox M H         (B) P08                     TF                     4
Frail R A       (G) H34                                           32
Frampton C E    (N) B05                 8/4/43+                    7   KIA
Francis A H     (N) C07               19/11/44+                   25   KIA
Francis C S     (B) C15                                           29
Francis C L     (E) B02                     TF                     0
Francis D B     (N) R12                                           30
Frank A D       (P) F09                                            2
Frankish K T    (N) R06               23/10/44+                    9   KIA
Franklin K      (B) C18,G14                                       29
Fraser C N      (N) P05                25/4/45P                    7   POW
Fraser K S      (B) G14                                            1
Fraser L J      (G) E02                 4/7/43+                    1   KIA
Frearson K S    (N) A08,O08                 TF                    35
Frecker M D     (P) F10,G06,H32                                   26
Freeborough E   (W) H06                                           28
Freeman M J     (P) F11               23/11/43+                    3   KIA
Freeman R L     (W) M26                 3/9/43+                   11   KIA
Freezer A       (G) B11,C25                 TF                    28
Frest F R       (E) G20,S25                                       30
Friend R F      (N) B15,C05,D09,G21,H33,O06,S09                   31
Froggatt D G    (W) M45                                           28
Fry H J         (P) M14,W15,F12         4/5/44+                    3   KIA
Fry J R         (N) R11                13/6/44+                   23   KIA
Fry P D         (G) E04,L18             3/5/44+                    9   KIA
Fuggle R        (W) C18,G14                                       37
Fuhrmann H L    (P) K04,F13            30/7/43+                   13   KIA
Fuller T G      (P) F14                                           30
Fulloon C S     (P) F15                                           29
Fulton E C      (P) S09,F16             3/3/43+                    0   KIA
Furlonger K F   (W) W16                                           12
Fyffe G W       (E) D16,M27                 TF                     0
Fyvie K L       (N) E01,FO6                                       24


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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
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