By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Waddell J L     (B) A08                                           34
Wade A          (G) M44                                            8
Wade D          (G) M38,V02            14/7/44P                   14   POW
Wade R L        416907 14/2/44-16/9/44                            --
Wade R N T      (P) W01,M06                                       29
Wadeley G       (E) H22                                            5
Wadley F A      (G) B10,H05,M42,P03                               34
Wakely F G      (G) S02                                           16
Waldon R F      (B) K02,L11             2/6/42+                   11   KIA
Waldron R C     (E) S20                23/5/43P                    2   POW
Wales A W       (P) W02,W03,I02                                   43
Walford J       (N) P08                                            4
Walker G D      (P) W04                14/1/45+                    5   KIA
Walker H        (G) D11,O02                                       30
Walker J A      (B) N18                                            3
Walker K B      (G) M16                                           15
Walker R C      (G) H11                                           19
Walker T F      (E) R16                     TF                     0
Walkley T L     (E) M45                                           28
Wall J T        (N) S33                                            3
Waller T F      (G) D14,H08,M38                                   17
Wallis A W      (E) M42                                           29
Wallis J E      (N) M42,W29                                       14
Walsh C A       (B) K03                 4/9/43+                    1   KIA
Walsh C D       (B) H35                29/8/44P                    3   POW
Walsh J P       (B) H26                                           23
Walsh J P       (P) B18,H36,K04,W05     1/6/42+                   14   KIA
Walsh R S       (W) D12,D13                                       31
Walsh V M       (B) P04                                           13
Walter D A      432198 23/11/44                                   --
Walter K B      416110 29/9/42                                    --
Walter P O      (P) W06                7/12/44P                    1   POW
Walters B       (B) K05,M02                                       32
Walters S D     (B) R01                                            1
Ward A K        (N) L12                                           30
Ward F          (G) H27,C06            18/7/44+                    4   KIA
Ward F H        (B) W14                16/4/43+                   17   KIA
Ward H K        (G) R01                 3/9/43P                   11   POW
Ward J F        (G) H33,L04,S01                                   34
Ward J M        (B) S11               25/12/44+                    7   KIA
Ward P W        (N) B15,C05,F10,H04,M48,O06,S01                   41
Ward R W        (B) M09                                            1
Ward T B        (E) M15                                           32
Ward T E        (E) F06                                           30
Ware J H        (P) W07                17/2/42+                    0   KIA
Warden W G      (E) C32,S27,W31        15/4/45+                   16   KIA
Warnock G R     (N) B34,S12             4/5/44+                   11   KIA
Warren G H      (G) S07                26/4/44+                    1   KIA
Warren W B      (P) W08,H17                                       12
Warrick A       (G) L07                                            1
Warton R M      (G) F14                                            2
Warwick N       (G) C19                                            7
Waterman W M    (N) W09                                            5
Waterson R A    (E) E04,M13                                       30
Watkins T L     (G) H32,H36,K04,H25     1/6/42+                   14   KIA
Watson C C      (G) V02                                            1
Watson D W      (B) H02,K04,K09        20/6/42+                   17   KIA
Watson J G      424485   7/7/44-15/11/44                          --
Watson J H      (N) B21                 4/1/43+                    6   KIA
Watson M T L    (PNC)S13               23/9/43+                    1   KIA
Watson R E      (E) D08                14/6/43+                    6   KIA
Watson R H      (G) G25                                            1
Watson S        (N) F08                                           30
Watson T        (G) T07                                           30
Watson W A      (P) W09,S06                                        6
Watts I S       (G) R07                                            2
Watts R G       (P) W10                                           32
Watts T V       (N) H17,R10                                       44
Way M C         (N) H22                      TF                    5
Wayne R         403942 14/6/42                                    --
Weaving K A     401259 29/9/42-18/1/43+                           --   KIA
Webb A C        407745 25/9/42-30/10/42                           --
Webb A E W      (N) G13,W18             2/7/42+                    7   KIA
Webb R J        (N) M27                     TF                     1
Webb S G        (G) G21                29/3/43+                   17   KIA
Webber D W      (B) K05                                           25
Webber P R      (G) E03                2/12/43+                    1   KIA
Webster A K     (N) J06                                           31
Webster F W     (G) B19                                            1
Webster J S     442314 15/4/45-18/7/45*                           --
Webster R S     (G) C08,M36                                       30
Webster S G     (G) G19                                           22
Wedd R H        408200  5/10/42-30/10/42                          --
Weeden R J      (B) B20                                            7
Weeks W D       (N) M21                 9/4/44+                    1   KIA
Welch B P       (N) B28,M04                                       13
Welldon L E     (G) D10                                           13
Weller G L      (P) G19,W11            2/10/43P                    2   POW
Weller L H      (G) M01                19/2/44+                    1   KIA
Wellham R E     (P) W12,M09                                       16
Wellington B G  (G) W16                                           12
Wells L E       (E) N05                8/10/43+                    1   KIA
Wells P E       (E) W20                                           16
Wendon W M      (P) W13,B30,S30                                   20
Welsh A J       (E) M12                     TF                     0
Wertzler E E    (B) I02,J01                                       29
West A D        (E) F13,M07                                       20
West F J        (B) D06,M13                                       31
West H D        (E) M45                                            1
West J D        (G) G03,L06,P10,M23    24/3/44+                   11   KIA
West R          (E) S03                                            0
West V E        (G) S25                                           29
Whale W J L     (G) G17               29/11/44+                    8   KIA
Whaling R       (W) A02                29/8/44                     7   Int
Wheatley C H    (G) C35                                           30
Wheeler S J     (G) M39                     TF                     1
Wheldon F C     (B) E04,L16,S22                                   31
Whitcombe P J   (G) C29,D15                                       28
White A D       (G) B07                                            1
White C G       (N) W32,T09           19/10/43+                   18   KIA
White D E       (P) W14                16/4/43+                   20   KIA
White E         (E) C15                                            1
White G         (E) B25               23/11/43+                    4   KIA
White G F       (E) M23                24/3/44+                    1   KIA
White K H       (N) F04,F14,O08                                   32
White L G       (E) C35,S01,I03        28/6/44+                   16   KIA
White R D       (G) B04,B07,M24        27/1/44P                    6   POW
White R G       (W) C26,H16,H27,H28,L07,P03,R12,W17,W31           42
White R H       (P) W15                                           30
White S E       (E) Y03                                            4
White T W       (Not 460)  13/5/43(See H33)                       --
Whitehead E H   (P) W16                                           14
Whitehouse M    (N) H16                                           28
Whiteside F     (W) D02                27/9/43+                    4   KIA
Whiteside S     (N) D14,P14            27/1/44+                   19   KIA
Whiticar R H    (B) G16,H05,H14,H27,M03 2/2/45P                   11   POW
Whitmarsh A S   (P) W17,E04                                       31
Whittaker C     (W) G25,M15                                       27
Whittenbury M   (G) L01,R11            12/6/44+                   24   KIA
Whittick A F    (P) G13,W18             2/7/42+                   18   KIA
Whittick H S    (P) C33,W19                                       30
Wickham R G     (N) W08,E01                 TF                    11
Wicks R R       (P) W20                                           16
Widdup V        (W) L10,M14            11/5/44P                   16   POW
Wiffen W M      (B) C02                                            1 
Wiggins M D     (N) L09,S21,G08        19/2/44P                    5   POW
Wild J T        (E) B02                                           11
Wild S R        (E) H35                29/8/44P                    3   POW
Wildman R A     (W) S01,W23                                        6
Wiles D E       (G) C02,W20                                        2
Wilkins A L     (G) M22                                            1
Wilkins C L     (G) H33,S18                                       15
Wilkins F H     (G) D04                 4/2/45+                    4   KIA
Wilkinson D J   (B) A07                                           29
Wilkinson F C   (B) B06,T07,W24                                    9
Wilkinson L     (B) B18,L11                                       29
Wilkinson D S   (B) G16                                            1
Wilks A A       (B) L10                                            4
Willars P C     (W) B31                29/5/43+                    1   KIA
Williams D F    (G) P04                                            1
Williams D M    (G) C12                                           33
Williams D T    (N) S32                                            4
Williams F S    (N) T02                                           31
Williams G A    (N) W13,B19                                       11
Williams J L    (P) W21,M15                                       36
Williams J N    (P) W22,S09,S18        16/4/43+                    4   KIA
Williams L D    (B) G25                                           30
Williams L H    (B) G24                3/5/44P                     1   POW
Williams R C    (W) T11                                           29
Williams S G    (G) G11,M35,W12                                   20
Williams S L    (B) M08                                           26
Williams S W    (E) B06,E04,H34,W28                               33
Williams T      (B) D08                14/6/43+                    4   KIA
Williams T H    (E) B19                27/1/43+                    6   KIA
Williams W      (G) J02                 4/5/43+                    1   KIA
Williams W M    424518 7/8/45-6/10/45*                            --
Williamson A E  (W) G23                                           30
Willis A V      (P) W23,W24,K06,J13                               47
Willis C A      (E) P15                20/4/43+                    1   KIA
Willis K N      (G) D12                                           31
Willis F C      (E) M10                25/2/44+                   13   KIA
Willis F H      (G) D13                                            1
Wills F D       (G) V02,S16             4/7/44+                   15   KIA
Wills V J       (B) B24,C34                                       33
Wilman D        (W) W10                                           30
Wilmot W        (G) M03,M33                                        33
Wilson A        (N) M04                                            3
Wilson A        (E) M43                                           29
Wilson B        (G) D10,K08            28/5/44+                   11   KIA
Wilson D L      (G) G21                                            1
Wilson E G      (B) M44,T11                                       59
Wilson E H      (W) S01                                            2
Wilson G J      (W) M31                16/4/43+                    3   KIA
Wilson H T      (G) S01                                            2
Wilson I M      (G) B01                                           17
Wilson J G      (W) E04,S06,W17                                   57
Wilson P R      (B) C26,J08                 TF                    15
Wilson R E      (P) W25                26/3/43+                    1   KIA
Wilson S G      (G) B12                29/1/45+                   13   KIA
Wilson T G      (P) W26,R11                                        5
Wilton R N      (B) R10,L17                                       26
Wiltshire W S   (G) S22,E04,L16                                   31
Wingett A L     (W) W17,W29                                       30
Winstanley S M  (G) M14                                            1
Winstanley R    (N) B20                                            3
Winstanley R F  (E) D04                 4/2/45+                    3   KIA
Winstanley T    (G) F12                 4/5/44+                    2   KIA
Winston A C     402605 8/10/42-30/10/42                           --
Winter G N      (G) C22                13/3/42+                    1   KIA
Wintle L        (G) F15,U02,W01                                   27
Winton E R      (W) W04                14/1/45+                    5   KIA
Wisby B J       (E) O01                                           27
Wiseman A L     (B) J06                                           30
Wiseman B C     (E) D14,P17            11/4/44+                   12   KIA
Witney R C      (G) F02,H29,J01                                   31
Wolters R L     (E) H38                     TF                     0
Wood C          (E) G08,L06,L09         19/2/44+                   7   KIA
Wood C          (N) H18,R8,W21                                    35
Wood D          (W) F06                                            5
Wood D W        (E) M26,P12,F13        30/7/43+                   14   KIA
Wood E          (E) C34                                           31
Wood G F        (G) K07,M04                                       13
Wood J J        (E) H21                 31/8/43P                  22
Wood K A        (G) A10,W12,W20                                   16
Wood M          (E) B24,P10                                       25
Wood P H        (N) P12                                            8
Wood R W        (N) H32,H30           19/10/42+                    1   KIA
Wood S          (N) B29,J01,L11,S31                               10
Wood W          (N) J01                                            1
Woodcock L C    (E) C28,H16,M04                                   12
Woodcraft M S   (W) L16                                           25
Woodford R E    (W) L17                2/10/43+                   28   KIA
Woodrow-Smith G (P) W27                     TF                     3
Woods B A       (P) W28,C16                                       32
Woods J         (N) R16                     TF                     0
Woods L R       (G) T03                                           28
Woods L W       (B) F06,M13,O08                                   35
Woods R L       (B) A06                30/3/44P                    2   POW
Woodward F      (G) M10                25/2/44+                   13   KIA
Woodward J      (W) C22                13/3/42+                    1   KIA
Woodward R H    (P) W29,W21                                       31
Woolford L      (G) C13                                            2
Wooten L M      (P) W30,B10                                        9
Wootton-Woolley B T(B) C03,M14,L18      3/5/44+                   12   KIA
Worgan H        (G) B10,D06,F14,G25,H18,H34,M13,M33,R04,N06,S33   30
Worley G W      (G) H06                                           28
Worley J F      (G) C08,P14            27/1/44+                   19   KIA
Worsley C F     (P) A08,W31                 TF                    17
Worthington  W  (G) W26,P07            22/6/44+                   11   KIA
Wortley A E     (G) P14                27/1/44+                   17   KIA
Worton R M      (G) G25                                           26
Wreathall R M   442264 28/4/45-18/7/45*                           --
Wray A M        (P) W32                                            1
Wright C S      (G) D05                23/5/43+                    4   KIA
Wulff N L       (N) A09,C01            8/10/43P                    3   POW
Wyllie M J      (B) J11                 2/7/42+                    2   KIA
Wynn R G        (G) W13                                            5
Wyeld D A       (B) J12                                           29



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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