By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Daft R          (G) J01,L11                                        8
Dalby N L D     (N) H23                                           30
Dale M W        (E) C29,E01,K07                                   23
Daley A E       (N) G03,A03            2/12/43P                   15   POW
Daley F W       (W) A08,H27                                       35
Daley P J       (G) S19                                           24
Daley S O       (P) D01                                           31
Dallimore L W   (N) H19                                           11
Dally T E       (G) T02                                           31
D'Alton F A     (W) F06,H15,H27,R12                               26
Dan N           (B) F05                10/8/42+                    1   KIA
Danks-Brown K J (N) F10,S30,B29        10/9/42+                   33   KIA
Dansey A P      (N) H32,H36,H25         1/6/42P                   12   POW
D'Arcey A       (B) B09                25/2/44EV                  10
D'Arcey T       (G) L12                                           30
Dargie L N      (P) D02                27/9/43+                    4   KIA
Dark R G        (W) B02                     TF                     0
Dart J          (E) C29,E04,S27                                   30
Davey E F       (E) P12                16/6/43+                    8   KIA
Davey E J        49029 14/8/45-10/11/45*                          --
Davey R E       (W) W08                 4/3/45+                    0   KIA
Davey S J       (P) D03,W19                                       30
David J M       (G) H33,M07,O01,S24,                              20
David J N       (E) B26                19/3/45+                    2   KIA
Davies C C      (W) W07                17/2/42+                    0   KIA
Davies D J      (E) A07,C16,F04,P03,R08                           52
Davies G A T    (P) H18,D04             3/2/45P/+                  5   KIA
Davies J E      (G) S19,W15                                       30
Davies R J      (E) M06,M38                                        3
Davis A H       (N) L23                                           30
Davis B M T     (P) B01,D05            23/5/43+                    4   KIA
Davis C H C     (B) M39                     TF                     1
Davis C W       (E) B28,S27                                       13
Davis K L C     (G) F15,L09                                        3
Davis P P       (W) G06,B14            29/5/42+                   12   KIA
Davis W A       (E) P13                23/9/43+                    7   KIA
Davison W       (E) L21                                           29
Dawson E R      (E) L01,M14                                        5
Dawson D H      (G) L01                                            3
Dawson O W      (P) N06,D06                                       31
Dawson T        (W) M35,O01,S06,S18,S19,T03,U02 1/4/44+           13   KIA
Dawson W F      (G) C20                                           13
Day E A         (E) O04                27/1/43+                    1   KIA
Day G F         (G) S11               25/12/44+                    7   KIA
Day L F         (W) V01                12/6/43+                    3   KIA
Day M H         (E) M25               21/11/44+                    2   KIA
Day R G         (P) D07                     TF                     2
Day W F K        69053 11/8/45-8/10/45*                           --
Daysh W A       (N) B24,C34,D12                                   33
De Brook F C    (E) C02                                            1
De Torres J H   (G) P10,T01                                       22
Dean W T        (N) F06,H15             22/3/45+                   11   KIA
Deans T         (N) P03                                            1
De Celles L L   (G) Y01                24/2/44+                    2   KIA
Dedman R G D    (B) B08,O03,R02       16/12/43+                   14   KIA
Deed C K        (G) S11               25/12/44+                    7   KIA
Deere J A       (N) Y02                                           30
Defraine G R    (N) A10                                            4
De Lamare K     (G) W17,E04                                       17
Delaney E W     (E) C29                                           13
Delaney M D     (E) D09,B19                                        6
Dellit V W      (B) M02,G08            20/2/44P                    8   POW
Delohery A W    (G) B15,C30 G07,W13,W23,W24                       52
Delorie F B G   (B) B06,H05,M16                                   25
Dempsey J N     430787 28/4/45-18/7/45*                           --
Dennett W J     (P) D08                14/6/43+                    4   KIA
Dennison A J    432769 3/5/45-18/7/45*                            --
Denniston R B   (G) L23                                           30
Denton D W      (G) H16                                            1
Denton L W      (W) C28,M04                                       33
Deveridge L A   (N) G11,L07,M36                                   25
Dewhurst B E    (W) J12                                           29
Dever N P       429527 7/8/45-6/10/45*                            --
Devlin J        (E) H28                 2/3/45+                   10   KIA
Dickens T E     (E) H19                                           11
Dickenson C R   (G) W07                17/2/42+                    0   KIA
Dickenson J A   (N) G07                                            6
Dicker R E      (G) H22                                            5
Dickerson K L T (B) V02                15/7/44+                   17   KIA
Dickie R J      (N) S11               25/12/44+                    7   KIA
Dickson E       (E) C05,K11                                        3
Dietman J A     (G) G15                21/2/44+                    6   KIA
Dillon B G      (B) D10                                           13
Dillon J M      (W) D01,T08                                        7
Dillon W        (N) E05                28/8/42+                    4   KIA
Dilworth J F    (P) D09 RAF                                        6
Dimmick W F M   (N) M12                     TF                     7
Dixon C         (G) H14		                                     1
Dixon C N       (B) M46,G06             6/5/43+                    3   KIA
Dixon E         (E) G14                                            1
Dixon F D       (E) L25,S19           16/12/43                    29
Dixon G         (G) F06                                           29
Dixon H E       (G) H24                20/4/43+                    4   KIA
Dobinson D      (G) P03                                            1
Dobinson J      (B) C33,L17,N03,K12     2/1/44+                   13   KIA
Dobson G G      (G) B05                 8/4/43+                    7   KIA
Dockery G M     (E) M32                10/2/45+                    0   KIA
Dodd J R        (B) B28                                           12
Dodd N          (W) R10                                           29
Dodds J A       (W) M48,S01,S18                                   27
Dodgshun J H    (N) S29,W14,M18         9/4/43+                   17   KIA
Dodgson G K     (G) H18,L08,M03                                   11
Doleman H F     (W) W15                                           28
Dollar R E      (N) C05,P15            20/4/43+                    2   KIA
Donald G H      (G) B07 W12                                        5
Donaldson D R   (P) D10                                           14
Donnell E K     (W) W12                                            1
Donnelly R A    (N) H05,H15                                       33
Donohue T J     (W) B20,L16                                        9
Doran D W       (E) M49                     TF                     0
Dorfield C      (B) M30                     TF                     2
Dorricot L W    (B) H16                                           29
Doorman D S     (E) E01                                            1
Doubleday A W   (P) D11,O02                                       33
Douds D         (B) C23                  14/6/43+                 14   KIA
Dougall J J     (B) J06,M15                                       33
Douglas A C     (N) B17,G14,O02                                   22
Douglas C S     (PNC) H02,H25             1/6/42P                 15   POW
Douglas F C     (P) D12                                           33
Douglas G       (E) L17                  2/10/43+                 28   KIA
Douglas I C     (N) C32,G06,P03,W31,W29      TF                   19
Douglas J K     (P) D13                                            6
Douglas R A     (P) D14,S04                                       28
Douglass R G    (G) B08,M24                                       28
Dowe R A        (N) K13                                           21
Dowling A       (P) C09,D15                                       34
Dowling P C     (W) P01                                           10
Downey D G      (G) S24                                            1
Downing D R     (PNC) J11                 2/7/42+                  2   KIA
Downing J J     (B) M32                  10/2/45+                  0   KIA
Downs L W       (G) C26,F06,G04,G10,L20,M42                        26
Doyle J P       (G) F13                  29/7/43+                 12   KIA
Dreyer L C      (G) F05,M41              13/7/42+                  4   KIA
Drummond J A    (W) C05,I02                                        2
Duckworth J A   (N) M44                                           30
Duddle K I      (E) T01                                            1
Duel A R        (G) H20                                           27
Duffield N      418741 11/4/44-23/4/44                            --
Duff R          (G) B10,B18,H32,J13,K06,L11,S30,S31,FO6,31/10/44+ 20   KIA
Duffey J L      (W) M38                                           16
Dun R D         (N) R15                29/5/43P                    5   POW
Duncan A F      (W) P16                                           10
Duncan L H      (B) C25                    TF                      5
Duncan R M      (N) W28                                           11
Dunkerley H     (G) H15                22/3/45+                   18   KIA
Dunlop J D      (G) H31,B09            24/2/44+                   11   KIA
Dunn F S        (G) G19,W11            2/10/43P                    2   POW
Dunn P W        (W) G21                29/3/43+                   12   KIA
Dunn V          (N) D04                 4/2/45+                    4   KIA
Dunstan J R     439434 27/4/45-18/7/45                            --
Dunstan R C     (G) C15,E04                                       30
Durance J       (B) K14                                            2
Durdin G W      416149 29/9/42-30/10/42                           --
Durran T C      (G) C08                                            1
Durrant E W     (G) L08                                            2
Durrant N C     (G) O01                                           26
Dutton F        (W) W07                17/2/42+                    0   KIA
Dwyer K N       (B) L02,D07                 TF                     5
Dyce K D        (N) D05                23/5/43+                    4   KIA
Dyson D J       (G) M14                11/5/44EV                  17



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
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