E06 English J H + 2/12/43 - 5 KIA/3 POW                              29 Ops
(P2)s 22/9/43 Crosby P A, 3/10/43 McIntyre R K.
   8/11/43 Severe flak damage.
(E) Squire W A     Cattanach A    Garside R      Miller W L   P
(B) Catty A W      Catty A W      Poole J        Catty A W    P
(N) Anderson N J   Anderson N J   Anderson N J   Anderson N J P
(W) Cole A G       Cole A G       Beattie G P    Cole A G     +
(G) Rodin I        Rodin I        Irving G H     Rodin  I     +
(G) Kan A E        Kan A E        Read W R       Kan A E      +
            1             1              1              26


460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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