By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Mc Allister H G (W) W01,L09            28/4/44+                   10   KIA
Mc Arthur H     (G) F06                                            1
Mc Arthur T J   (G) T11,D13,W21                                   12
Mc Bean M W     (B) C26,H14,H26,W08                               10
Mc Bryde G T    (B) B26                19/3/45+                    2   KIA
Mc Caig R       (N) H12                                            5
Mc Callum J D   (N) M29,P35                 TF                    10
Mc Carthy B J M (W) L08                     TF                     5
Mc Carthy J E   (G) T05,G15            21/2/44+                    8   KIA
Mc Carthy M J   (G) K13,N06,C30                                   33
Mc Cauley W A   (E) B34,H20,L09,A04    21/1/44+                   15   KIA
Mc Cleary D     (E) D06                                           30
Mc Cleery A     (N) M06                                           19
Mc Cleery J     (P) M14,W03            11/5/44P                   18   POW
Mc Cleery R J   (N) U02                 1/4/44P                    3   POW
Mc Clusky V     (G) L15                                            3
Mc Corkingdale J D (B)G19                                         29
Mc Coy C P      (P) M15,M38                                       33
Mc Cracken R J  (N) C12,F04                                       33
Mc Crae A E     (B)(G)O06,W18          2/7/42+                     5   KIA
Mc Crossen R H  (P) M16,G23                                       16
Mc Cullagh S F  (N) B13,C05,D09,F10,J01,K01,K11,S09,G21 29/3/43+  21   KIA
Mc Culloch T O  (E) W13,M26             3/9/43+                   12   KIA
Mc Culloch W H  (B) S3,H22                  TF                     1
Mc Dade J J     (B) H17                                           17
Mc Donald A J   (E) H13                16/3/45+                    3   KIA
Mc Donald B C   (G) J03                                            5
Mc Donald D H   (W) E01                     TF                    24
Mc Donald D I   (P) M18                 9/4/43+                   14   KIA
Mc Donald J A   405953 5/10/42                                    --
Mc Donald J K   (G) D10,W01                                       14
Mac Donald N    (N) S02,W20                                       17
Mc Donald N B   (G) K11                                            1
Mc Donald       428768 23/3/44-11/4/44                            --
Mc Donnell L M  (B) S26                16/6/43+                    5   KIA
Mc Dougall A    (B) E03                2/12/45+                    1   KIA
Mc Dougall R B  (N) P17                11/4/44+                   12   KIA
Mc Dougall R E  (P) M19                21/5/44+                    4   KIA
Mc Elrae C N J  (W) B06,E04                                       32
Mc Fadden B     (PNC) K09                                          4
Mc Farlane R H  (N) G25                                           22
Mc Garvey R R   (W) A09,C01            8/10/43P                    3   POW
Mac Gibbon J A  (E) B07                     TF                     0
Mc Ginty C T    (G) F14,D10,V02                                   32
Mc Glinchy F    (G) H24                20/4/43+                    3   KIA
Mc Granaghan J  (W) M29,M42                                       30
Mc Grath E B    (G) S21                                            3
Mc Grath F      (G) L09,W01                                        2
Mc Gregor D G   (W) J03                                            5
Mc Grory H      (W) L14                                           29
Mc Grory S R    (W) F01,F10,M22,S01                               24
Mc Ilraith A W  (G) T07                                           30
Mc Ilveen T H   (W) F10,S08            29/4/42+                    4   KIA
Mc Innes R L    (B) G16,H06                                       28
Mc Intosh C     (W) H34                                           32
Mc Intyre R K   (P) M20,E06           30/12/43+                    9   KIA
Mac Intyre W F  (E) B01,S19,T05,K11                               28
Mc Ivor J H     (G) U02,S23           26/11/43+                    3   KIA
Mc Kane E V     (G) O05,P03                                       29
Mc Kay D J      (W) B08,H17,M49             TF                    44
Mackay W J      (N) P01,B02                                       10
Mc Kean J       (G) G20                7/10/44P                    4   POW
Mc Kee J I      (W) E03                2/12/43+                    1   KIA
Mc Keene        402742 4/1/42                                     --
Mc Keller R     (PNC)P09                                           2
Mc Kenzie A W   (E) F15,N03,P14        27/1/44+                   19   KIA
Mac Kenzie E S  (W) W13                                            9
Mc Kenzie H     (N) M43                                            1
Mc Kenzie J     (B) R02               16/12/43+                    2   KIA
Mc Kenzie J     (E) G11,O03                                       19
Mac Kenzie P M  (B) P15                20/4/43+                    1   KIA
Mc Kenzie R     (N) S28                                           27
Mc Kenzie W D   (P) M21                 9/4/44+                    1   KIA
Mc Kinnon A F   (P) H20,L13,M22,M23    24/3/44+                   34   KIA
Mc Kinnon J     (E) G14                                           11
Mc Kinnon T H   428760 3/5/45-18/7/45*                            --
Mc Kinstry T    (E) W01,P18            10/4/44+                   12   KIA
Mc Knight J K   (G) H05,P16,W31                                   13
Mackrell S V    (P) M01                20/2/44+                    2   KIA
Mc Lachlan W R  (P) M24                27/1/44+                    5   KIA
Mc Laughlan I   (G) C06,E04,G06,O06                                5
Mc Laughlan K   (G) K05                                            2
Mc Lean D       (G) W08                                           12
Mc Lean D A     (E) T04                                            9
Mc Lean K H     (W) C25                     TF                     5
Mc Lean K J     (G) S16                 4/7/44+                   13   KIA
Macleary D      (E) D06                                           20
Mc Lennon R     (N) G01,H36,L11                                   10
Mac Leod A      (B) G13                 4/8/42+                    1   KIA
Mc Leod C W     (B) S09,S10            28/1/44P                   30   POW
Mc Leod R J     (G) C14                                            1
Mc Master R F   (P) B07,M25           22/11/44+                    3   KIA
Mc Michael L K  (G) C18                12/8/42+                    7   KIA
Mc Nab D        (N) A02                30/8/44                     7   Int
Mc Namara H J   (P) M27,M42                 TF                     2
Mc Nair N W     (B) S23               26/11/43+                    2   KIA
Mc Naught L C   (G) G16,P03                                       30
Mc Neil J B     (N) H35                29/8/44P                    3   POW
Mc Neill T H    (N) C05,C11            29/3/43+                    8   KIA
Mc Phan R B     (P) M26                 3/9/43+                   11   KIA
Mc Queen E J    (G) B07                                           31
Mc Queen W S    (G) S30,B30            21/6/42+                    7   KIA
Macrae A E         See Mc Crae A E
Mc Rae A W      (G) B15,G14,K09,L11,M11,M48                       33
Due to lack of certainty in spelling, initials and
musterings of the above 2 entries, these details are suspect
Mc Waters H L   (G) M35                                           23
Mc Wha R D      (G) W09                                            5
Mc Williams A S (G) K05                                           28
Maddocks A      (E) C25                                            5
Madigan E S     422600 3/5/45-18/7/45*                            --
Madigan J       (W) S03                                            0
Magee G M       421996  D01,L01 SDF Operations (460)               3
Magnus E H      (P) M02                                           30
Maguire J       (P) M03                 3/2/45+                   24   KIA
Maher J F       (B) H02                                           11
Maher J T       (N) H38                      TF                    0
Maher E F       (N) H36                 8/6/42P                    1   POW
Mahoney E A     (G) J04                20/4/43+                    1   KIA
Main A R        (N) H14                22/2/45P                    8   POW
Major W K       (W) H05                                           32
Malcolm J D     (B) G05               18/11/43+                    1   KIA
Malin R         (E) E01,J08                                       12
Mallon P        (E) B09                24/2/44+                   10   KIA
Maltby W T      (G) S09                                           30
Manders K G     (B) F14,M13                                       30
Manley F J      (N) M47                                           31
Mann A E        (G) F08                                           30
Mann D S        (G) P11                                            6
Manning E       (E) A08                     TF                     0
Manning R L     (G) G07                                            4
Manning W F J   (N) G19,G05           18/11/43+                   30   KIA   
Mansfield R     (W) P18,S19,T05,W01,M21 9/4/44+                   10   KIA
Marchant H W    (G) C07,F14,T11,G20    7/10/44P                   25   POW
Mardell J A     (G) F13,H33,L04,S29,W20                           35
Mark A R        (B) F15,Y01            24/2/44+                    3   KIA
Marks R         (P) M04                                           27
Marley G P      (E) M14,P02            15/3/44+                    7   KIA
Marquis G F     (P) M05,C24                 TF                     4
Marriage S J    (N) C31                14/6/43+                    3   KIA
Marsh H D       (P) M06                                           23
Marsh J         (G) G02,R05            23/8/43+                   36   KIA
Marshall A M    (P) M07                                           17
Marshall A M    (G) A09                                            1
Marshall B T    (W) W27                     TF                     3
Marshall C W    (E) C01                8/10/43P                    2   POW
Marshall D      (N) F06,G10,H06,H15                                8
Marshall M      (G) R04                1/11/44+                   30   KIA
Marshall J H    (E) C21                     TF                     0
Marshall L D    (N) W28                                           17
Marshall R D    (P) M08,C09                                       31
Marshall W E    (W) S05                                           20
Martin          406441  3/6/42                                    --
Martin C E      (P) M09                                           18
Martin D H      (B) W01,P018           10/4/44+                   12   KIA
Martin B H      (W) M42                                           29
Martin F R      (W) B30                21/6/42+                    6   KIA
Martin G J      (W) G18                                            5
Martin I J      (G) C33                                            1
Martin J R      (N) G01,S19,C36        25/3/44+                   11   KIA
Martin P A      (W) K06,S30,O06        23/1/43P                   16   POW
Martin R        424327 17/2/44-20/2/44                             --
Martin R C      (P) M10                26/2/44+                   13   KIA
Martin T L      (E) M04                                           21
Martin W B      (B) B03                 3/5/44+                    1   KIA
Martin W J      (W) B09                                            8
Martin W R      (P) M11,B19,L11                                   17
Martindale C    (G) D14                                           15
Martindale T    (G) D10,M06,M44,P07,S04,W19                       10
Mason G B       (G) S29                                           10
Mason G E       (W) G21                                            1
Mason K G       (G) M06,P07            22/6/44+                   10   KIA
Mason N R       (G) M48,W13                                        7
Mason N T       (N) O04                26/1/43+                    1   KIA
Mason P G       (P) A08,M12                  TF                     8
Mason R         (W) M06                                           20
Mason S T       (G) A03                2/12/43P                   14   POW
Matchett W M    (N) C05,B15,S30,B19    27/1/43+                   28   KIA
Matheson W R    (G) C23                14/6/43P                   14   POW
Mathews J R     (G) S05                                           20
Mathis W M      (E) S06                                            3
Matthews A W    (B) A08,M33                 TF                    29
Matthews C G    (G) W17,W29                                       30
Matthews S J    (B) O04                26/1/43+                    1   KIA
Mattingley B J  (N) C27,E04                                       36
Maxton E J      (W) M13                                           29
Maxton W M C    (P) M13,E04                                        30
Maxwell B       (B) D12,D13,G16,H27                                4
Maxwell W C     (G) B03                 3/5/44+                    1   KIA
May D B         (W) M03                 3/2/45+                   25   KIA
May G           (E) W27                     TF                     0
May G A         (G) F14,H18,H27,M42                               35
Maynard F K     (N) O05,P03                                       29
Mayne A O       (G) B12,L21,H27         6/3/45+                    5   KIA
Mayne R J       (W) H29,M22,C18        12/8/42+                    7   KIA
Mayon W D       (W) J04                20/4/43+                    2   KIA
Mayor F         (G) O08,S33                                       31
Mead S J        (W) P18,P02            15/3/44+                    4   KIA
Meadows A K     (E) S29,M18             9/4/43+                   14   KIA
Meech A W       (G) B31                29/5/43+                    1   KIA
Meehan T        (P) M28                                            2
Meeking L N     (E) C04                                           28
Megit R K       (G) G05               18/11/43+                    1   KIA
Mellowes K R    (W) K04,J13            29/5/42+                   11   KIA
Mercier M       (B) F06,G16                                       30
Merimore G      (G) L13                                            1
Metcalf D W     (E) A10                24/7/43+                    5   KIA
Metcalf H S     (E) P03,O07           21/11/44+                    5   KIA
Methven S C     (G) F01,F10,K06,O06    24/1/43+                   14   KIA
Micklefield G R (E) C35,L22,S16         4/7/44+                   10   KIA
Milde E J       (P) M04,M29                 TF                    10
Middleton C G   (B) F07               20/10/44+                    3   KIA
Milledy T P G   (E) F16                 2/3/43+                    0   KIA
Mildred A J     (B) P10                                           25
Miles A W       (W) H18                                           29
Miles W V       (W) P03                                            1
Milk F R W      (P) H26,M30                                        3
Millar M        (G) H23                                           30
Millard F W     (G) A10                                            3
Millgate R F    (P) M49                     TF                     0
Miller I B      411165 5/4/43-20/4/43+                            --   KIA
Miller J B      (N) M43                                           28
Miller I G      (P) M31                16/4/43+                    3   KIA
Miller K W      (E) G21,M35                                       27
Miller R G A    (P) M32                10/2/45+                    0   KIA
Miller W A      435023 27/4/45-18/7/45*                           --
Miller W L      (E) E06                2/12/43P                   26   POW
Miller W R      (N) S18                                            1
Milligan E      (B) N06                                           32
Milligan G      (N) F10                                            1
Milligan J      (E) B19                                            1
Milligan J M    (G) K04,L11,B32        25/7/42+                   31   KIA
Milliner E A    (G) B35                26/3/44+                    2   KIA
Mills D P       (G) L11,B32            25/7/42+                   20   KIA
Mills D R       (G) K04                                            1
Mills D W       (G) F10                                            1
Mills E J       (G) B34                                            1
Mills F J       (G) A07,E04,P10                                   33
Mills H J       (P) M33,T02                                       31
Mills P         (G) J14                20/7/44P                    3   POW
Milne C A       (E) T07                                           30
Milner L        (E) C17               12/12/44P                   10   POW
Milner W        (G) B23                28/4/44+                    3   KIA
Milton A G      (G) M16                                            1
Milton G        (G) W28                                           31
Mitchell A J    (B) R10                                           17
Mitchell A R    (P) M34,P09            2/12/43+                   15   KIA
Mitchell A S    (B) L17                2/10/43+                    1   KIA
Mitchell G S    (W) C21                     TF                     8
Mitchell J      (G) H04,O06,S01                                    4
Mitchell M      (W) C05                                            4
Mitchell W      (W) B13,C05,D09,F10,G21,K01,M09                   26
Mitchell W M    (E) S09                                            1
Modet J A       (E) L02                                            5
Moffatt W J     (G) B22,H37                 TF                     0
Moffitt R B     (B) J14                20/7/44P **                 3   POW **
Mohr A J        (W) G07                                           29
Moir E M        425806 21/7/45-6/10/45*                           --
Moller W R W    404039  24/4/43-19/8/43                           --
Mollett C K     (B) L22,S16             4/7/44+                   20   KIA
Mollross R L    (B) B22                                            0
Molyneaux A J   (E) M16                                           15
Monk W J C      (W) B16                13/9/42+                    2   KIA
Moodie D B      (P) M35,M09,S09                                   30
Moody G D       (W) H08                30/3/44+                    5   KIA
Moody J         (G) F14,L23                                       30
Moore A B       (G) B34,S12             4/5/44+                   13   KIA
Moore C F       (G) H02                                            2
Moore O M       (P) M36                                           29
Moore G E       (G) L13                                            5
Moore J B       (W) W05                 1/6/42+                    2   KIA
Moore J W       (W) M18,M22,W02,W03                               49
Moore K         (P) M37                 4/4/43+                    2   KIA
Moore L W       (W) M45                                            1
Moore M         (E) G23                                           27
Moore P A       (B) B07,C13,U02                                   27
Moore P W       (G) O03,R14,W12                                   17
Moorehouse S A  (N) H31                                           29
Moores J        (B) B30,F10,G06,H02,(N) H32 (W) K04                9
Moores V J      (G) B30                21/6/42+                    3   KIA
Morant A R      (N) F02,H02,J01,S17    19/9/42+                   11   KIA
Mordecai D G    (W) B05                 8/4/43+                    7   KIA
Morey S A       401074 7/6/43-12/9/43                             --
Morgan B        (G) G24                 3/5/44P                    1   POW
Morgan G G      (W) B17,G06,O02                                   19
Morgan K A      (P) M38                                           16
Morgan M E      (P) M39,N07                 TF                     1
Morgan R W      (N) G07,J01,M22,W14                               28
Morgan T E V    (G) C12,D13,G25,H16,H18,L07,R03,R08,T04,
                                                 H27 6/3/45+      37   KIA
Morrice D W     (P) M40,O01                                        5
Morris C E      (G) H27                                           27
Morris C R      (E) K11,S01,H09        27/5/43P                   12   POW
Morris J N      (G) C28,C33,U02,G08    20/2/44+                   10   KIA
Morris W E      (G) C07,D13,H18,M33,P03,S33,V02                   31
Morrison D E    (G) P13                23/9/43+                    7   KIA
Morrison J R    (E) C31                14/6/43P                    3   POW
Morrow W J      (B) P03,U01,N07             TF                    36
Morse G W       (G) M07                                            1
Mort L F        (W) B36                     TF                     0
Mortimer G      (G) B14,H02                                        2
Mortimer K      (E) L24                20/1/44P                   10   POW
Mortimer T W    (G) D14,W01                                       25
Mosely R        (E) G09                     TF                    --
Moss A E        (G) B26                19/3/45+                    2   KIA
Mottershead L G (W) C26,J08                 TF                    15
Mott L O        (W) H07                22/9/43+                    1   KIA
Mould J         (B) F02,G01                                        7
Mould R M       (W) C05,H16,H29,J01,M06,M22,M23,O01,P10,R01       44
Moule D R       (B) W06                6/12/44+                    1   KIA
Moustaka T F    (W) K14                     TF                     2
Moyle A L       (P) K09,O02,M41        13/7/42+                    6   KIA
Moynagh R A     (G) D12,G11,H10,R02   16/12/43+                   22   KIA
Moyse G W       (G) C13,R10,U02                                   16
Muir B M        (N) J04                20/4/43+                    1   KIA
Muir K S        (G) M47                                           31
Mulcahy E S     (P) M42,L09                                       30
Mullins B       (P) M43,B12                                       30
Mullins R N     (P) M44                                           30
Mulroney R E    (N) R09                                           30
Munckton H I    (B) B17,G12,V03        27/8/42P                   26   POW
Munday D R      (B) B31                29/5/43+                    1   KIA
Munro D L       (B) L15                                            3
Munro J C       (B) R05                24/8/43P                   10   POW
Munroe R J      (N) S30                28/8/42+                    8   KIA
Munsch W C      (P) M45                                           29
Munt R D C      (G) B17,G12,O02                                   41
Muntz J W       (G) C15,B25           23/11/43+                    5   KIA
Murphy D M      (PNC) H30             19/10/42+                    0   KIA
Murphy E F      (B) F16                 2/3/43+                    0   KIA
Murphy J H      (G) P06 Con Flt        11/9/42+                    1   KIA
Murphy W M      (N) G06,B14            29/5/42+                   13   KIA
Murphy R H      (P) K09,M46,G06         6/5/42+                    6   KIA
Murray I V      (E) C13,C15                                       31
Murray J A      (B) B11                                           29
Murray J K      (P) M47,T08                                       31
Murray J N      (P) M48,H29                                       30
Murray J P      (W) N04                10/6/44+                   10   KIA
Murray J V      405356 15/5/43-                                   --
Murray W V      (E) M24                27/1/44+                    5   KIA
Myers B F       (N) D11,G12,H32                                   15

** John Watson's 460 Squadron (RAAF) Pilots and Crews List shows this person as a POW. However Flight Sergeant Robert B. Moffitt has indicated that Mills was the only person who was captured by the Germans following the crash of Lancaster ND654.



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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