By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Kan A E         (G) E06                2/12/43+                   28   KIA
Kaufmann K W    (P) K01                                            1
Kay G L         (W) B12,M43                                       30
Kaye P W        (G) M05                                            3
Kearns H J      (G) K14                     TF                     2
Kearns J H      400804  1/9/42-26/1/43+ Illness                   --
Keddie M A      (W) C05,H33,K06,K11,M18,S01,S18                   28
Keddle H        (B) H02                                            1
Keene J W       (P) L11,K02             3/6/42+                   11   KIA
Keenan S B      (W) P07                22/6/44+                    2   KIA
Keir E C        (G) P03,U01                                       36
Keir K G        (G) S02,M34            2/12/43+                   16   KIA
Kellaher C R    (P) K03                 3/9/43+                   12   KIA
Kelley R        (G) B04                                            3
Kelly B H       (B) M27                     TF                     1
Kelly F         (B) W08                                           10
Kelly W J       (G) C09                                           29
Kendall E W     (G) C30,C35                                        3
Kendall W       (W) K09,K02             2/6/42+                    3   KIA
Kenealy E J     (G) F07               20/10/44+                    3   KIA
Kennedy A       (E) S09,W13,S10        28/1/44P                   26   POW
Kennedy G J     (E) B27                                            6
Kennedy T H     (W) S12,S19                                       23
Kennedy T W     (N) S02                                           15
Kennedy W H     (N) S18                                            1
Kennedy W J     (P) K04                 6/5/42+                   13   KIA
Kenney E H      (E) L16,W28                                        5
Kent L A        (G) M40,O01,C24        2/12/43+                   10   KIA
Kenyon E        (G) B04                                            5
Kerby J A       (G) W03,P14            27/1/44+                   18   KIA
Kernaghan J G   (B) M07,R10,                                      18
Kerr E J        (G) H09                27/5/43+                    3   KIA
Kerr R          (N) F16                 2/3/43+                    0   KIA
Kerwin R S      (E) C14                11/6/43+                    8   KIA
Keymer H G      (G) M40,O01,C24        2/12/43+	                   9   KIA
Keys G C        (P) K05                                           30
Keys I F        (PNC) B18,K04           6/5/42P                    6   POW
Keys S R        (B) F02,H02,J01,S17     22/9/42+                  18   KIA
Keyser V F      (P) B32,K06            26/7/42+                   22   KIA
Kille P F       (G) N05                8/10/43+                    1   KIA
Kilsby H S      (G) V02                14/7/44+                   18   KIA
King A G        (N) P10                                           24
King E R        (N) W22                16/4/43+                    3   KIA
King F B        (E) H27,H03           19/10/44+                   21   KIA
King F J        (W) S09                                           29
King F R        (E) M06,N02                                       16
King J K        (G) B29                11/9/42+                    1   KIA
King K L        (B) N04                11/6/44+                   10   KIA
King L J        (G) L19                                           31
King M D B      (E) M27                     TF                     0
King R J        (N) S19,P02            16/3/43+                    5   KIA
King R S        (G) P15                20/4/44+                    1   KIA
Kinghorn J F    (G) D13,P10,T08                                   30
Kingsmill C R   (W) F11               23/11/43P                    3   POW
Kinlay J E      410346 19/4/44-10/7/44                            10  (SDF)  
Kinna P J       (N) H37                     TF                     0
Kirby J A       (G) C05,M48,U02,W02,W13                           27
Kirk G A        (G) R15                29/5/43P                    5   POW
Kirk G E        (G) B22                                            0
Kirk N          (E) L14,R11                                       30
Kirkland C S    (P) K07,G04,G18                                   13
Kirkland R N    (P) K08                28/5/44+                    3   KIA
Kirkland R N    (E) C30                                            1
Kitchen D G     (P) K04,L11,K09        20/6/42+                   16   KIA
Kitson F G      (E) R10                                           29
Kitto R F       (E) L23                                           30
Kloeden A M     (B) W29                                           14
Kluke R S       (N) D11                                            1
Knapp A W       (G) C35                                           21
Knight F J      (P) K10                 7/6/44+                    5   KIA
Knight M        420892 20/7/43-10/11/43                           --
Knight N        (N) W12                                           15
Knight R H      (N) B35                26/3/44+                    3   KIA
Knight S F      (E) D03,W19                                       30
Knight-Brown N H(P) B29,H32,K11,K06                               22
Knilands B      (E) W14                16/4/43+                   19   KIA
Knott F F       (G) R09                                           30
Knott F H       (G) C07                                            1
Knott G W       (E) C30                                           29
Knox C W        (E) S29                                           11  
Knox H E A      (G) C18,G14,M06                                   49
Knyvett B H     (P) K12                 2/1/44+                    3   KIA
Korsman H B     (P) K13,C30                                       31
Kowald F E      (P) K14                     TF                     2
Krynski T       (G) I03                28/6/44+                   14   KIA
Krone H         (B) P02                16/3/44+                    4   KIA
Krutli R A      (G) F07               20/10/44+                    3   KIA



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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