By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Taggart W J     (P) T01,G19                                       19
Tait L A        (B) C16,D12,H27,J09,H34,L16,R10,T07               17
Tamagno I F     (N) C18,G14                                       36
Tanner E R      (E) D12                                           31
Talbot K        (E) W30                                            8
Tallents G E    (B) T02                                           31
Tapp A A        (N) G09                     TF                     5
Tappenden J G   (N) M01                20/2/44P                    2   POW
Tardent L V     (N) C04                                           30
Tardent R       (P) T02                                           31
Tarling R       (E) E03                2/12/43+                    1   KIA
Tarlton-Rayment J (G) K05                                         24
Tasker R K      (P) T03                                           29
Taubman H M     (B) J01                                            1
Taylor A F      (N) W11                2/10/43P                    1   POW
Taylor C L      (N) K11,M48,S18,W13                               25
Taylor F C      (N) A10                24/7/43+                    5   KIA
Taylor J        (B) F02                                            6
Taylor N A      (G) E05                29/8/42+                    4   KIA
Taylor R D      (W) B35                26/3/44+                    3   KIA
Taylor R        (G) C10                                           30
Taylor R G      (G) C12,M42,W17                                   33
Taylor S C      (G) P08                                            4
Taylor T        (B) R15                29/5/43+                    5   KIA
Taylor W C      (B) G01                26/7/42+                    2   KIA
Taylor W J      (W) L11,J11             2/7/42+                    3   KIA
Taylor W J      (P) T04,H18                                       10
Teasdale D K    (E) C26,J08,S27                                    15
Teece P A       (P) G19,T05                                        5
Teerman A W     (P) T06                21/6/43+                    3   KIA
Telford W E     (E) H37                     TF                     0
Tennant C E     (G) B20                                            1
Terpenning R P  (P) F08,K13,T07                                   31
Thatcher J      (E) B11,C29,H34,S28                               27
Theobald W R    (B) G25,S33                                        7
Therkelson K    (B) S25                                           29
Theyer W J      (N) S07                27/4/44+                    1   KIA
Thirkettle E C  (G) K03                 3/9/43+                    1   KIA
Thomas A J      (G) L02                                            5
Thomas C        (G) M30                                            2
Thomas D A      (W) V01                12/6/43+                    3   KIA
Thomas D S      (N) N05                8/10/43+                    1   KIA
Thomas D J      (E) D01                                           20
Thomas E G      (N) T05,U02,A04        21/1/44+                   15   KIA
Thomas J B      (G) C25,M22 - Died in training accident5/6/45 + TF 6   
Thomas R K      (B) M45                                           15
Thomas W        (E) S06                                            1
Thomasson N     (E) A01                                            3
Thompson A M    425998 7/12/44-10/1/45                            --
Thompson G H    (B) L14,R11                                       30
Thompson H C    (B) W11                2/10/43P                    1   POW
Thompson I A    (B) T01,M01            20/2/44+                    2   KIA
Thompson J H    (B) B07,U02             1/4/44+                   29   KIA
Thompson J S    (E) P08                     TF                     0
Thompson R W    403552 23/3/43-26/10/43                           --
Thompson W H    (N) B18,F09,K04,L11,S18                           30
Thompson W H    (N) B03                 3/5/44+                    1
Thomson C B     (W) K05                                           27
Thomson H       (B) T06                21/6/43P                    3   POW
Thomson C B     (W) K05                                           27 
Thomson J C     (G) H17                                           17
Thomson J L     437173 30/4/45-18/7/45 *                          --
Thomson R J     (G) D01,L14                                       49
Thomson T A     (G) E01,H28             2/3/45+                    4   KIA
Thorburn W F    (G) G19                                           26
Thornhill W     (G) D02                27/9/43+                    2   KIA
Thorpe C B      (N) F06,T07                                       31
Thorpe D F      (E) P05                25/4/45P                    7   POW
Thorpe J H      (G) Y02                                           30
Tibbetts D J    (G) G18,H05                                        6
Tindale C H     (W) D14,S04                                       26
Tinkler A E     (G) L11,B17            26/7/42+                    9   KIA
Tinkler D       (W) B17,H02,K04,L11,K09,H36 8/6/42P               12   POW
Tinsley A W     (N) R07                                            2
Tinsley K J     (W) H26                                           25
Tippett S C     (E) W31                     TF                     1
Tod A J         (W) C27,E04,L21                                   35
Tolliday W J    (W) C33,W19                                       31
Tomkins K J     (B) L03                23/6/44+                   14   KIA
Tomkinson R     (E) G22                31/8/44+                    2   KIA
Tomlinson R     (P) P10,T08                                       30
Toohig D        (W) S24                24/6/43P                    8   POW
Toombs G        (E) L12                                           33
Toomey H B      408890 21/12/42                                   --
Topham E A      (G) C20                                           13
Torr B J        (B) R16                     TF                     0
Torrisi V P     (B) P03,R08                                       20
Tovey J A       419067 17/12/44-19/3/45                           --
Towell K        (G) B06,E04                                       32
Townsend C W    (G) G23,H18,P03,R08                               20
Townsend R      (E) R03                                           30
Townsend T G    (W) J13,O02,L13         2/6/42+                    7   KIA
Trafford H      (E) B15,C14,T06        22/6/43+                   36   KIA
Train H R       (N) K04                 6/5/42P                    5   POW
Treacy B M      (W) O01                                           24
Treloar J R     (W) R06               23/10/44+                    9   KIA
Tremewen J L    (W) C12,F06,M43                                   33
Tressider R L   (P2)W07                17/2/42+                    0   KIA
Trett R D       (E) M40,N02,N03,001,T01,K12 2/1/44+               21   KIA
Trimble D T     (G) B15,F01,F10,G06,H32,K04,M22,S09               31
Trimmer J A     (B) B06,W28                                       32
Trinder H S     (N) L24                20/1/44P                    9   POW
Trist J W       (B) B07                                           31
Trollope J E    (G) F03                 4/8/44+                   11   KIA
Troth P L       (E) A02                29/8/44                     7   Int
Trotter A C     (W) H15                22/3/45+                    8   KIA
Trout D         427024 9/11/43                                    --
Trout M R       (B) H20,T01,A04        21/1/44+                   14   KIA
Truman E G      (B) B12                28/1/45P                   14   POW
Truscott E C    (N) R14                 3/1/44+                    9   KIA
Truscott C F J  (B) E02                 4/7/43+                    1   KIA
Tubman W M      (G) S30                27/8/42P                    1   POW
Tuchen J H      (G) M27                     TF                     1
Tuck F A        (G) C35,D13,P03,R08                               23
Tucker M J      (W) G25,M15,                                      32
Tulloh I T      (W) B17                26/7/42+                    6   KIA
Turland M W     (B) M38,S19                                       18
Turnbull J G    (E) E04,L18             3/5/44+                    9   KIA
Turnbull J      (P) W32,T09           19/10/43+                   18   KIA
Turnbull L F    (B) E04                                            1
Turbull P       (B) W17                                           30
Turnbull R J    (P) T10                     TF                     4
Turnbull W F    (E) H12                                            5
Turner D A      (G) W30                                            8
Turner F        (E) C20                                           13
Turner H T A    (G) V03                28/8/42+                    3   KIA
Turner S J      (W) O08                                           30
Turnoch J S     (PNC) C22              13/3/42+                    1   KIA
Turpin W J      (E) J02                 4/5/43+                    1   KIA
Tweedie K J C   (N) W15                                           28
Twomey F T      (N) W30,L08                 TF                     8
Twyford N E     (P) T11                                           30
Tytherleigh A   (E) E02                 4/7/43+                    1   KIA



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
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