By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Aberle D B      (G) F11               23/11/43+                    3   KIA
Ablard F        (E) P01,W08                                       13
Ablewhite E J   (G) W22                16/4/43+                    3   KIA
Aboud L A       (G) T10,B36                TF                      3
Acheson J M     (B) A10                24/7/43+                    5   KIA
Adams A W       (B) W10                                           32
Addison R R     (P) A01,N07                                        4
Agg C E M       (N) H20,G20            7/10/44P                   32   POW
Aitken A L      (N) M35                                           26
Akers A         (E) G25,H34                                       28
Albans C A      (N) L05                                           21
Alcock C R      (G) C03                                           10
Allcot R J      (B) A02                30/8/44                     7   Int
Aldred P N      (P) T02,A02            30/8/44                     7   Int
Alexander D R   (G) G04                                           14
Alexander N F   (B) W30,E01                TF                      8
Alexandra D     (G) L24                21/1/44P                   10   POW
Alford T D H    (P) L17,A03            2/12/43+                   15   KIA
Alford J H      (G) W10                                           32
Allan R N       (P) A04,H20            21/1/44+                   14   KIA
Allan A         (E) B20,V02            14/7/44+                   19   KIA
Allen A P       (E) K08                27/5/44+                    3   KIA
Allen H         (B) C29                                           28
Allen J J       411733  30/9/42-30/10/42                          --
Allen L         (B) B27                                            6
Allen R         (P) C33,A05            23/4/44+                    7   KIA
Alpass A C      (N) L14                                           29
Allsep S J      (G) L03                23/6/44+                    1   KIA
Allsopp W F     (G) S01,W13,M18         9/4/43+                   18   KIA
Allison J I     (B) T05                21/1/44                     2
Alloway E R     (E) L22                                           22
Ambler K E      (B) P03,H15            22/3/45P                   19   POW
Amos D L        (E) G16                7/10/44P                   20   POW
Anderson A A    (W) T07                                           30
Anderson A D    (B) F08,N01                                       31
Anderson C B    (N) F13                30/7/43+                   12   KIA
Anderson C R    (G) C30,W24                                       21
Anderson E H    (G) D12,G11,M22                                   30
Anderson G T    (B) H23                                           30
Anderson J R    439636      3/11/44-10/3/45                       --
Anderson N J    (N) E06                2/12/43P                   29   POW
Anderson P R    (P) B34,A06             1/4/44+                    3   KIA
Anderson R G    (E) S32                                            4
Anderson R M    (G) B31                29/5/43+                    1   KIA
Anderson R R    (P) F15,A07                                       30
Anderson W      (W) R13 	           		           5
Andrews J R     (G) M42                                           11
Andrews L       (N) W29                                            8
Andrews P J     (W) S02                                           16
Andrew J C      (E) J06                                           31
Andrews J H     (N) W06                6/12/44+                    1 KIA
Andrew W L      (E) B10,P03                                       34
Annat D J       (W) G25,P07,J14        21/7/44P **                12   POW **
Annis N         (E) J03                                            5
Annivitti M     (G) K09                20/6/42+                    2   KIA
Anthony C R     (G) C08,G19,W14                                    7
Anthony J M     (G) M07                                            1
Apelt R D       (G) S15                 TF                         5
Apostalides J   (G) L10,H31                                        5
Applegarth K    (W) M14,F12             4/5/44+                    2   KIA
Appleton R A    (B) F02,H29,J01                                    30
Archer K R      (B) C32,W31                                       16
Archibald J     (G) H19                                           11
Arksey W L      (G) N04                10/6/44+                   10   KIA
Armstrong F     (W) P03, H27                                      30 ***
Armstrong G     (W) H27                                           29 ***
Armstrong H B   (B) G17               29/11/44+                    8   KIA
Armstrong J L   (E) H26                                           25
Armstrong M L   (B) C30                                           32
Armytage P T    410431 17/2/44-19/2/44                            --
Arnold H        (G) E04                                            1
Arnold J G      (G) L22,N06                                       29
Arnott C D      (G) S23               26/11/43+                    2   KIA
Arrowsmith D R  (P) A07,A08             TF                        36
Arthur F A      (N) A09,C03,M09,M36                               17
Ashley A E      (N) F11               23/11/43P                    3   POW
Ashley A J      (P) A10                24/7/43+                    5   KIA
Ashplant A L    (N) W07 Crashed training 17/2/42+                 --   KIA
Askam C         (E) G21,I02,W13,                                  15  
Atherton A      (N) J01                                            1
Atherton J E    (G) O03,W12                                       17
Atkinson M H    (E) C12,C29                                       33
Austin C E      (G) S01,G01           22/11/42P                    2   POW
Austin J E      (W) B15,H33,G21                                   32
Austin W E J    (G) O04                26/1/43+                    1   POW
Austin W G      (W) V04                                            0
Avery J D       (B) D04                 4/2/45P                    4   POW
Aviet P B       (G) H35                29/8/43+                    3   KIA
Ayton A         (B) L21                                           28

** John Watson's 460 Squadron (RAAF) Pilots and Crews List shows this person as a POW. However Flight Sergeant Robert B. Moffitt has indicated that Mills was the only person who was captured by the Germans following the crash of Lancaster ND654.

*** John Watson had an entry for an "Armstrong G" and an Armstrong F". Based on Log Book Entries these are in fact both the same person namely Warrant Officer Frank "Snow" Armstrong.



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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