By John Watson


NAMES           MUSTERINGS AND        CASUALTY DATE               TOT. OPS.
                CREW GROUPS
Earl J G        (N) D10                                           13
Eade M          (E) L19                                           32
Easton D        (E) H16,H17                                       28
Easton T S      (G) S20                23/5/43P                    2   POW
Eaton L J       (P) E01,P03                 TF                    24
Ebbage C W      (G) D13,N01                                       25
Ebbott E C      (B) W22                16/4/43+                    3   KIA
Edcombe R       (G) N06,R11                                        2
Edgarton G G    (N) E04,L22                                       29
Edmonds J S     (W) T08,D13                                       24
Edmonds N J     (W) T01,W20                                       17
Edmonds R M     (G) M07                                           17
Edmonds W E     (G) G19,W11            2/10/43+                    2   KIA
Edwards C       (P) E02                 3/7/43+                    1   KIA
Edwards C H     (P) E03                2/12/43+                    1   KIA
Edwards H I     (P) E04 RAF                                       11
Edwards P E     (G) W02,C17           13/12/44+                   14   KIA
Edwards S       (G) W01,P18            10/4/44+                   12   KIA
Edwards W A     (E) H31,L10                                        5
Egan J J        (G) C16,D13,R10,W12                               33
Eggleston J F   (N) C29                                           28
Elcombe R       (G) K10                 6/6/44+                    5   KIA
Eley J          (G) W01                                           26
Eley L          (G) L24                                            1
Elgar W R       (B) M14,F12             4/5/44+                    3   KIA
Ellery E J      (PNC)N05               8/10/43P                    2   POW
Elliott R V     (B) G13                                            4
Elliott T       (G) F11               23/11/43+                    3   KIA
Ellis H         (W) B07                                           30
Ellis L J       (G) S02,M34            2/12/43+                   16   KIA
Elrington R D   (P) G14,E05            28/8/42+                    7   KIA
Elsbury H R     (G) M19                21/5/44+                    4   KIA
Elsden G M      (W) D15                                           33
Elwing A G      (B) D12,G11,M45                                   27
Emerson T L     (N) B11                                           29
Emery A F       (N) H27,T11,R04        1/11/44+                   34   KIA
Emery A J       (W) H27                                            1
Emery W E       (G) D08                14/6/43+                    4   KIA
Emmett  J H     (G) P12                16/6/43+                    9   KIA
Eminson E C     (N) M29                     TF                     0
England E M     (N) C28,F15                                        7
Englart J       (B) D01                                           20
English J H     (P) E06                2/12/43+                   29   KIA
English W N     (N) L03                23/6/44+                   14   KIA
Entwhistle C    (E) B11,S27                                       31
Erb H J         (G) H20,M07,N05,R10                               28
Errey T V       (B) L12                                           30
Espley J R      (G) D14,M44,N02,P10,T03,W01                       30
Evans D T       (G) H22                     TF                     5
Evans G U       (N) D12,F04                                       31
Evans L M       (N) C18,I02,P06                                   17
Evans N H       (E) C07               18/11/44+                   25   KIA
Evans R A       (E) M05                     TF                     0
Evans W W       (B) H22                                            5
Everett N W     (N) G23,M03             3/2/45+                   26   KIA
Ewins A E       (B) H38                     TF                     0
Eyres E A       (B) R08,W21                                       37



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460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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