E04  Edwards H I-1943/44-                                            11 Ops
(P2)s 22/3/44 Lloyd N D, 6/5/44 Lunn J F, 5/10/44 Cox J M,
   24/6/44 Stone G T, 7/7/44 Maxton W M C, 27/11/44 Whitmarsh A,
---------------	23/7/44 Barrington R G, 28/10/44 Stringer R K.
(E) Gynther L         Sutton E G    Turnbull J   Howie T M
(B) Robertson W       Hadley G A    Cohen A L    Bryant C N
(N) Raper W           Osborne T E   Hobbs R H    Edgarton G G
(W) Gill L F          Pender H A    Barr D R     Bull S
(G) Rolfe A           Prentice C    Fry P D      Arnold H
(G) Chadwick-Bates J  Dunstan  R C  Johnson R A  Bland J
              1              1           1            1
(E)  Spiers E F     Waterson R A   Williams S W  Gramson L T
(B) Wheldon F      Bailey G J     Robinson R E  Cartwright S
(N) Uren H L       Comins F       Coffey P J    Noble B
(W) Boyle R R      Maxton E J     Mc Elrae C W  Barron L A
(G) Wiltshire W    Pruss J A      Towell K      Mills F J
(G) Mc Laughlan I  Houlgrave F W  Needs A G     Gant R K
              1             1             1            1
(E) Bodsworth W H  Dart J         Sheppard D A
(B) Page F I J     Pearse L L     Turnbull L F
(N) Mattingley B J Jenkinson A W  Coffey P J
(W) Tod A J        Noble C E      Wilson J G
(G) Crosby G W D   Betton D       Fellowes D G
(G) Curren A M     Broatch D      Delamare K G
            1            1                1


460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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