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Select the initials of the Aircrew's Surname


The names listed herein are all the Aircrew, shown against the 327 Pilots with whom they flew operations, according to the Operational Record Book, (RAF Form 541). Australian aircrew who were shown in RAAF Records, but were unable to be identified on the Forms 541, as having flown operationally, are listed with their Service numbers but with no crew references.

If you look for a name in the list, you will find the reference numbers of the crews with whom that particular person flew, and those numbers will show, in the section Pilot and Crews, the details of that person's operational service. Whenever a member of a crew became a casualty, the last crew reference indicates the crew involved.

The details of Prisoners of War and Internees, are as far as I was able to determine.

The names of RAAF groundcrew are shown with their Service Numbers, and with the first and last dates of their "Attachment" with the Squadron. I was unable to get similar details of the RAF and WAAF groundcrew because Bomber Command stipulated that permission of each person, or next of kin must be obtained before such information could be released. However I recently received a copy of names of RAF members listed on the Movement )rder issued for the transfer of the Squadron from Molesworh to Breighton, in January 1942, and have included them in the Groundcrew section. No such details are available for those WAAF members who were attached to 460 Squadron, or were part of the station staff who contributed to the Squadron's performance. These names will be included with the Groundcrew if they become available.




(P) (E) (B) (N) (W) (G) Represents the Musterings of Aircrew.
A09 or W13 These are examples of Crew References which are listed in alphabetical order in the Pilots and Crews section.
Int Means Interned.
(P2) or (N2) Means 2nd Pilot or 2nd Navigator.
KIA or + Means Killed In Action or whilst on Active Service.
P, EV or Int Means Prisoner of War, Evaded Capture or Interned.
P/+ Means died whilst P O W.
(PNC) Means pilot flew in operations but never with own crew.
TF Means volunteered as Tiger Force crew member
(SDF) Means = Other Squadron Planes and Crews who flew with 460 Squadron to carry out special Target Marking duties for No 1 Group, Bomber Command.

When aircrew cannot be identified as a crew members, their musterings are not known as such, they are listed in the Index with their Names, Service Numbers, and Dates with 460. This could apply when they arrived at 460 in transit, or arrived near the end of hostilities. Aircrew who arrived late with 460, but were not identified as members of a crew, are shown with an asterisk* .   


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