No. 1 Wireless Unit Intelligence and Intercept Operations Room bunker at Stuart
3 Fighter Sector HQ at Stuart
 5th Australian Division Headquarters Bunker
Dick Creek, Roseneath
208th Anti Aircraft Battalion Battery
(The Strand, Stanton Hill, South Townsville and Cape Cleveland)
393 HAA Gun Station Mount St. John, 16 Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery 394 HAA Gun Station Pallarenda, 16 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
395 HAA Gun Station, The Strand, 16 Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery 396 HAA Gun Station, Aitkenvale, 16 Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery 445 HAA Gun Station Nelly Bay
(Magnetic Island)
Air Raid Shelter Bank of New South Wales building corner of Flinders Street East and Wickham Street Air Raid Shelters, Flinders Street, known as "Hanlon's Hideouts" Air Raid Shelter Townsville Railway Station
Army Signals Communications Centre and "Shadow Exchange"
Stuart State School
Army Signals Communications Centre
Roseneath Bunker
Bomb Shelter, "The Rocks" Guesthouse, 20 Cleveland Terrace
Bomb Dumps on the Town Common Bundock Street Quarry Bunker Castle Hill
Church Street Underground Bunker
Church St., West End, Townsville)
Combined Operational Intelligence Centre (COIC)
Inside Castle Hill at West End, Townsville
Command Post on top of Castle Hill, Townsville
Customs House Tunnels Explosive Stores 102, 102A, 106 & 120
Garbutt Airfield, Townsville
Fort Kissing Point
Green Street Bunker
( near Sidney St., West End in Townsville)
Jimmy's Lookout Anti-aircraft Gun & Search Light Battery
Kissing Battery, at Fort Kissing Point
Koala US Ordnance Services Depot
(Stuart, Townsville)
Kurukan (Kangaroo) US Ordnance Depot
(Just north of Townsville)
(Just north of Townsville) (Just north of Townsville) (Just north of Townsville)
Machine Gun Bunkers or Range Observation Bunkers on the Town Common, Townsville
Machine Gun positions on cliff above Tobruk Baths Macrossan Underground Hospital Magnetic Island Forts
Including Magnetic Battery
(Magnetic Island)
Military Command Center
inside Castle Hill

(at Green St, West End, Townsville)
Mount Louisa
Mount Elliott Bunker?
Was there one?
(Townsville area)

Mount Stuart Bunker

Naval Magazine Brookhill  Pallarenda Battery
Possible WWII Bomb Dump, Townsville
later site of the Norline Drive-in

Queens Park Bunker

Queens Garden tunnel to Castle Hill

Ramsay Street Bunker
5th Air Force HQ
(Garbutt, Townsville)
Red Brick Tunnels in Townsville CBD Roseneath Orderly Room "Bunker"
Ross River Bunkers
On southern side of Ross River near the mouth of the river
Scully & Francis Streets
(West End, Townsville)
Was there an underground bunker here?
Semi-fortified stone buildings at West End in Townsville
Three storey underground bunker
Maria Street, Kelso, Townsville

It's still there!
"Shadow Exchange"
Stuart State School, Townsville
Stuart Creek Bunker-  Unidentified usage
Stuart, Townsville
Stanton Hill Anti-aircraft battery
Our Ladys Mount School, Townsville
Toomulla Underground Hospital, near Douglas Tunnels in Townsville
connecting Garbutt, Ramsay Street, Mount Louisa, Castle Hill, Mount Stuart, Herveys Range, etc, etc?? Did any of them exist??
Underground Complex (possibly multi-level)
on Ingham Rd, Townsville
Did it exist?

possibly between Douglas St and Ramsay St or between Ramsay St and Peel St., Garbutt
Underground Hospital
Heatley Primary School, Townsville
roof supposedly propped up with wooden beams
Was there one there - probably not.

Underground Hospital, Church Rd., Jensen near Black River
(Was there one there? - Probably not)

USAFIA Command Post
under Castle Hill Road, Castle Hill
Underground Concrete Room at Cranbrook, Townsville (approx 18 m long by 10 m wide) Yarrawonga bunker, Townsville
WW2 Bunkers in the Stuart and Roseneath areas of Townsville    


WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville


Bunkers, Tunnels, Fortifications in Australia during WW2


Proposal to relocate Area Combined HQ in Townsville
to an underground location inside Castle Hill


Utilization of semi-underground buildings as at 2 December 1943


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