EXPLOSIVE STORES 102, 102A, 106 & 120


NAA File

This poorly presented sketch shows the locations of new Explosive Stores 102 & 102A


The above plan, dated 19 June 1940, is drawn in a confusing way, which has lead to a number of military researchers including myself, believing that Explosive Stores 102 and 102A were located to the east of Garbutt Airfield close to Hugh Street. Which did not make a lot of sense as they would have been very close to public houses. The enlargement layout of the stores at the right of the sketch is actually showing an enlargement of the stores shown at the far left of the plan. See the 1944 aerial photos below


Photo 1941

The Explosive Stores can be seen along the dirt roadway running up to the north west
from Ingham Road which runs from left to right at the bottom of this 1941 photo


Photo 1941

Closeup of the above photo showing the Explosive Stores


Photo:- 24 April 1944

1944 Aerial photo showing location of the explosive stores. That is
Ingham Rd running downwards to the left and its intersection with
Duckworth St can be seen towards the bottom right of the photo.


Photo:- 24 April 1944

Closeup of the above photo showing Explosive Stores 102 and 102A
plus others. You can also see a number of aircraft revetments.



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NAA File - RAAF Station Townsville QLD, Site Plan showing position of Explosive Stores Nos. 102 & 102A


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