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The Japanese carried out three bombing raids on Townsville on the nights of 26, 28 and 29th July 1942. On 29 July 1942, Major General Ralph Royce, North East Area Commander in Townsville sent a message to the Commander General, Allied Air Forces in Brisbane with a proposal to relocate Area Combined HQ in Townsville to an underground location inside Castle Hill.


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Proposal of 29 July 1942 by Major General Ralph Royce, North East Area Commander in Townsville, to relocate ACH Townsville underground inside Castle Hill

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Major General Ralph Royce sends message on 30 July 1942 to the Air Board at Victoria Barracks in Melbourne

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2nd page of above message to Air Board

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Air Board in Melbourne replies to Major General Ralph Royce on 31 July 1942, suggesting duplicated ACH Townsville does not need to be underground.

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Reply from Lt. General George Brett, HQ Allied Air Forces suggesting that the Castle Hill proposal is preferred.

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Message dated 1 August 1942, from Major Leland O. Gee, Assistant Director of Defence at Allied Air Forces HQ in Brisbane requesting detailed description of the site and property for underground ACH Townsville inside Castle Hill. Also asks for a 2nd alternative site for ACH in an existing building.

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Message to North Eastern Area HQ from Air Board dated 8 August 1942 requesting plans of combined ACH Townsville and Fighter Sector ASAP

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Sketch of an area near West End Cemetery near Scully and Francis Streets, West End

"P/O O'Sullivan - Please make a search of titles for allotments in Portion XCVI. Wing Commander Grant wants owners names and description frantically urgently for General Royce."


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Area Combined Headquarters (ACH)

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Utilization of semi-underground buildings as at 2 December 1943


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