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Ronald Huxtable Ronald Huxtable believes that his Huxtables may have originated from Huxtable Farm.
Michael Daldry and Bruce Huxtable Michael and Bruce are researching their ancestor William Huxtable who married Catherine Francis Moyle on 12 Jan 1851. William was born at Bideford in 1821 and emigrated to Australia in 1848.
Stuart Wright Stuart Wright is researching his ancestor Henri Huxtable who married Agnes Incledon
Robyn Norris Robyn is researching Richard Huxtable who married Lya ?
Robert E. Emery and Ms. V.L. Pearce Robert and Ms. Pearce are researching William Huxtable who married Catherine Dinner? on 18 Aug 1793 at Tavistock in Devon.
James Grant James Grant is researching Philip Huxtable who married Susan ?. Their daughter Harriet was born in Brixham, Devon in 1828.
Mrs. L. Prictor Mrs. Prictor is researching John Huxtable who married Elizabeth ?. Their daughter Elizabeth was born on 16 Jan 1766 in Goodleigh, Devon.
Michael Hollway Michael Hollway is researching Sarah Huxtable who married John Hollway on 26 Sep 1810 in Chittlehampton, Devon.
Mrs. Marion Rigiar Marion is researching Ann Huxtable who married Charles Oliver Pound.
Yvonne Phillips,
Charles R. Huxtable and
Rob & Helen Rooney and Phillip Bain
Yvonne and Charles and Rob & Helen and Phillip are all researching Thomas Huxtable who married Mary ?. Their two children were born in Filleigh, Devon in 1791 and 1793.
Val Ambridge, and Sheila Shearer


Val, and Sheila are researching Anthony Huxtable who married Susannah Lavercombe in Bratton Flemming on 15 Dec 1767. See Stuart Windsor below. Anthony Huxtable is a descendant of Stuart Windsor's John Huxtable.
Stuart Windsor Stuart has a huge database of Huxtables starting with a John Huxtable born in about 1490 in the village of Charles in north Devon
David Squire David Squire is researching Edmund Huxtable who married Agnes Baker. Their son Edmund was born in Chittlehampton in about 1703.
Stanley Howard Stanley is researching John Huxtable who married Susannah ?. Their son William Huxtable was born at Swimbridge in 1783.
Alf Sclater Alf is researching Huxtables from Fremington, Instow & Newton Tracey, North Devon near Chittlehampton
Pat Petersen Pat Petersen is researching John Huxtable who married Ann Trick. John Huxtable was born in Bideford, Devon in about 1806.
Joan Sandford Joan Sandford is researching William Huxtable who married Mary Louisa/e Unknown
Mrs. K.D. Turner and Paul Stewart Huxtable Mrs. K.D. Turner and Paul Stewart Huxtable are researching Thomas Samuel Huxtable who married Jane Moore. Thomas and Jane and their young son William, came to Australia in 1857.
Joseph M.M. Huxtable Joseph Huxtable is researching William Huxtable who married Elizabeth Clarke on 19 Aug 1787 at Berrynarbor, Devon.
Mrs. C. Huxtable Mrs. C. Huxtable is researching Huxtables from the Bratton Flemming and Challacombe areas
Mr. & Mrs. C. Deves Mr. & Mrs. C. Deves are researching Huxtables from High Bray, North Molton
Dick Huxtable Dick Huxtable is researching his great grandfather, Anthony John Huxtable, who was born in 1829 in Devon.
Jonathon Huxtable Jonathon Huxtable from USA is researching emigrant John Huxtable from Devonshire. John Huxtable had a son Percy Huxtable and grandchildren Howard, John, Ralph and Helen.
Gary Standen and Peter Purdon Gary Standen and Peter Purdon are researching Hannah Huxtable, born 1830 in King's Nympton, Devon, the daughter of George Huxtable who was originally from Warkleigh, Devon.
Bill Huxtable Bill Huxtable is descended from a Frederick Archibald Huxtable whose father emigrated from England and settled in Nova Scotia.
Bob Huxtable Bob Huxtable's aunty has carried out extensive research on their Huxtable ancestors.
Kitty Cunningham Kitty Cunningham is researching James Huxtable who immigrated from England to Batavia, New York, USA in about 1835. He married Charlotte Radley from Bristol, England.
Bill Huxtable Bill Huxtable is a descendant of the Swimbridge Huxtables whose great, great grandfather was Thomas Huxtable, who with his brother James, moved from England to Eaton Co., Michigan and are recorded in the 1860 census.
LeeAnn Beer LeeAnn Beer is researching a Maria Huxtable, who was born 1842/43 in Berrynarbor, Devon, and who married William Rooks.
Vernabelle Massey Vernabelle Massey from Michigan, is researching her gg grandmother Elizabeth Huxtable born about 1803 in Barnstaple, the daughter of Anthony Huxtable.
Kathy Robinson Kathy is researching her Great Grandfather (John Perrin Huxtable who married Gertrude Isobel Horsell).
Colin Hollow Colin is married to Joy Standfield who is a descendant of William Huxtable and Catherine Moyle.
Les Mildon Les Mildon is particularly interested in John Mildon who married Mary Huxtable on 9 March 1786
Peter Hodge Peter Hodge's great-grandmother was Emma Huxtable born at Heasley Mill on 24 Jan 1843.
Steve Huxtable Steve's father was Peter James Huxtable who was born in 1926 and died in around 1965. Steve remembers his father telling him that their origins were in Barnstaple, Devon and something about the family being sent out in the first ships to Tasmania
James H. Sindberg James is researching a Luella VIVIAN (1871-1936) of Mineral Point who married a HUXTABLE about 1895 and had 4 children.
Sydney L. Huxtable Sydney Huxtable's mother, Mozell Tarrant Huxtable, has been compiling the Huxtable geneology for the last 30 years. She has charted their lineage back to John Huxtable from Devonshire.
Rich Huxtable Rich Huxtable's ancestors settled in the Mineral Point, WI area when they came to America.
Paul Wonnacott Paul noted that a Dorothy Huxtable married a Roger Wonnacott at Bideford in Devon 23rd Feb 1762 in some info in my Huxtable Home Page. Paul is studying the Wonnacott Family name.
Chris Tossell Chris Tossell is researching Jane HUXTABLE who married Michael TOSSELL on the 28 January 1813 at Landkey, Devon.
Shirley Turner I think Shirley is researching a Huxtable that went to Australia from Exeter Devon?
John Tippin John is researching Henry Huxtable who was born in Devon in about 1858/9. Henry Huxtable married Elizabeth ?. Henry's parents are believed to be George Huxtable and Jane Barry.
Kevin Huxtable Kevin is researching John HUXTABLE born in DODBROOKE, Devon in 1809. He was convicted in Devon Assizes on 29 March 1843 and transported to Tasmania ( Van Diemans Land) on 22 October 1844 on vessel Sir George Seymour.
G Thomas Ruebel Tom's great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth Huxtable (12 May 1863 - 20 Jan 1959) was born in North Molton, Devon, and died in Iowa, USA. He believes her lineage can be traced back to William Huxtable (about 1600) married to Agnes Wallonda.
Pat Brady Pat has a connection with a Huxtable who came to Australia to visit his sister in-law. He married Selina Hymus in Melbourne 23 May 1907. He died in 1913 at Woodman's Point (near Rockingham) after being thrown from a Horse & cart with which he had been collecting supplies from Fremantle.
Murray Walker Murray visited my Huxtable home page and spotted an Evelyn Huxtable b. abt 1904 d. abt Apr 1973 married unknown Yandle born abt 1878 d Apr  1972 son Robert Yandle married Virginia *Unknown. Murray has done a lot of research on the Yandle Family.
Rosemary Murray
(nee Doidge)
Rosemary's great grandfather was a Doidge from Somerset and the Huxtable side was his wife; her great grandmama, her name was Mary Ann Locke and her father was Daniel Locke son of Grace Locke (nee Huxtable) of North Molton.
Ferne Leslie Ferne's GG Grandfather was GEORGE HUXTABLE born 1788 near Barnstable, Devonshire. He married Emma Amy Rottenberry in 1815. They must have emigrated to IL. George was buried at Hardscrable Cemetery, north of Tremont, IL in 1852. They had eight children.
Robyn Down Robyn Down is tracing the DOWN family from Chittlehampton, Swimbridge, South Molton, Witheridge & possible Frithlestock areas of Devon. Robyn has a William Down b. October 1805 Swimbridge married LANDKEY 26/7/1827 to RACHEL HUXTABLE.


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