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I received the following e-mail from Syd Huxtable on 31 October 1997:-

Date: 31 October 1997
Subject: Huxtable Family

My name is Sydney L. Huxtable ( My mother, Mozell Tarrant Huxtable, has been compiling the Huxtable geneology for the last 30 years. I have just started to convert her material to Word documents and plan to convert to HTML format for the future.

She has charted my lineage back to John Huxtable from Devonshire and possibly further (I don't have everything she has documented).

I think she has written to you in the past.

Syd Huxtable




I received the following e-mail from Syd Huxtable on 9 November 1997:-

Date: 01 Nov 97
Subj: Huxtable Family


Yes, I am in the USA. Born in Lansing, Michigan Aug 6, 1948, but currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. My name is Sydney Leon Huxtable. My father's name is Leon Clayton Huxtable (born 1920) and my mother's maiden name is Minnie Mozell Tarrant, goes by Mozell. My grandfather's name was Fredrick Thomas Huxtable (born 1891). His Father's name was Thomas Huxtable. I'll write you again from home, I don't have the material here.

I spoke to my mother yesterday, she knows who you are and has some of your materials, but she has never written to you.

I'll look into Brother's Keeper, but am considering a combination of ACCESS database and FrontPage HTML, because I have lots of pictures and stories that I want to integrate into one presentation of the material.



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