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Date:           Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:26:50 +1000
From:          "Robyn Down" <>

Hi Peter,

My Name is Robyn Down from Portland Victoria Australia. I found your Home Page on the internet while trying to find information on Devon.

I am tracing the DOWN family from Chittlehampton, Swimbridge, South Molton, Witheridge & possible Frithlestock areas.

On my Unconfirmed family Tree line I have a William Down b. October 1805 Swimbridge married LANDKEY 26/7/1827 RACHEL HUXTABLE Issue of this marriage all born Swimbridge:- William 1825, Mary 1829, Susanna 1832, Thomas 1836, John 1842, Edmund 1847.

1851 Census 1892/11/14 Swimbridge Swymbridge Village
DOWN Rachael, head widow 51 pauper a+, born Dev Swymbridge
John, son 8 born DEV Swymbridge
Edmund, son 4 born DEV Swymbridge
HOLLAND Betty, lodg wid 64 pauper late a+ born DEV Bps Tawton
Elizabeth, lodg unm 22 lace mender, born DEV Swymbridge

I also have another DOWN line of which I can find no connection to date is that of SAMUEL DOWN Born April 1821 Chumleigh? Devon Married 13/3/1848 Weslyan Chapel Mint Lan Exeter to JANE DUNN BORN Exeter Devon circa 1822 to William DUNN and Elizabeth Passmore.

I don't know if this is of any use to you but could be a connection.

My eldest son Bradley is at the moment working in London and has just spent a couple of weeks in Devon, he visited Chittlehampton in particular St Hirerthas Church he checked the grave stones not one DOWN but lots of HUXTABLES, SKINNERS and SAUNDERS.

If you have any information or hints on how I can obtain burial records for the areas mentioned above, I would be very grateful.

Also if you have any records of any DOWN families from those areas.



My direct Line is HENRY DOWN Born 1/2/1835 Chittlehampton to John Down and Elizabeth Symonds (John & Elizabeth(Betty) were married 25/10/1832 Chittlehampton.

John Down born 8/7/1813 to John Down and Joan/Jane Unknown Swimbridge Elizabeth(Betty) Symonds born 13/12/1812 to John Symonds and Ann Gulley/Gully

Yours sincerely
Robyn Down



Subject:    William Down & Rachael Huxtable
Date:            Thu, 23 Apr 1998 23:09:31 +1000
From:          "Robyn Down" <>

Hi Peter

Thank you for your reply I have not heard of or had correspondence with Dorothy Jamieson, but if your information is correct it may help with a family story that has been handed down that My Henry had a nephew or cousin or some relation that arrived here at some stage, but as yet have not been able to find any connections. This may be it!!

Do you have any info on the Son in law as in Surname?? that I may be able to check.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Robyn Down



Date:            Mon, 27 Apr 1998 08:42:58 +1000
From:          "Robyn Down" <>

Hi Peter

I rang Dorothy Jamieson last night, unfortunately she was not able to help me.

I also checked for the arrival of the Empress 1865 but was unable to find it in the short time I had. If you have anything on the Empress (i.e. where it arrived) so that I could check the passengers for names that might ring some bells.

I have checked for a death in N.S.W. & Victoria for Rachael Down nee Huxtable but did not come up with anything. She may have remarried as according to the 1851 census Rachael was a widow aged 51 with 2 boys at home John aged 8 and Edmund aged 4, so the possibility of her coming here in 1865 adds up.

I also checked Devon for a birth for Rachael and came up with 3 possibles, the most likely being Rachael Huxtable Born/Baptised 27/12/1804 Chittlehampton to Edmund Huxtable and Mary. Edmund Huxtable Married 26/12/1802 Chittlehampton Mary Smith.

Other possible being:- Rachael Huxtable Born/Baptised 22/2/1801Chittlehampton to William Huxtable and Eliz.(William Huxtable married Berrynabour 19/8/1787 Eliz Clarke) Rachael Huxtable Born/Baptised 8/6/1778 Chittlehampton to Edmund Huxtable and Rachael (Edmund Huxtable married 29/4/1767 Chittlehampton Rachael Scutt) (Edmund Huxtable married 23/3/1778 Chittlehampton Rachael Shute) But this Rachael is more likely to be the one that Married Chittlehampton 20/8/1795 to John Manning.

Robyn Down.



Subject:   HUXTABLE
Date:           Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:02:49 +1100
From:          "Robyn Down" <>

Hi Peter,

Its been awhile since I have sent you an email, hows your research going?

The reason I am writing, I thought you may be interested in a photo that I have. My eldest son Brad has been living in London for the past 2 years, and of course I made him make the trip to Chittlehampton and take some photos. Unfortunately he was unable to find any headstones that had the name DOWN on them, but did come back with one of HUXTABLE, as he remembered the name having some connection to the DOWN family.

It reads:- "Sacred to the memory of John Huxtable of this Village Who was called from this transitory life the 24th day of Sept??? 1835?? could be 1885 aged 78 years.

If you would like me to send a copy, let me know, I have a scanner so can send it via email. Not sure how it will copy though, had to use a magnifying glass to make out the writing.

I also have photos of the St Hirerthas Church and grave yard at Chittlehampton and the church at Swimbridge.

Robyn Down


All from Devon:- Witheridge, South Molton Swimbridge, Chittlehampton.

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