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Subject:     Huxtable genealogy
Date:              Thu, 04 Nov 1999 12:26:48 -0800
From:            G Thomas Ruebel <>

Greetings from Seattle.

I am a Huxtable descendent who only today discovered the Huxtable pages on Cyndi's List.

My great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth Huxtable (12 May 1863 - 20 Jan 1959) was born in North Molton, Devon, and died in Iowa, USA. Although not yet proven conclusively, I believe her lineage can be traced back to William Huxtable (about 1600) married to Agnes Wallonda. I have her descendent tree, but am still seeking information about her parents (possibly died in Illinois) and siblings.

I have been unable to download the Gedcom file - is it still available?

I look forward to hearing from you.

G Thomas Ruebel
2208 Bigelow Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109 USA


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Subject:     Re: Huxtable genealogy
Date:              Mon, 08 Nov 1999 09:18:26 -0800
From:            "G. Thomas Ruebel" <>

Fantastic! At first glance, your tree matches what I have constructed back to Thomas H and Elizabeth Delbridge, and probably many generations further. I will check further tonight.

In the Devon records office in Axminster I found a published article on the early Huxtables in Devon. If you have not seen it, I could mail or fax a copy to you. I don't have the exact name here at work.

Thanks again.

Tom Ruebel


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Subject:   Huxtable
Date:           Tue, 9 Nov 1999 06:33:38 -0800
From:          "G Thomas Ruebel" <>
To:               "Alexander A. Dunn" <>, "Dunn, Peter" <>

Yes, the tree back to William (m. Agnes Wallonde) seems to match exactly to mine.

The article appears to be a chapter or segment " 84. Huxtable of Swincombe" in "Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries" The original photocopy was in a folder of Huxtable research in the records office, and did not reflect the date of publication. Only after I had left Barnstaple did I recognize the connection. The article describes the lineage from William six more generations to the five sons of Anthony (1740) and Susanna. Only two sons are named (Richard and William).

>From the North Molton parish records and the IGI, I was able to reconstruct backwards from my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Huxtable (b 1863, daughter of Thomas J and Elizabeth Delbridge) to Anthony Huxtable christened 12 Jan 1739 - son of Anthony and Elizabeth) and Susanna Lavercombe (married 15 Dec 1767). In addition, there is a memorial stone in the floor of the North Molton church for Anthony Huxtable (died 12 Apr 1857 - age 85) and wife Mary (died 15 June 1850 - age 75.)

I have tentatively assumed the connection of these two lines is correct. I am glad to see that your record matches.

The photocopy is four pages, or two double-sided. I could also send the descendents of Mary Elizabeth on a GEDcom file if it is of interest to you.


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