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Mr. Charles R. Huxtable,
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Rob and Helen Rooney,
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Phillip Bain
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I received the following e-mail from Rob and Helen Rooney on 27 October 1997:-

From: "CEI Rob & Helen Rooney"

Subject: Re: Huxtable

Thankyou so much! It was great to receive so much information. I thought I would let you know our relationship, though it is a little bit removed

Rev. Isaac Rooney (ggfather) had 3 wives. Until recently, no-one knew what his first wifes name was and everybody thought she was the eldest daughter of the Rev. G Smales. I checked the Tasmanian records which were recently available in our local LDS Family History Centre and it was recorded that Isaac Rooney married Hannah Mary Smithies in Tasmania. The curious thing is that they always had the right marriage date and place, just the wrong person. I checked the State library for material on Tasmania and came across by chance the book about Fred Smithies OBE. Inside was contained a family tree giving a brief outline of his lineage and some historical notes on his family which were very useful. I was particularly pleased to have some photos of some of the Smithies family. I thought there MUST be something about LT Collins at the very least but it is great to get some info on the Huxtable family. I couldn't resist following this line further as I thought it wouldn't be too hard, seeing as they were all people of "substance". Is the material you mentioned from Fred Smithies published or available? I would be interested to look more closely at it. I have found his grandfather and family (John Smithies) in the records of WA and TAS (pioneer fiche and biographical indices). Let me know if I can help you with anything else here in SA.

Thankyou again,

Rob & Helen Rooney


Date: 28 Oct 97
From: Phillip Bain (
Subject: Huxtables in Devon

Dear Peter,

I noticed your entry in the Devon Surnames list. Whilst I am not all that well advanced in my research I have been attempting to pin down the family of my GGGrandmother Sophia Sarah Jones Huxtable (b 1818) from Barnstaple. I believe her to be the daughter of Richard and Joanna Huxtable. She married my GGG Grandfather Arthur Thomas Collett in 1845 at Launceston.

She was one of a number who emigrated to Tasmania in the 1830's. In fact the Huxtables are well represented on the lists of early pioneers and were most probably all members of the same extended family from Devon. Perhaps your Huxtable connection comes via Tasmania?

If this is of any interest to you please get back to me.

Regards Phillip Bain



Date: 31 Octopber 97
From: Phillip Bain (
Subject: Re: Huxtables


Well that is amazing.

Yes there can be no doubt about it. SSJ Huxtable, my GG Grandmother is the same one as appears in your list.

Thank you for all that information... I will digest it properly after my University exam next Monday.

Sophia Sarah Jones Huxtable was the second wife of Arthur Thomas Collett, b. 1811 probably in Bath, Somerset.

I have been attempting to pin down the details of Arthur and had not expected to find much out about SSJ for a while. The Collett family has been the subject of quite extensive genealogical research and in fact I have been planning to meet with a Margaret Chadd who has just completed a second book on the subject. She will be coming over from Suffolk in a couple of weeks. Her volumes are sizeable compilations of all the research into the various branches of the family by descendants from all over the world.

Unfortunately I have not yet identified AT Collett's family but expect to do so when I have finished the work on my Masters, hopefully in a few weeks.

Here is what I know:-

AT Collett was Tasmania's Coroner and a magistrate. He was a gentleman of some substance who arrived in Hobart, I believe in Feb 1837 on board the Royal George with his new wife Sarah (m 6-9-36 in St Botolphs Aldergate London). They subsequently had four children, two of whom died as infants and the other two I know nothing about, beyond their names and birthdates. The last one, which apparently precipitated Sarah's death was born at Evandale on 18-6-42. She died on the 29th of June. AT remarried to SSJ Huxtable on 27-6-1845. Her birthdate was indeed 1818 and I believe that she died at Oatlands Tas on the 6-5-1877. I suppose that it is reasonable to assume that AT and WJ Huxtable would have been professional colleagues. I note that AT and his family moved to Evandale in about 1841 or 2 which must also have made them acquaintances of the Huxtables.

According to their marriage certificate for June 27 the witnesses were W J Huxtable, Ann P Collett (his surviving daughter who died within a year) and CM Huxtable. Because they send you a re worked version of the document rather than a copy I cannot be sure whether this is meant to be CH.

My cousin Barry Collett, a historian at Melbourne University may disagree about her having died in Tasmania. Barry believes that they returned to England in 1853 where he died in 1862 from a stroke when he fell from his horse on the highway outside Bath. He was apparently having a stroke and a passer by gave him brandy which is supposed to be exactly the wrong thing. I suspect that she and most of the children returned to Tasmania after his death. I have no records of this but my own GGrandfather Robert was born in Berkshire but married in Tas in 1881.

The names of some of the children are also a confirmation of a connection. The eldest is Theodore Bartley born at Evandale, followed by Thomas, Edward, Ann Margaret Anne, Paul, George, Emily, Alfred and Robert my G Grandfather (not in that order).

By my count they had ten children some of whom may have stayed in England, one who went to NZ and the rest dispersed around Tasmania and Victoria.

My maternal grandfather, Frederick Collett was one of eleven. The eldest was Mary Sophia; there was also an Emily and a Charles... They were a very religious family, Weslyan I think ...and in fact it was an apparently savage and defamatory polemic on some issue of divinity against the leaders of the local Methodist Church ( my cousin has read the book in the British Museum) which made it necessary for the family to quickly leave Tasmania.

He was described as 'peppery' in his obituary in the Times.

Barry has a photograph of SSJ and one of "Aunt Stewart" , Emily. I saw these photos when I was staying at his house in Reading.

Do you know of any pictures of these early Huxtables?

Do you know why they persistently used "Jones" in the names? Given that they all seemed to have had a Somerset connection I wonder whether the families knew each other prior to their departure for Van Diemans Land. Barry believes that the Colletts headed out partly in response to a Somerset friend (whose name escapes me at the moment) who was the famous protector of aborigines pictured in an equally famous painting in the National Gallery in Canberra.

Which one of the Huxtables are you connected to?

I hope that more will be revealed when I get time to delve a little more.

Thanks again,

Regards Phillip Bain




Date: 8 November 1997
From: Phillip Bain (
Subject: SSJ Huxtable


Just to follow up on the names of the children of Sophia Sarah Jones Huxtable (b. 1818, d. 6-5-1877 Oatlands Tas) and Arthur Thomas Collett (b. 1811 Bath Somerset d. 1862 Somerset) which I promised last week. Just to recap, they were married at the Evandale Church in the District of Launceston Tas on June 27 1845. A.T. Collett was a Magistrate and Coroner who had lost his first wife Sarah Lowe on June 29 1842. They had had four children, Arthur Thomas Henry (b. 29-10-37 he was I believe later Postmaster at the Sydney GPO), Ann Phenicia (b. 21-10 38, d. 28-7-39) William Pountney (b. 7-7-40) and Frederick (b. 18-6-42 at Evandale). I don't know yet what became each of surviving three but I have a note which says that two step sons lived with the family but I don't know which two they were.

Most importantly, the children of A.T. Collett and S.S.J. Huxtable (daughter of William) were as follows:-

Theodore Bartley (christened 1850, d. 7-7-1899 at Mersey Tas),

Thomas (b? d. 21-9-75 at Longford Tas?) m Gertrude Baulich (he was an auctioneer in Tas),

Edward (b. 2-2-52 at Evandale, d. 9-3-54 at Monven)

Ann (b. 2-7-58),

Margaret (Maggie) Anne ? m Conolace,


George (christened 21-5-54),

Emily (christened 24-5-54, d. 21-3-92) m Chas Thomas Smith,

Alfred (b. 1860 d 1874) and

Robert, my Great Grandfather (b. 24-1-57, d 1939 Prahran Vic) m. Margaret Anne White.

My gggrandfather Robert was born in Berkshire as were Margaret, Paul, Ann and Alfred (I think).

I am sorry that I have no further detail but I have only just begun to explore this branch of the family.

I will provide any further information when I have it.


Phillip Bain



24 Oct 1997              Family Group Sheet
Husband: William Huxtable   died at age: 87 
    Born: 13 Feb 1791     in: Filleigh, Devon, England                  
    Died: 18 Sep 1878     in: Evandale, Tasmania, Australia             
  Buried:                 in: Evendale, Tasmania, Australia             
     Ref:                     Occupation: Medical Doctor              
Father: Thomas Huxtable 
Mother: Mary *Unknown 
Dr. William Huxtable, came to Australia in about 1874 with his grandson Dr.
William Stewart, (N.R.C.S.) newly graduated son of Dr. William Robert Stewart.
He lived at Evendale with his daughter and son-in-law until he died on 18 Sep
1878, aged 87 years. He was also buried in the Presbyterian churchyard at

Also being researched by Rob and Helen Rooney (
Wife: Ann Hicks   died at age: 38 
Married: 10 Jul 1813     in: St. Pauls, Bristol, England 
    Born: 29 Dec 1789     in: St. Paul's Bristol, England               
    Died: 20 Sep 1828     in:                                           
  Buried: 20 Sep 1828     in:                                           
Father: Peter Hicks #4249
Mother: Ann *Unknown #4250
Ann Hicks came from St. Paul's Parish, Bristol, England. Another researcher
had her surname as Nicks.
F Child 1  Mary Ann Huxtable  
Born:     10 Apr 1814     in: Williton, St. Durmans, Somerset, England  
Died:                     in:                                           
M Child 2  William Jones Huxtable   died at age: 46 
Born:     08 Sep 1815     in: Williton, St. Durmans, Somerset, England  
Died:     24 Jul 1862     in: Evendale, Tasmania, Australia             
Spouse:   Mary Ann Collins #4563
Married:  07 Dec 1841     in:                                           
Dr. William Jones HUXTABLE, who was born at Williton, Somerset, England, 
on 8 Sep 1815, a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, arrived 
at Launceston, Van Diemans Land, in the ship "Madras" from Hobart on 
17 December 1840. He started to practice at Evendale in 1841, and was 
married by the Rev. Robert Russell to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. 
George Collins of Evandale on 7 Dec 1841.

In Oct 1849, as recorded in the Colonial Times of the 19th of that month, 
he acquired from Dr. Lloyd of Hobart, Proprietorship of the "Medical 
Dispensary" at No. 4 Elizabeth St., Hobart. He announced that he Personally
would attend for consulation from 2 to 3 p.m., and from 7 to 9 p.m. He also 
acquired premises in Liverpool Street.

In 1851 Dr. Huxtable published a medical handbook, "The Domestic Medical
Friend, or a brief and familiar description of the symptoms and treatment 
of the most Prevailing diseases in the climate of Van Diemans Land. With a 
full description of suitable and proper medicines which are necessary to be 
kept on hand for their use and relief; principally intended for the use of 
persons residing in the country, remote from medical assistance." "By W.J. 
HUXTABLE, surgeon of the R.C.S. (who was for many years Practising in the 
country district of the Colony). Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
and Licentiate of the Apoghecairies Company, London."

Reviewing the handbook in its issue of 5th Nov 1851, the "Hobart Town
Guardian" commented "This little book will be of most useful assistance to
those residing in the interior who have not the means of calling in a 
medical gentleman at a moments notice. The price is only one shilling, so 
that the humbler class may be enabled to possess a copy."

No copy of this handbook is known to exist, and would be a collector's 
piece if one could be found.

In 1855 Dr. Huxtable returned to Evandale to succeed Dr. J.R. Jenworthy as
medical officer for that centre. He remained at Evandale until his death on 
24 July 1862, at the age of 47. His Practice then was taken by his
brother-in-law, Dr. William Robert Stewart. Dr. Huxtable's wife, Mary Ann,
died on 20 April 1878. Both are buried in the Presbyterian churchyard at

The Huxtable's home at Evedale, "Brier Lane Cottage", was built by Mr. 
George Collins, and presented to his daughter as a wedding present on the 
occasion of her marriage to Dr. Huxtable. It still is very well preserved, 
and, until quite recent years was in possession of members of the family.

The details on the descendants of William Jones Huxtable are based on info
compiled by F. Smithies in July 1966. F. Smithies died in 1979. William Jones
Huxtable was born at 4 a.m. A lot of the detail on William Jones Huxtable's
descendants is based on info from a Huxtable Family Bible in the possession of
Karl von Steiglitz of Evendale until 1966. It is now believed to be in the
possession of his daughter Florence also of Evendale.

The Family of Dr. William Jones HUXTABLE, compiled by F. Smithies, in July
1966 (F. Smithies died in 1979). "I have no records: all family papers were
lost when out home was destroyed by fire when I was a child. The list is
complete, but I am not quite sure of the order of their births. The females
are in correct order, but I never knew the three male members. They, no doubt,
would be spread out somewhere along the line."
M Child 3  Henry Huxtable  
Born:     08 Feb 1817     in: Williton, Somerset, England               
Died:                     in:                                           
F Child 4  Sophia Sarah Jones Huxtable  
Born:     06 Jul 1818     in: Stokes Croft, St. Pauls Parish, Bristol   
Died:                     in:                                           
She was born at 12 noon.
M Child 5  Frederick Huxtable   died at age: 1 
Born:     25 Aug 1818     in: Redcliff Hills, St. Mary, Bristol, Eng.   
Died:     10 Oct 1819     in:                                           
He lived for only 16 days.
M Child 6  Charles Henry Huxtable   
Born:     19 Oct 1820     in: Redcliff Hills, Bristol, England          
Died:     abt 1907        in:                                           
He migrated to Hobart, Tasmania on 30 Sep 1843.
F Child 7  Emily Ann Huxtable   died at age: 50 
Born:     07 Jun 1823     in: Bristol, England                          
Died:     23 Apr 1874     in: Evandale, Tasmania                        
Spouse:   William Robert Stewart #1620
Married:                  in:                                           
M Child 8  Frederick Huxtable   
Born:     15 Feb 1823     in: Redcliff Hills, Bristol, England          
Died:                     in:                                           
M Child 9  John Alfred Huxtable   
Born:     abt Sep 1827    in: Hackney, London, England                  
Died:     abt 1916        in: Dunedin?, New Zealand                     
Spouse:   Mary Giblin #9700
Married:                  in:                                           
Spouse:   *Unknown Murray 
Married:                  in:                                           
The following Obituary Notice appeared in a Dunedin, New Zealand newspaper.
The details were provided by Mr. Charles R. Huxtable of 9410 Friendly Woods
Lane, Whittier, CA 90605, USA.

PERSONAL - Mr. John Alfred Huxtable, who died on Monday in his 89th year, will
be well remembered in and about Roslyn, also in Tasmania and Australia, for he
had led a romantic life, and was connected with many early-days enterprises.
He was born at Hackney (London), the son of Dr. William Huxtable. When quite a
young man he went out to Tasmania and set up as a bookseller and stationer in
Launceston. Subsequently he invested in a steamer known as the Wooden
Tasmania, which was put on the run from Hobart to Melbourne. She paid for
herself in two trips, but then broke down internally, and after being
re-engined, was sold to go to Ireland. In Tasmania Mr. Huxtable married twice.
His first wife was Miss Mary Giblin, sister of the Judge of that name. There
were no children of that marriage. Mrs. Huxtable died three or four years
after her wedding. Then the widower took to wife one of his first wife's
personal friends -- a lady who, as Miss Murray, had married to Mr. Henry
Metcalfe, whom she survived. The second Mrs. Huxtable lived until about three
years ago. She and her husband, each twice married, celebrated their diamond
wedding in 1912. From Tasmania Mr. Huxtable went to Australia. He there
speculated in property, and built the Union Bank and other premises at
Ballarat. Another of his enterprises was to introduce aerated bread into
Sydney. Then he had to do with machinery for the rice trade in India. That he
held the respect of business men is shown by the fact that he was chosen to go
to England to manage the Australian Tinned Meat Company. He came out to Otago
many years ago, and was variously employed in Dunedin until he grew old. There
are two sons -- Mr. A M. Huxtable, of Dunedin, and Mr. H. J. Huxtable, now in
Wife: Elizabeth Gamble  
Married:                 in:                                           
    Born:                 in:                                           
    Died:                 in:                                           
Father: John Gamble 
Mother: Elizabeth *Unknown 
F Child 1  Elizabeth Helen Huxtable  
Born:     11 Jun 1836     in:                                           
Died:                     in:                                           

DESCENDANTS OF: Thomas Huxtable

* Thomas Huxtable ( ) -d. 05 Sep 1828 m. Mary *Unknown d. 28 Jun 1829
. * William Huxtable b. 13 Feb 1791 d. 18 Sep 1878 m. 10 Jul 1813 Ann Hicks b. 29 Dec 1789 d. 20 Sep 1828
. . m. Elizabeth Gamble
. . * Mary Ann Huxtable b. 10 Apr 1814
. . * William Jones Huxtable b. 08 Sep 1815 d. 24 Jul 1862 m. 07 Dec 1841 Mary Ann Collins
. . . * Mary Ann Huxtable m. Thomas Hogg
. . . * Sophia Huxtable
. . . * Ellen Huxtable m. 10 Mar 1881 James H. Henry
. . . . * Ellen Henry
. . . . * Marve Henry
. . . . * Sophia (Sophie) Henry
. . . . * Carla (Lossie) Henry
. . . * Selina Huxtable m. abt 1872/73 Wesley Witt Smithies
. . . . * William Wesley Smithies b. 10 Aug 1874
. . . . * Ethel Smithies b. 16 Nov 1875
. . . . * Edith Smithies b. 22 Apr 1877
. . . . * John Smithies b. 21 Sep 1879
. . . . * Arthur Smithies
. . . . * Frederick Smithies b. 16 Aug 1885 d. abt 1979
. . . . * Emily Smithies b. 07 Aug 1888
. . . * Emily Huxtable
. . . * Maud Huxtable m. John Whitelaw
. . . * Isobel Jones Huxtable
. . . * Arthur Huxtable
. . . * George Huxtable m. Deborah *Unknown
. . . * Albert Henry Huxtable
. . * Henry Huxtable b. 08 Feb 1817
. . * Sophia Sarah Jones Huxtable b. 06 Jul 1818
. . * Frederick Huxtable b. 25 Aug 1818 d. 10 Oct 1819
. . * Charles Henry Huxtable b. 19 Oct 1820 d. abt 1907
. . . * Louis Robertson Huxtable b. abt 1855 d. abt 1895
. . . . * Charles Huxtable b. abt 1891 d. abt 1980
. . . . . * Samuel Huxtable
. . * Emily Ann Huxtable b. 07 Jun 1823 d. 23 Apr 1874 m. William Robert Stewart b. 23 Sep 1828 d. 23 Apr 1874
. . . * William Stewart
. . . * Emily Ann Stewart b. 28 Dec 1850 d. 23 Nov 1919 m. 16 Jul 1882 Arthur Thomas Bartley b. 14 Oct 1835 d. 08 Nov 1895
. . . . * Constance Emily Bartley b. 22 Jul 1885 d. 09 Sep 1972 m. 26 Jul 1917 Edward Vickers b. 11 Aug 1895 d. 26 Aug 1983
. . . . . * Yvonne Anne Vickers b. 20 Aug 1921 m. 14 May 1949 Jack Phillips b. 05 Jan 1924
. . * Frederick Huxtable b. 15 Feb 1823
. . * John Alfred Huxtable b. abt Sep 1827 d. abt 1916 m. Mary Giblin
. . . m. *Unknown Murray
. . . * A.M. Huxtable
. . . * H.J. Huxtable
. . * Elizabeth Helen Huxtable b. 11 Jun 1836
. * Sarah Huxtable b. abt 1793


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