I received the following e-mail from Steve Huxtable on 29 October 1997:-

Date: 28 Oct 1997
From: Steve Huxtable (
Subject: Huxtable research

Hi Peter

I never really looked into where we came from.

The furtherest i can go back is to my father, who was born in 1926 and killed in around 1965. Peter James Huxtable.

I don't know his father as he was killed very early an i think there was maybe a divorce or something. I will follow up with his brother who may be able to give me some more information.

I remember my father telling me that our origins were in Barnstaple and something about my family being sent out in the first ships to Tasmania which is where the current family originated.

Dad's family lived around Hobart and his sister and brother are still alive and well. His mother died several years ago.

There was a George Huxtable who was my grandfather's brother. After reading your research I might do a little research of my own.


Steve Huxtable


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