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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997
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Enjoyed what I have seen so far. Couldn't find any connections.

My great Grandfather is as far back as I can go. His name was Anthony John Huxtable, born in Devonshire in 1829. Had 11 children one of whom was my granfather (James Leslie Huxtable) Born 12 Sep 1871, in Mineral Point Wi. Had 4 children one being my father (Spencer Huxtable) born 7 Oct 1897 in Mineral Point. Probably not much help . But maybe it can be of some use.

Dick Huxtable,
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I spotted the following e-mail in alt.genealogy on 29 October 1997:-

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Date: 27 Oct 97
To: All Mark:
Subj: Searching VIVIAN, HUXTABEL, FENLEY, CARLIN of Wisconsin, USA

Searching the VIVIAN's of Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin, USA. I have some info on four familys that came from Cornwall, England. Below is just a small branch of one of the trees, my tree. I have Luella VIVIAN's family back several generations to the miners who came from Cornwall, England. She was my Mother's aunt.

Luella VIVIAN (1871-1936) of Mineral Point married a HUXTABLE about 1895 and had 4 children:

Russel 1895-1966, died in Chicago, IL.
Spencer 1898-1954.
Verda Arminta, 1899-?, married J H FENLEY, see below.
Gladys 1901?-?, married Robert ROGERS.

Verda Arminta HUXTABLE married James Halvor FENLEY in 1921.

They had 6 children:

James Andrew 1922-45.
Margaret Jane 1923-?, married John Micheal jr. CARLIN in
1943 and had 4 children.
Kenneth Lloyd, 1925-?.
Robert Vivian, 1927-?.
Verda Maria, 1932-?.
Dale Lee, 1934-?, married Janet Lee EDGE.

The above records are very skimpy. While I have many dates, I do not have places to match. I assume these families have lived in the Southern Wisconsin area, but except for Luella, I don't know for sure.

Desire more info on my ancestors and relatives. Any help would be appreciated including help locating info online.


James H. Sindberg




Date: 3 November 1997
Subject: Re: Searching VIVIAN, HUXTABEL, FENLEY, CARLIN of Wisconsin, USA

Hello (Hej in Denmark) Peter and Dick,

I'm an American living in Denmark. I am related by marriage to your Huxtable family thru Luella Vivian, the wife of James Leslie Huxtable. I have her ancestors back to Camborne, Cornwall, England and to about 1755.

I wish to make my Vivian family tree more bushy. So any info on Vivians from Mineral Point area may be helpful and will be greatly appreciated. Also I need info on how to better find family info of my Wisconsin ancestors, both Vivians and Sindbergs. It is difficult from Denmark.

Thanks to you, Peter for sending me that email,

Jim Sindberg
Skovparken 121, 2th
6000 Kolding, Denmark



Descendants of: Anthony John Huxtable

1 Anthony John Huxtable b. abt 1829 
  m. Mary Jane Jacka b. 16 Jul 1838 d. 18 Jan 1917 
   2 Thomas Jacka Huxtable b. 16 Aug 1856 
   2 John Anthony Huxtable b. 27 Jan 1858 
   2 Mary Jane Huxtable b. abt 1860 
   2 William Winfield Huxtable b. 12 Oct 1861 
   2 Elias E. Huxtable b. 21 May 1865 
   2 George Simpson Huxtable b. abt 1867 
   2 Emma Huxtable b. abt 1869 
   2 James Leslie Huxtable b. 12 Sep 1871 
     m. abt 1895 Luella Vivian b. abt 1871 d. abt 1936 
      3 Russell Leslie Huxtable b. 15 Apr 1895 d. abt 1966 
      3 Spencer D. Huxtable b. 7 Oct 1897 d. abt 1954 
         4 Richard (Dick) Huxtable 
      3 Verda Arminta Huxtable b. 4 Jan 1899 
        m. abt 1921 James Halvor Fenley 
         4 James Andrew Fenley b. abt 1922 d. abt 1945 
         4 Margaret Jane Fenley b. abt 1923 
           m. abt 1943 John Michael Jr. Carlin 
         4 Kenneth Lloyd Fenley b. abt 1925 
         4 Robert Vivian Fenley b. abt 1927 
         4 Verda Maria Fenley b. abt 1932 
         4 Dale Lee Fenley b. abt 1934 
           m. Janet Lee Edge 
      3 Gladys Luella Huxtable b. 30 Sep 1900 
        m. Robert Rogers 
   2 Nellie Huxtable b. abt 1875 
   2 Elbert Perry Huxtable b. 19 Feb 1878 
   2 Martha E. Huxtable b. 22 May 1880 


Can anyone help me with more information?


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I need your help


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