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Subject:    Huxtable.
Date:             Sun, 3 Sep 2000 16:58:47 +1100
From:           "ROSEMARY MURRAY" <>


I may have information you are seeking on the Huxtable family if it is the ones in North Molton I have access to christening and birth dates in the family bible circa1790 this belonged to my great great grandfather when he came to Australia and was given to him on his departure. Write to me if I can help with this information.


Rosemary Murray



Subject:   Huxtable.
Date:           Sat, 9 Sep 2000 01:32:16 +1100
From:          "ROSEMARY MURRAY" <>

Hello again,

My great grandfather was a Doidge from Somerset and the Huxtable side was his wife; my great grandmama, her name was Mary Ann Locke and her father was Daniel Locke son of Grace Locke (nee Huxtable) of North Molton. His father died before he was born and he lived with her and her new husband until he was 27 then he came to Australia and settled in Melbourne in 1853. The bible he brought was the Huxtable family bible.

Because the entries are so old it should enable descendants to go back quite a way, anyhow here goes:

Susana Huxtable Born Sept 20 1790 Bapt Oct 9th 1790
Eliz Huxtable Born July 21 Bapt Aug 4th 1793
Mary Huxtable Born December 18th 1795 Bapt Jan 11th 1796
Sara Huxtable Born June 26th Bapt July 15th 1798
Ann Huxtable Born Aug 4th Bapt Aug 30th 1801
Grace Huxtable Born April 7th Bapt April 29th 1804
William Huxtable Born April 6th Bapt May 4th 1807
John Huxtable Born Feb 14th Bapt May 1810

Then later entries -

Ann Huxtable daughter of Mary Huxtable Born October Baptized April 18 1818
Father John (presumably father) Huxtable died April 1843.

In my research the mum & dad were John & Mary Huxtable nee Bray? according to the Familysearch data;and John & Mary are mentioned beside phrases throughout the bible.

Also something of interest to any Blackler's out there, Grace remarried to James Blacker and had at least three other little tots by 1851 census.

The book at one time belonged to William Huxtable and he and his nephew William Frayne have both written in it an example -

William Huxtable this my name
And England is my Nation
North Nolton is my dwelling
Place And Christ is my Salvation

Isn't that just gorgeous.

Bye for now
Rosemary Murray nee Doidge.


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