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Date: 12 Sep 1997
From: manna []
Subject: Huxtable Family research

I am interested to know more about adding my name to the researchers of the various Huxtable families.

My maiden name was Huxtable and I have some information going back to my Great Grandfather (John Perrin Huxtable who married Gertrude Isobel Horsell).

Could you please send me any information that would be of help in my research. I have further information on John Perrin but don't know how to go about adding myself to the list of researchers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am fairly new to the net.

With thanks,

Kathy Robinson (nee Huxtable)



Date: 15 Sep 97
From: manna []
Subj: Huxtable Family research

pd> So was it Edgar Ernest or Roger Turpie who was your grandfather?

pd> Could you please tell me some more about these two and their families
pd> and also John Perrin and his life and where and when he was born, etc,

My Grandfather was Edgar Ernest Huxtable, b. 15/10/1880.

His father was John Perrin, b. ?1852, and died 12/3/1893. John Perrin married Gertrude Isabell Horsell (b. 29/4/1862, d. 23/9/1954) in 1879?

John Perrin died from injuries received in a railway accident, leaving Gertrude with 6 young children. John had worked for the railways in Adelaide where his first three children were born. He was transferred to Sydney where the others were born. After John Perrin's death Gertrude shifted to West Australia and lived in Subiaco. Apparently she was offered as much land there as she wanted for 5 pounds an acre, but didn't have any money. That land would be worth a fortune today. I'm not sure where she married Ernest Forrest but their three children were all born in West Australia.

Edgar Ernest - b. 15/10/1880, d. 10/10/1969
Roger Turpie - b. 4/5/1882, d. 8/2/1962/3
Adelaide - b. ?, d. 6/11/1968
Sydney - don't know birth or death dates.
Victoria Perrin (known as Auntie Girlie) - b. 24/8/1887, d. 31/12/1965
Cecil John Brisbane - b. 1889/90, d. 4/10/1917 in WW1.

The only family information I have for John Perrin is that his parents lived in Devon, England (where he was born), and he had at least one younger brother, Ernest Forrest. He was 27 when he married Gertrude and 41 when he died. He was 10 years older than Gertrude. She was born in Adelaide, the eldest daughter of Harry and Mary-Anne Horsell who had 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls.

Ernest Forrest came to Australia (he had been in the British Army in India) to see his widowed sister-in-law (Gertrude) and her family. He subsequently married her (1895?) and they had three children.

Ernest William Harry - no birth or death dates - married, one son, two daughters.

Gertrude Isobel - b. 23/7/1897, d. ? married James White, one son, three daughters.

Redvers Henry Buller - b. 17/12/1899, d.? married, one son.

Ernest Forrest Huxtable died sometime before 1936 and was a Publican in Fremantle? I have a note that he died after a keg rolled on him.

Edgar Ernest Huxtable married Elsie Maud Piper b. 1885, on 30/3/1904

They had 5 children - Gwen, Jack, Jean, Bernice, Edgar Baden (my father). Only Jean and Edgar Baden are still alive. (Edgar Baden was nicknamed Cecil after his uncle who died in WW1, the favourite brother of Edgar Ernest.)

Roger Turpie Huxtable married Martha Reed and had 5 children, one son, four daughters.

Adelaide Huxtable married (1) Charlie Watt, (2) Cecil Geegam? and had 3 adopted children.

Sydney Huxtable married Sylvia Needham? - one son, three daughters.

Victoria Perrin Huxtable married Theodore Edward Walli? - one son, one daughter.

Cecil John Brisbane Huxtable was killed in action at Passchendaele Ridge and buried in Belguim.

I have often wondered where the Perrin came into the scheme of things. I did notice that a John Huxtable married Harriet Perrin in 1849. They had a son Alfred Perrin in 1850. I wonder if John Perrin Huxtable was a second son.

The Turpie (from Roger Turpie) was Gertrude Isobel's brother-in-law (no further information).

Sorry about all the question marks in the above - I only have old hand written and photocopied notes from (I think) one of Roger Turpie's descendants.

Hope all the above is of use to you. I really enjoy doing family research - it can be very frustrating but also extremely rewarding when you do find out something. If you need any further info, please let me know.

I have downloaded the Huxtable Gedcom File - but can't work out which type of programme to open it in. Do you have any suggestions?


Kathy Robinson.

P.S. - hope all the above is what you meant by etc. etc. :)


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Date:           15 February 2000
From:          manna [
Subject: Huxtables - my favourite family :)

 Hi Peter,

I'm writing to give you a bit of an update on the families of William Huxtable m Elizabeth Clarke (19 Aug 1787). I have been doing a fair bit of research and have come up with the following information.

James Huxtable (son to William) was baptised on 22nd November 1795 (IGI but no primary confirmation yet) and he was living/staying/working with his brother Thomas as an ag. labourer at Little Ruggerton in the 1851 census. Thomas's wife Jane (nee Carter) was staying with her son John, daughter in law Harriet and new baby Alfred Perrin at Lidford Farm at the same time. James is shown as a widow (not been able to find his wife or any children).

I know John Perrin Huxtable (born abt 1853) emigrated to Aust. prior to 1879 as he married Gertrude Isobell Horsell on 3rd Nov, 1879. John Perrin was my ggrandfather, and he died 12 March 1893 as the result of a railway accident. I also know that his younger brother Ernest Forrest came to Aust and married (common law marriage?) JP's widow and had 6 children with her, only 3 surviving into adulthood. EF left Gertrude and the kids sometime prior to 1907 as he married Selina Hymus on 23rd May 1907 and had another 4 kids. Got you confused yet??

On EF's marriage certificate to Selina (have not seen a copy but have been in contact with a granddaughter), Ernest declared himself a bachelor, with his parents being John Perrin Huxtable (butcher) and Harriet Forrest and being born in Ilfracombe. That one confuses me as according to the 1881 census of Berrynabor, EF's parents were John and Harriet (nee Perrin) Huxtable, farmer of 131 acres at Ruggerton Farm.

I have heard that some children of John and Harriet (and possibly some Perrin nephews) were sent to Aust as they had run up huge gambling debts in Eng/Devon and that Harriet's father (John) had to sell some farms to pay off the debts. Not sure of the names of these wayward chaps yet.

Last night I had a phone call from a 2nd cousin (also researching Huxtable) and according to the 1911 Postal Directory for WA, there were 8 separate entries for Huxtable. I have been able to account for 4 of them (those being old enough to have their own postal addresses) but that leaves another 4. We have always been under the impression that any Huxtables in Australia (particularly WA) were descended from either John Perrin or Ernest Forrest - so where did these 4 blow ins come from! Even stranger, is the fact that two of the names appear to be the same as JP's and EF's brothers. (Alfred and James). The other names were Elias (in Boulder), Mrs Mary A (Perth) and a Revd. Huxtable (Brookton). Was there a mass exodus from Devon? Did they all lose at cards?? Does this mean my weekly lotto ticket is a sign of an inherited gambling problem??

To other news more current now. I have been given the address of Ena Waters (granddaughter of Alice Jane Huxtable, sister to JP and EF) and am in the process of writing to them. They still live in Combe Martin and are happy to share what they know. Apparently Ena's husband (Gerald - you probably know them) is a bit of a history buff and has lots of information on Captain Roger Turpie, and possibly on other members of the family. I have also been lucky enough to get hold of a copy of Huxtable - The Story of a Devon Farm. Makes fascinating reading. I have worked out that the Huxtable writer in that book is John Mervyn Morton Huxtable, ggrandson of John and Harriet, and he is the one on your list researching my branch of the Huxtables. I would like to write to him and confirm some thoughts I have, as well as ask him a thousand questions.

Do you know if he is still living? I worked his age out as being nearly 86. Does he still correspond with people about the family? And is his address still Rosewood, 5 The Willows, Shillingford St George, Exeter.

So many questions. And like all family researchers, I want the answers yesterday!

I look forward to hearing from you with possibly some answers to all the above. :)


Kathy Robinson (nee Huxtable)

Toodyay West Aust


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