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There are many "stories" circulating about military equipment and aircraft being dumped, buried, burnt, scrapped or saved after World War 2. Many of these "stories" are not true. I repeat them all here with the hope that someone will eventually be able to provide that missing bit of information that will either confirm or debunk the stories told. 

My advice is "Don't believe everything you hear" when it comes to these sort of stories. 

Generally, where I am not sure whether to story is true I will word the home page in an appropriate way to suggest that I either do not believe the story or am seeking confirmation.



Archerfield Quarry - Full of WW2 aircraft and equipment Army Material dumped on Atherton Tableland Bren Guns etc buried in swampy area in Meeandah Army Camp
Bitumen lined trenches at base of hill near Beenleigh Rum Distillery
(Is this another Urban myth?)
Buried engines at Banyo Buried WWII Ammunition located near Gateway Motorway at Nundah, Brisbane, QLD in about Nov/Dec 2003
Engines, cars, trucks and Harley Davidson motor bikes buried in the Forest Lake area Deshon Street - after the war, 3 gliders in crates were stored where path used to come across the creek Harley Davidsons at Banyo Army Camp
Jeeps etc buried at Fairfield Johnston Street, Bulimba
Wrecked aircraft dump

Link Trainer dumped in scrub behind dog track at Coolangatta
Merlin Engines from Archerfield were dumped at the end of war near corner of Cavendish Rd and Stanley St. Military Aircraft, machinery and Surplus Equipment dumped in flooded Quarry at Morningside
Military Equipment dumped in disused mines on the Darling Downs?? (Is this another urban myth?)
Military Equipment buried in Rasey Park, Butterfield St, Herston Military Equipment buried in Downey Park, Windsor Military Equipment buried in what is now C.P. Bottomley Park, Norman Park
Military equipment buried at King Avenue, Willawong, Brisbane Military Equipment stored in cave under Kissing Point, Townsville (Bofors Guns and 50 calibre ammunition) P-38 Lightnings buried at Eagle Farm airfield
under the sand fill for the International airport
(is this an urban myth - more than likely)
Roseneath, near Townsville
Aircraft burnt
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Aircraft dumped offshore
US Aircraft scrapped at 98 Ross River Road, Mundingburra, Townsville
Vickers Road, Townsville
221 Hellcats and Harley Davidsons
buried in 3 pits
(They're still they're folks!!)
Whites Hill, was US Amy Equipment buried? 6,000,000 bonfire at Oakey
WWI German Guns dumped by the Townsville City Council - Outrageous!!    



2 Spitfires, 1 Vultee Vengeance, and 1 Mosquito donated to Sydney Techncal College A Mosquito at Richmond still in its original crate MV Matagalpa scuttled off Sydney
on 6 Sep 1947
Tocumwal - aircraft buried SS Bantam sunk off Sydney full of Chemical Weapons on 24 Sep 1946 Were there Spitfire parts buried under site of Bass Hill Drive-in Theatre?
Western New South Wales
Aircraft dumped in old coal mine shafts



Fairey Battles buried at Port Pirie    



Vehicles, aircraft parts, ammunition, bombs, mustard gas and machine guns being buried at Nhill airfield Studebaker army trucks found in a tunnel at Bandiana Possible WW2 equipment in a tunnel at Mt. Evelyn
Was there a Japanese Zero buried at East Sale?    



4 PBY-5 Catalinas sunk in the ocean off Perth    




Mustangs, Spitfires & Kittyhawks burnt at Mokmer airfield at Biak    


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