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Paul Cooper grew up in Fairfield in Brisbane, Queensland and his next door neighbour at the time said that at the end of the war they buried old army jeeps and the like, in the park behind where Paul grew up. The area is now known as "The Dump". Paul's parents moved there in about 1956 and the neighbours were apparently there for long before then. 

The location is now called Fairview Park which is bordered by Fairview Street, part of Mearns Street and Victoria and Brougham Streets at Fairfield. It is opposite Coles at Fairfield near Fairfield Road.

Danny Sheehan offers a different perspective to this story. He was born in 1942, and lived at Mearns Street, Fairfield until he was 42 years old. As a child (c1950-55), he used to play in the area described. It was just lantana and scrub then, with a major drain pipe through the area. He indicates there was certainly no machinery of any kind dumped there, let along any vehicles like Jeeps. Danny told me that in about 1955, the area was made into a BCC Dump, and after being filled it was levelled and made into a park (using this term rather loosely, however).



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