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Do you remember the two German WWI cannons that were once a permanent fixture in Anzac Park on The Strand in Townsville?

The two cannons were captured by some brave Australian soldiers in two different battles with the Germans in 1918.


Historic German Cannon from Anzac Park
Krupp 105mm field gun (S/No 6232) captured by 9th Battalion
on 18th September 1918 at the outer Hindenburg Line


Many thousands of Townsville children
have climbed over these historic cannons


105mm Howitzer (S/No 658) captured by the
26th Battalion on 8th August 1918 at Marcelcave.


Will my grandchildren ever be able
to have the same fun that we did as kids?


105mm Howitzer (S/No 658) captured by the 26th Battalion
on 8th August 1918 at Marcelcave


Photo Collection:- Delmar L. Merryman

Delmar Lee Merryman (on the right) and his friend Frank Fastner
in front of one of the WW1 trophy guns in Anzac Park, Townsville
during their stay in Townsville during WW2.


Will Townsville have it's heritage cannons
returned to their rightful place?


Unfortunately not - as the Townsville City Council took them to the dump!!


Can you believe it?


The brave Australian soldiers who fought to capture these
German guns would turn in their graves if they knew what
the Townsville City Council had done with their War Trophy!!


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