On Sunday 3 January 2010, two young boys in Townsville in north Queensland located what is believed to be some live WWII 50 calibre rounds near the Rockpool at Kissing Point in Townsville under the old Fort Kissing Point. Eight year old Mitchell Farley and his ten year old brother Harrison Farley found the found at the waters edge amongst the rocks at the base of Kissing Point near the fishing platform and only about 20 feet from a public footpath.


Photo:- Suzanne Lowe for Townsville Bulletin

Mitchell Farley, 8, with grandfather Dennis Boyd and
brother Harrison, 10 at base of Kissing Point


Dennis Boyd, a Vietnam veteran and grandfather of the two young boys said that residents and visitors to the area need to be careful. They found a cluster of encrusted 50 calibre rounds.

Mr Boyd showed the rounds to the lifesaver on duty at the Rockpool area who suggested he call the Police. Mr Boyd decided to take them directly to the Mundingburra Police who called the Army to dispose of them.


Photo:- Peter Dunn 5 January 2009

Typical 50 calibre round


Rod Burgess, Curator of the North Queensland Military Museum advised the Townsville Bulletin that there used to be a cave at the base of Kissing Point in which were once stored four Bofors guns, anti-aircraft guns and ammunition including 50 calibre machine gun rounds.

Townsville City Council advised that they would carryout a thorough search to ensure the area was safe for pubic usage.


WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville



Townsville Bulletin Article - 5 January 2010
Live Ammo found near Rockpool


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