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After the war, an instructor at the Sydney Technical College called Mark Leech, successfully negotiated a donation of 2 Spitfires, 1 Vultee Vengeance and 1 Mosquito to the College to be used for teaching aircraft apprentices.

The 2 Spitfires and the Vultee Vengeance, still in their original shipping crates were moved from Richmond to the college in Sydney. The Mosquito, which was damaged, was not moved. The two Spitfires were MV154 and MV239. MV154 was assembled at the Technical College while the other one stayed in its crate in a laneway behind the college. It was moved to more secure storage after it was vandalised. Components from the crate were used to help build MV154 and other parts were used to make display boards. Both Spitfires stayed at the college until 1961 when they were exchanged for a Gloster Meteor.

Spitfire MV239 changed hands a few times before it became the property of Col Pay from Scone who did a total rebuild of the Spitfire. This aircraft was eventually sold to the Temora Aviation Museum in 2000.

Gerry Butler told me that both these Spitfires were acquired by Syd Marshall at Bankstown in the early sixties. After his death Col Pay bought MV-239 (A58-758) (VH-HET) in 1982 and restored it to flying condition. It now resides at Temora Air Museum in the hands of David Lowy. 

MV-154 was acquired by an English collector Robs Lamplough in the 1980's. It was restored it to flying condition (G-BKMI) and is still flying as far as Gerry is aware.

Gerry thinks the Vultee Vengeance could be the one at Camden Air Museum. He also think Syd Marshall had one in his collection.

Gerry said there has been a Mosquito at Richmond for many years being slowly restored. Gerry saw the aircraft at the Bi-Centennial Air Show, and he thinks it has recently been moved to the RAAF Museum for further work



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Flightpath, Volume 12, Number 1, Page 8.


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