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There are stories that the US Army built a tunnel for military purpose at Mt. Evelyn in the Dandenongs in Victoria during WW2. There were several US Army camps in the area during WW2. 

A group of amateur historians is looking for this tunnel. They believe it may contain the frame of a spotter aircraft, some army trucks and other military equipment. There is always the possibility that it may also contain ammunition, bombs or chemical weapons.

Mark Rawson, a solicitor from Mt. Evelyn is part of the group looking for the tunnel. Two school boys found the entrance to the tunnel in the 1970's when it was exposed by erosion caused by a natural spring. The tunnel had apparently been filled in by dumping earth over the entrance. The tunnel was hurriedly sealed up by the Federal Government.

Mr Rawson and his group are hoping to finalise a deal with the Yarra Ranges Shire to equally share the proceeds of any items found.

Mark Rawson has begun exploring another military tunnel in the Dandenong Range area which dates back to at least 1915.


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