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A friend of mine called Joe Salter, told me in October 2000, that he used to go to school in Bulimba. He remembers that there was an area in Bulimba where all of the wrecked aircraft from World War 2 were stockpiled.

He said they were stacked three high in a large area near where Yamaha Motor Australia Pty. Ltd. is now located at 30 Johnston Street, Bulimba. It is interesting to note that there is a park in that area called Johnston Park. Could they still all be buried underneath this park? Probably not.

The Australian National Archives has a file describing a location which may be this aircraft dump at Johnston Road:-

"Bulimba Queensland - Lease to Fosters Foundry - crashed aircraft dump"

Joe said that he was sitting in the classroom at Bulimba Primary School one day when an aircraft zoomed past at window level headed for Eagle Farm airfield. Joe knew that it was not going to make it to the airfield and he found out that it had crashed in the mud flats near the Brisbane River. A number of days later that same aircraft was placed on top of the pile of aircraft at Bulimba.

 Fred Dainty also remember the aircraft dump at Bulimba. When he was in the Boy Cubs , he and a couple of mates would go to the aircraft dump after their Saturday Cub's meeting. They would crawl through the barbed wire to fossick in the old wrecks for souvenirs. Fred once found a small aluminium box called an agastat relay, which he took with him after a guard appeared with his .45 calibre in hand. They all quickly beat a hasty retreat, leaving a bit of Fred's shorts on the barbed wire. They ran as fast as they could jumping over the nearest fence. Fred told me in late December 2012 that he had no idea what happened to the wrecks, probably dumped in the sea with the other aircraft they dumped from the aircraft carrier. Fred said they also dumped trucks and cars as well.


Can anyone tell me with more info on these dumped aircraft?

What happened to them?



I'd like to thank Joe Salter and Fred Dainty for their assistance with this web page.


Can anyone help me with more information?


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