I would be very interested to receive any stories or recollections by former Air Crew of their time with 460 Squadron. I am also interested in borrowing any photographs of 460 Squadron that I can scan to place them on this Home Page. 


E-mail me with any information on 460 Squadron.

Regards Peter Dunn

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David Fell

David's uncle was killed on an operation to Vire on 6/7 June 1944. His uncle was in 103 Squadron and they were on the same mission where 460 Squadron Lancaster JB700 piloted by P/O F J Knight was shot down. He is after any info on this crew or their burial places and if any remains were found.

P. Burns

P. Burns' uncle was an ag/wop in 458 Squadron and he is trying to find out as much info as possible on the Squadron.

Jan Edwards

Jan is looking for an old friend (ex member of 458 Squadron) for a book about their unit called "We Find and Destroy" written by Peter Alexander and published by The 458 Squadron Council 1979

Yvonne Maree John

Yvonne's mother raised a boy named Bob Bruce who was in the RAAF as a wireless operator and tail gunner in WW2.

Frank Morrow

Frank was also in the RAAF, attached to the RAF, on No. 216 Sqn. in the Middle East.

Eric McKay

Eric McKay is researching two Western Australian brothers (not in 460 Squadron) called Sergeant Bernard Rinian Roy Rutherford # 406540 (deceased) and his brother Sergeant Thomas Alan Rutherford # 406626 (deceased). These two young men were neighbours of Eric's when he was very young.

Lorie Allen

Lorie Allen  is after a location of an event involving an aircraft flown by Walesby from 71 Squadron being shot at by a submarine on the 28th March 1943.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones is after information on 458 Squadron. His father served with 458 Squadron.

Miguel Angel Hermida

On 17 January 1942 a twin engined Bomber was shot down in Galician-Spain by German Ju-88's.  Miguel is trying to confirm whether the aircraft shot down was a Wellington. The crew were:-

E.M. Randall, Arthur Douglas, ? Harsum, S.G.T.Lorimer, Kenneth Brian Wilson, S.G.T. Froud.

Frank ?

Frank's father served in the RAAF and he is after assistance with his research

Jose Manuel Serrano

Jose is a historian from Seville, Spain, who is carrying out research into the allied bombing campaign against Germany during WWII.  He is after specific information about the different squadrons and their operations under Bomber Command.

Cynrik De Decker

Cynrik De Decker is chasing information on WW2 over Belgium and Aviation Archaeology.  He is after information from Australian aircrew, or their relatives, regarding any aircrew who came down in Belgium or were stationed there during WW2.  This is required for a series of books he is publishing on the air war over Belgium.

Margaret Porter

Margaret Porter would like to know if Sergeant R.J. Munro is her relative. He was killed on the 28th August 1942. His father's name was Robert S. Munro, and his mother's name was Ellen Violet R Bradshaw.

Gerald Yagen

Gerald recently returned Australia, New Zealand, and PNG in late February 1998 where he was seeking Kittyhawk parts. He is trying to contact someone at the Australian War Memorial museum in Canberra to inquire about a possible trade proposal.

Tom Schaeffer

Tom is after help regarding any on-line data bases on the armed forces from Dec.7 1941-1942 concerning the defence of Australia and units involved.  He is interested in anything on Port Moresby and after some photographs of air bases in and around Townsville.

Ralf Blank

Ralf is a historian and is searching for information about Bomber Command raids against the Ruhr area in Germany.

Peter Towndrow

Peter is after any info on 150 Sqn of Bomber Command.  His uncle was aircrew with that squadron.

Shane Carruthers

Shane's Grandad Harold (Tubby) Carruthers (died ~1978) flew as a flight engineer during WW2 in a Lancaster bomber in 463 Squadron. He later emigrated to Australia.

Doug Cuthbertson

Doug Cuthbertson is compiling a book which will name every crew member on every Lancaster's final flight. He has been researching this subject for some years, and has amassed a great deal of information, including places of burial.

Graham Braddock

Graham C. Braddock from Redcliffe in Brisbane has recently released the first of a quarterly production called Slipstream - The RAAF in Service during WW2. It covers all theatres of war, and is to preserve the memories and stories of those serving.

Barbara Buining

Barbara's father, Denis Albert Gurney, served in 50 squadron "A" Flight in 1942. Barbara is after photographs/information on this squadron.

Noel Iszlaub

Noel lives in Maryborough and knows ex 460 Sqdn Ldr. Frank Lawrence.

Enrico-Rene Schwartz
(new 27 Jun 98)

Enrico from Koeln in Germany would like to learn more about RAAF missions flown to Germany.  He would like to learn how did an Australian Lancaster air craft and its crew differ from ie. a Canadian or British Lancaster air craft and its crew?   In terms of air craft markings and uniforms of the crews ?

Miguel Angel Hermida
(New 27 Jun 98)

Miguel is the parish priest in Galicia in Spain. During  World War 2 a Lancaster bomber (R5543) from 61 Squadron based in Syerston was shot down in their Village. The crew all died including Sergeant V.J.Watson (RAAF).  Father Miguel is planning an exposition about this event in his church.  He is after photograph of the crew or aircraft.

Clive Abbey
(new 30 Oct 1998)

Clive has an interest in Bomber Command and the air offensives over German cities

Richard Evans

Richard has some information and photos, etc. about 467 Squadron.

Carlos Guerreiro

Carlos is a Portuguese journalist tryng to locate any crew member or others that landed or crashed in Portugal during WWII.

Jody Carbone

Jody is interested in any online information on the RAF Eagle Squadron No. 71, which was one of three squadrons to fly for the RAF in WWII, consisting of a group of American volunteers who were among the first to fight in the Second World War.

Andrew Bain

Andrew's grandfather Thomas Munro flew with 467 / 463 squadrons from 3 May 1943 - 14 February 1944.

Antony Lacey

Antony is also interested in finding a copy of the book "A Harvest of Messerschmitts" as well a copy of "Spitfire Squadron" edited by David Guthrie.

Chris Anglin

Chris is researching squadrons that flew the Dehaviland DH8 Mosquito.

Jack Nixon

Jack is trying to find Jake Martin, the wireless operator of his crew from 192 Squadron RAF out of Foulsham, Norfolk.

Lynn Howles

Lynn's father was a rear gunner in 100 Squadron.

Martyn Heginbotham

Martyn used to live in the former RAF Binbrook and moved away. He is after pictures of Binbrook during the war. (And so am I)

Vivien Dreise

Vivien's uncle, Flying Officer Vivian Clive ELY, flew with No. 462 Squadron. He died on the 24th February 1945 while on a bombing raid over Krefield, Germany.

Cliff Dent

Cliff's father, Ron Dent was navigator on "T" tare in 463 Squadron and wrote a small book before he passed in April 1999. He flew out of Waddington, and was shot down on 17 September 1944 at Boulogne.

Ted Williamson

Ted noticed a picture that was described as a Lancaster bomber In the TV Guide enclosed in the 'Advertiser' newspaper. The aircraft, while it looked a bit like a Lancaster had the two in-board engines driving propellers with the two outboard engines being jets. Ted was wondering what sort of aircraft it really was.

Greg Adilman

Greg lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada and is researching his dad's cousin, Bernie Adilman and his time in the RCAF. Bernie went down on Jan 6 1945 when his aircraft collided with bomber PB228 of 635 sqdn of the RAAF.

Erwin Kenis

Erwin is searching for information on No 12 Squadron that was based at Binbrook together with No 460 Squadron. On the 17th of June Lancaster ED629 of No 12 Sqn crashed in Erwin's home town killing the crew. Erwin's group is hoping to to erect a memorial to commemorate these brave men.


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