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Subject:  RAAF Missions over Germany
Date:       24 May 1998
From:      Sweta@aol.com

Dear Peter,

Just came across your wonderful home page. I live in Koeln/Germany.

Please allow me to ask you some questions which I am seeking answers for, for quite some time already.

I understand in WWII in the European theater, Lancaster bombers from the RAAF and the Canadian RCAF and the British RAF were on missions over German territory.

I would like to learn more about RAAF missions flown to Germany ??

I would like to learn how did an Australian Lancaster air craft and its crew differ from ie. a Canadian or British Lancaster air craft and its crew? In terms of air craft markings and uniforms of the crews ??

Perhaps you could point out certain literature possibly with color pictures which I could acquire and purchase somehow.

Your respond and help is more than greatly appreciated.


Enrico-Rene Schwartz
Koeln/ Germany
Schubertstrasse 9 c
51427 Bergisch Gladbach
email: sweta@aol.com


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