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Subject:   460 Squadron
Date:           Thu, 19 Mar 1998
From:          Doug Cuthbertson <>

Hello Peter,

I have just discovered your 460 Squadron site and find it most interesting. You have done a great job.

I am currently compiling a book which, hopefully, will name every crew member on every Lancaster's final flight. I have been researching this subject for some years, and have amassed a great deal of information, including places of burial.

If you have any queries I will do my best to answer them. To prevent me being swamped with E-Mails, could I suggest that only one query is made at a time. I am sure you will understand that the ongoing research consumes a lot of time.

Best Wishes,



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Subject:    Lancaster ED369
Date:             Thu, 09 Apr 1998
From:           DOUG CUTHBERTSON <>

Hi Peter,

Well, that's modesty for you. You send me 3 detailed pages, and ask if I can help you!

I can't really add much more. I have the take off as 2316, and the a/c code as AR-A. Loss Cards were only raised for overseas losses. For UK incidents an Accident Record Card was filed, which only gave the name of the pilot. In this instance, there does not appear to be a card for ED369.

You may like to know that, at that time, the longest runway at Hawkinge was 1100 yds, so to get down safely in a Lancaster was quite a feat. 

Best Wishes,


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