FROM 7 DEC 1941 - 1942

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Subject: RAAF
Date:      Sun, 1 Mar 1998
From:     "tom schaeffer" <>

Hello Mr. Dunn

Sorry I can be no help to you. I am searching for information on the RAAF thought you could be of some help. Does the Australian government have any on line data bases. Need information on the armed forces from Dec.7 1941-1942 concerning the defence of Australia and units involved. Seen anything on Port Moresby and need some potographs on air bases in and around Townsville. Can get all sorts on US forces. Can you recommend any books.

Thank you for your time



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Subject:   Airbases
Date:           Mon, 2 Mar 1998
From:          "Tom Schaeffer" <>

Hello Mr. Dunn

Thank you again for your reply. I have no referance to Stock Route Air Strip, at Mount Louisa in Townsville. I can account for bases at Ross River, Ross Creek, Garbutt, Fanning, Aitkenvale, Antil Plains, Woodstock, Armstrong Paddock, Black River, Giru, Rocky Springs, Stuart, Bohle River and Reid River. Could any of these be one and the same. If anything comes to mind let me know. Any leads will help. The picture for the air field is for a game on the second world war.   it free and not bad.  I am trying to help and prove there were more then just US forces used. There is not a lot of information on Australian forces in the first 6months of the war fighting for their country. Well thank you again.



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Subject:    Airfields
Date:             Tue, 3 Mar 1998
From:            "tom schaeffer" <>

Hello Mr. Dunn

I again thank you for your reply.I get my information from Vol.4 &6 of Engineers of the Southwest Pacific Amphibian Engineer Opeartions and Airfield and base Development. I will now begin searching for the book you recommended. Stock Route was connected to Garbutt Air Depot in Jan. 1943.

The book says there were 15 massive Igloo warehouse and hangers built. Are they still standing.

If you enjoy history. The airfield book has good maps and pictures. It tells of the road and rail development in Australia. Ever heard of the inland road net or Inland Defense road. The books are long out of print, if interested can scan and send to you parts that interest you. There is apicture of (Elevated section of the Inland Defense Road sweeping through thickly wooded, unimproved country between Duaringa and Charters Towers, Australia) It snowing here in Maryland, have to shovel to walk.

Thanks again



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Subject:    RE: Queensland Airfields
Date:             Wed, 15 Apr 1998
From:           "tom schaeffer" <>

Hi Mr. Dunn

Thank you for the book referance.What is the publishing company for the book? Can not seem to locate it here in the states. I enclosed a map of Northern Australia airfields hope you can read it .It was done in photoshop. Let me know about the book and if the map photo was useable.I had trouble getting the map printing so you could read it.

Thank you again for your help


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