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Subject:    Bob Bruce


I like the bombers and flack on the 460 Squadron home page! Love annimations!

My mother raised a boy who was in the RAAF as a wireless operator and tail gunner in WW2. His name is Bob Bruce, and he used to be a member of the Hornsby RSL Club (Sydney suburb).

There was a book written about his squadron, but I don't know which squadron that was. (Can anyone help with a Squadron No? - Peter)

He mentioned it once and told me he didn't tell the writers about the time he almost fell out with the bombs.

Bob at one time was in charge of the Rehabilitation Centre at Hornsby, and later in Food Services for NSW.

His wife's name is Betty and son Stephen.

My mother worked as a Dental nurse for Bob's grandfather, a Mr Ead.  Bob's mother died and his father was off at war.

Thought I'd tell you in case he was in the squadron you are researching. (If he is, I'd love to hear more from anyone who can help - Peter)

I was born and raised in Leeton. Now an Aussie artist residing in the USA


Yvonne Maree John nee Thomas


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Subject:    Bob Bruce
Date:             Fri, 24 Mar 2000 01:41:25 -0800
From:           Yvonne Maree John <>


Thanks for keeping my message up on your board re Bob Bruce.

I still have not been able to locate him.

My e-mail is the same, but my home page is now hosted in Australia.

Yvonne Maree Thomas-John
still residing in Olympia.Wa.USA


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