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1st Cavalry Division
United States Army
1st Marine Division (US) 1st Evacuation Hospital
2nd Field Hospital 1st Interpretation Detachment 1st Replacement Battalion
(Companies A, B & C)
2nd Interpretation Detachment 2nd Replacement Battalion
(Co's D, E & F)
2nd Mat Sq, 35th AB Gp
2nd Station Hospital  2nd Port of Embarkation, Hq & Hq Co    2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
3rd Portable Surgical Hospital 3rd Postal Reg. Sect 3rd US Medical Supply Unit
4th General Hospital
(Royal Melbourne Hospital)
5th Station Hospital 6th US Army
7th Employment Company
9th Med Sup Dep 9th Portable Hospital
10th Evacuation Hospital 10th Chemical Maintenance Co.
Crosby Park, Brisbane
11th AC Replacement Cont Depot
12th Station Hospital 13th Station Hospital 14th Anti-Aircraft Command (U.S. Army)
(AMP Building)
17th Station Hospital 18th Station Hospital 24th Infantry Division
25th Ordnance Company Medium Maintenance (AA)
or 25th Ord Co (MM)
28th Chemical Company 28th Surgical Hospital
29th Quartermaster Truck Regiment 32nd Infantry Division
The Red Arrows
36th Employment Company
33rd Surgical Hospital
(2 surgical teams were located in Townsville)
  37th Ord Co (MM)
40th Coastal Artillery Brigade (covering Qld)
(U.S. Army at Wooloowin)
41st Coastal Artillery Brigade (covering NT) 41st Infantry Division, US Army
(At "The Caves", near Rockhampton, Puckapunyal, VIC, Mangalore, VIC and Rollingstone near Townsville)
42nd General Hospital (US)
(Stuartholme, then Holland Park)
42nd Airborne Division 42nd Chemical Laboratory Co.
Clayfield, Brisbane
43rd Engineer General Services Regiment, US Corps of Engineers 44th General Hospital 46th Engineer Regiment
47th Station Hospital 48th Quartermaster Truck Regiment 49th Service Squadron
52nd Signal Battalion  55th Ordnance Company Ammunition (Cld)
(Camp Kangaroo, near Townsville and Torrens Creek Ammunition Dump, QLD)
59th Ordnance Company
(St. Mary's Ammunition Dump, NSW)
    61st Machine Records Unit
 62nd Chemical Depot Co. Det.
Crosby Park, Brisbane
69th Engineer Company 72nd Quartermaster Battalion
84th Ordnance Company (Depot) 84th Quartermaster Co. (Depot Sup) 85th Station Hospital
86th Quartermaster Battalion
(Co. A was in Townsville)
89th Station Hospital 91st Engineer Battalion
91st Quartermaster Company 92nd Quartermaster Company Railhead (Cld) 94th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment
40th Anti-aircraft Brigade
96th Engineer Sep Battalion

101 Coastal Artillery (AA Separate) Battalion

102 Coastal Artillery (AA Separate) Battalion
104 Coastal Artillery (AA Separate) Battalion
"A" & "B" (US)
(Horn Island)
105th Chemical Impreg. Co.
Crosby Park, Brisbane
105th General Hospital (US)
(Gatton Agricultural College)
107th Medical Battalion 107th Quartermaster Battalion 114th Engineer Battalion
116th Engineer Battalion 116th Medical Battalion 116th Quartermaster Battalion
118th General Hospital, USASOS
(Herne Bay)
118th Ordnance Company 120th Field Artillery Battalion (US) (105-mm How),
32nd Division
121st Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm How) (Trk-D) 126 Signal Radio Intelligence Company 126th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm How) (Trk-D)
126th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Division
(Camp Cable)
127th Infantry Regiment 128th Infantry Regiment
129th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm) (Trk-D)
32nd Division
131st Field Artillery Regiment
(Texas National Guard)
 135th Medical Regiment
135 AGH - American Army Field Hospital (Is this the same as 135th Medical Regiment?)
Camped at Birdum, NT prior July 1944, then Adelaide River, NT
138th Signal Radio Intelligence Company 146th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm) (Trk-D)
147th Field Artillery Regiment (75-mm)
(Regiment of the South Dakota National Guard)
148th Field Artillery Regiment (75-mm)
(National Guard unit from Idaho)
148th Aust. G.T. Co.??
( Off Newman Rd)
153rd Station Hospital (US)
(Southport Boys School)
155th Station Hospital
(Camp Cable)
162nd Ordnance Platoon,
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
162nd Ordnance Maintenance Company,
2nd Engineer Special Brigade
162nd Infantry Regiment, Cannon Company 163rd Infantry Regiment
166th Station Hospital 166th AAA Gun Bn. 167th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm) (Trk-D)
171st Station Hospital 172nd Station Hospital (US)
(Nudgee Junior College at Indooroopilly)
174th Station Hospital
176th Sig Rep Co 179th Ordnance Company 179th Quartermaster Company (hv Maint)
182nd Infantry Regiment
(part of Task Force 6814)
186th Infantry Regiment 189th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company,
2nd Engineer Special Brigade
190th Quartermaster  Company (Gasoline Supply)
(Previously Company "A", 207th Quartermaster Battalion (Gasoline Supply))
197th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment, New Hampshire National Guard 201st Sig Co Depot
202nd Sig Depot Co 202nd Quartermaster Platoon Serv Ctr (Avn) 203rd Quartermaster Platoon Serv Ctr (Avn)
204th Quartermaster Platoon Serv Ctr (Avn) 205th Quartermaster Platoon Serv Ctr (Avn) 205th Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm) (Trk-D)
206th Quartermaster Platoon Serv Ctr (Avn) 207th Quartermaster Platoon Serv Ctr (Avn) 207th Quartermaster Battalion (Gasoline Supply), Company "A",
(later 190th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company)
208th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment 218th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm) (Trk-D) 262nd Medical Battalion,
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
287th Signal Company,
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
301st CA Transport Det 338th Ordnance Company
345th Military Police Escort Guard Company 360th Ordnance Company (Comp) (Amm & Dep)  360th Quartermaster Company (Comp) (Trk)
360th Quartermaster Company (Composite) - Bakery Section, Quartermaster Section, Base Section Two  362nd Quartermaster Battalion, 2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade  391st Engineers
440th Signal Battalion    
394th Quartermaster Battalion Port (Cld) 411th Engineer Base Shop Battalion, U.S. Army 441st Ordnance Company Aviation B
445th Ordnance Company Aviation B 453rd Ordnance Company Aviation B 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment
532 Engineer Amphibian Regiment, 2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade 542nd Engineer Amphibian Regiment, 2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade 562nd Engineer Boat Maintenance Company, 2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
565th Signal Air Warning Battalion 576th Engineer Company Dp Trk 585th Engineer Company Dp Trk
577th Ordnance Ammunition Company 578th Ordnance Ammunition Company
(Darra Ordnance Ammunition Depot)
580th Ordnance Ammunition Company
583rd Signal Air Warning Battalion 615th Quartermaster Platoon (LM) (avn) 36th AB Gp   616th Quartermaster Platoon (LM) (avn) 8th AB Gp
617th Quartermaster Platoon (LM) (avn) 35th AB Gp 618th Quartermaster Platoon (LM) (avn) 46th AB Gp 621st Quartermaster Platoon (LM) (avn) 45th AB Gp
622nd Quartermaster Platoon (LM) (avn) 22nd AB Gp 623rd Ordnance Ammunition Company 630th Ordnance Company Ammunition
632nd Tank Destr Bn (L) (Towed) 636th Ordnance Company Ammunition 641st Tank Destr Bn (L)
648th Engineer Battalion (Top) 678th Ordnance Company (Aviation) F 679th Ordnance Company (Aviation) F
683rd Ordnance Company (Aviation) F 694th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion
694th Sig Reptg Co (AWS)
695th Quartermaster Truck Company,
2nd Engineer Special Brigade
699th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion
or 699th Sig Reptg Co (AWS)
703rd Ordnance Company (Aviation) AB 704th Ordnance Company (Aviation) AB
704th Quartermaster Company Aviation Truck 707th CAC Btry (AA) 707th Ordnance Company Aviation AB
708th CAC Btry (AA) 709th CAC Btry (AA) 709th Ordnance Company Aviation AB
713th Ordnance Company Aviation AB 725th Ordnance Company Aviation AB 733rd Quartermaster Company Aviation Truck
738th MP Battalion (US) 799th Military Police Battalion 800 Brigade Military Police
806th Engineer Battalion Aviation 808th Engineer Aviation Battalion
US Army Corps of Engineers
813th MP Co
814th MP Co (US) 823rd Signal Service Battalion 832nd Signal Service Company, Signal Section, USASOS
978th Signal Service Company
(Camp Tabragalba)
997th Signal Service Battalion
(Melbourne, Adelaide River, Birdum, Darwin)
  2052nd QM Truck Co. (Avn)  2053rd QM Truck Co. (Avn)
2058th QM Truck Co. (Avn) 5203rd Quartermaster Truck Battalion 5211th Engineer Battalion
Allied Geographical Section American Embalming Unit
Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds
Atchd Det 1st Chem Co (Avn) Serv
Base Comm Det D
Chemical Warfare School (107 Windermere Rd., Hamilton) Det Coastal AA Battery (US)
(Horn Island)
Headquarters Detachment, Base Section No. 2
Headquarters U.S. Army Forces in Australia Headquarters Detachment Base Section No. 5 
Headquarters Detachment, 2nd Port of Embarkation Motor Command
Base Section Three
Motor Transport Command No. 1
Postal Unit 501 Postal Unit 503 Provisional Lighter Company
Provisional Field Artillery Brigade Provost Marshall - Base Section No 3
South Brisbane Old Town Hall, Vulture St.
Remount Depot
Rocky Springs
Sig Photo Mail Det Staff Judge Advocate Section, USAFFE Stradbroke Island US Army Early Warning Radar
Point Lookout
"The Native Labour Company" Transportation Corps, Base Section Three US Army Detention Centre and Stores Depot
(Round Mountain)
US Army Kangaroo Ordnance Depot at Kurukan USA 104 HQ & HQ "B" Battery CA (AA) Battalion US Base 2 Engineers
US Base 2 Intelligence Section
US Army Section Base Two Signal Section
US Army Station Hospital No. 18
US Army Dump Truck Battalion
US Army Works Company
US Army Signal Corps - Capalaba Radio Communications site
(near Brisbane, QLD)
US Army Signal Corps - Redland Bay Golf Course Radio Communications site
(near Brisbane, QLD)



MV Matagalpa (US Army Transport) SS Bantam US Army Small Ships



"A Pub with No Beer"
written in Ingham during WW2
after the Yanks drank the pub dry!!


African-American soldiers in Australia during WW2


US Cemetery Townsville during WW2


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